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April 16, 2014
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April 16, 2014
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  What's the state of patents on VR controllers?
image Attorney Dat Nguyen researches the current patent holders on technologies that apply to VR controllers -- and suggests what might happen in the space thanks to that.
  Latest Final Fantasy XIV figures: 500K registrations in 6 months
image The Final Fantasy XIV reboot couldn't have gone any better for Square Enix, as the publisher announced today that more than 2 million people have registered an account for the game.
  New report reveals most popular games on Steam
image Ars Technica has an interesting report this week that delves into Steam sales and user play-time statistics, apparently tracking public Steam database information to get a broader overview of which games are most popular on the platform.
  Q&A: Canabalt creator rides the wave of indie publishing, collaboration Exclusive
image Adam Saltsman has always been a man of many hats, but with his latest venture Finji, an indie game publisher-cum-collaborator, he's now essentially evolved into a human hat stand.
1 Bungie composer Marty O'Donnell fired 'without cause'
image Marty O'Donnell, the video game composer best known for producing the music for Bungie's Halo series, is no longer with the studio -- and according to the industry veteran, it wasn't a pleasant separation.
11 In-app purchases really are most effective for mobile game monetization
image In-app purchases handily beat every other form of monetization for effectiveness and popularity both, according to new data released in a report by VentureBeat Intel based on a survey of 176 developers.
1 Google Play slowly catching up to Apple's App Store revenue
image The latest report from analytics firm App Annie suggests that while Google Play outpaces the iOS App Store in downloads, the latter is still generating more revenue -- but that revenue gap is closing.
  Trendy hires ex-LucasArts president Darrell Rodriguez as CEO
image Dungeon Defenders developer Trendy Entertainment announced today that it has hired former LucasArts president Darrell Rodriguez as its new CEO.
  Blog: Cube & Star - An arbitrary postmortem
image "The game wasn't designed for sale or critical attention. It wasn't designed with any overt rules or goals. It was a zen little garden with which I could explore some concepts and enjoy the process of development."
3 TransGaming to become a publisher, start licensing out port tech
image Software portability company TransGaming, responsible for Mac ports of PC games like EVE Online, will begin licensing its port technology out to developers as it becomes a Mac game publisher.
1 Getting Oculus VR immersion right, with Please Don't, Spacedog!
image "Everyone else is doing immersion wrong," says Please Don't, Spacedog! developer G.P. Lackey. His game uses an Oculus and MIDI controller combination to confront players with unfamiliar territory.
9 This Lego robot arm plays free-to-play games while its owner sleeps
image 3D production director Uli Kilian has found a novel way to earn in-game currency for his favorite free-to-play games without having to lift a finger -- he gets his Lego Technics robot to tap, tap, tap for him.
  Visualizing dynamic player behavior flow
image "Games can generate massive amounts of behavioral telemetry data... In this post we focus on in-game behavioral telemetry (gameplay telemetry) and one specific machine learning approach: clustering."
2 6 tips to make your backlog lean
image "A large backlog is a problem. A fat backlog will impede innovation and cause a frustration. Is our ability to generate ideas paradoxically one of the biggest impediments for new ideas?"
2 The thinking behind the design: 1 turn = 1 year in Hero Generations
image "Very simply, rules and constraints in games are the engine that create challenge and choice. Making choices, and overcoming challenges are what lead to fun, 'a-ha' moments, and joy."
31 The future of being a video game producer
image Harvard Bonin (senior producer, God of War: Ascension) lays out what it will take to be a producer for triple-A games now and in the future.
3 GaymerX2 will be the final GaymerX -- for the foreseeable future
image Organizers of the annual GaymerX convention plan to discontinue the event after GaymerX2, which will still take place at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco July 11 - 13, 2014.
  Get a job: Crystal Dynamics is hiring a Systems Designer
image The studio behind the most recent Tomb Raider game is looking to hire a systems designer to work on another one alongside the team in its Redwood City, CA office.
2 This Week in Video Game Criticism: Responding to Feedback the Vlambeer Way
image This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Kris Ligman on topics including Vlambeer's Luftrausers and the sexualized violence of MGS 5: Ground Zeroes.
  Sponsored: Evolution Games offers coaching from top game schools
image Evolution Games, a ground-breaking new platform allowing indie game developers to compete for cash prizes up to $10,000. It is an exclusive opportunity to get FREE global exposure and useable feedback
  Square Enix shutters short-lived India branch
image Square Enix has decided to close its office in Mumbai, India, laying off six employees in the process. The office did not release a single game, though projects may well have been in development.
1 Blog - Building it big: Hundreds of billions of worlds
image "I decided it would be an MMO, I'd work on it alone, and we would have the entire Milky Way modeled in the game, as closely as we could."
2 Crafting To Leave, an autobiographical indie game from Ecuador Exclusive
image Upcoming indie puzzle-platformer To Leave was built a team of student developers, and purports to be the first PSN game based on original IP to ever come out of Ecuador.
  Video: The story of Cave Story, as told by its creator
image Cave Story creator Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya shares his game development philosophy and shows the beta version of Cave Story during a postmortem presentation on the game at GDC 2011.
19 Blog: Crunch - It's all your fault
image Crunch is less a word and more of an institution. We crunch because it is the personification of what we've been told our entire lives; if we work hard enough, anything is possible.

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  Virtual Reality Controller Patent Landscape Analysis
by Dat Nguyen
This article analyzes the virtual reality controller patent landscape by identifying patenting...
  Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Postmortem: Part 3.
by Joshua McGrath
Differentiating a demo from a full game. Our reach exceeds our grasp. Part Three of the subjective...
  Cutting Room Critique #3: Top Indie Game Trailers of Mar-April 2014
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Every two months I'm rounding up some of the best indie game trailers and discussing what I think...
  How to impact in Lifetime value (LTV) in F2P game monetization design?
by Pete Koistila
In order to create economically successful game your Lifetime value (LTV) needs to be greater than...
  Game monetization design: Analysis of Clash of Clans
by Pete Koistila
Once you start you canít stop. Thatís Clash of Clans. Game is heavily addictive and sticky factor is...

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ADIA Entertainment Ltd. Adia Digital Art is one of China's biggest digital art production companies, and one of the main go-to outsource solutions in Asia for game developers world-wide.
Game Design Studio, The
Game Design Studio, The Need help in game or level design? The Game Design Studio is home of Pascal Luban, freelance game designer with 17+ years of experience, Lead Level designer on the multiplayer versions of both Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory.
Technicolor Game Services
Technicolor Game Services
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Twoorb Studios Twoorb Studios can help you create the game you've always wanted! We are openmindend, service-oriented and value communication and keeping you as a customer engaged throughout the process.
Forge Studios
Forge Studios Forge Studios is an outsourcing production services studio founded by an experienced team of professionals. Our team has worked on a variety of projects providing high quality in-game content as well as engine integration, workflow setup, art direction.
Motion Logic Studios LLC
Motion Logic Studios LLC Motion Logic Studios is a Los Angeles based company dedicated to providing high-end Art and Animation services to the video game, television and film industries.
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Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design Clean Cuts is an award winning audio facility with over 25 years of experience in original music composition, custom sound design, audio implementation, and voice over casting. We have 14 audio suites, 16 sound designers, and staff 3 full-time composers.
Principle Audio
Principle Audio Principle Audio - young and ambitious outsourcing company, sound design for games. We are engaged in casual, social games, games for iOS, Android. Some of our projects: Cut the Rope: Time Travel, Tap the Frog, Mirrors of Albion, Starborn Wandereres.
AXION STUDIOS Ltd. We are located in Hong Kong and providing the best Digital Art with guaranteed quality services for the game industry around the world.

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Interview: Full Sail's Wendy Despain on Teaching Interactive Storytellers
image Connor Cleary has a chat with Narrative Designer and Consultant Wendy Despain, discussing her experiences in teaching game writing at Full Sail University.
Commercially Viable Design on Mobile
image Oreganik founder Ted Brown examines a recent crop of mobile hits, offering tips for student developers looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
Postmortem: What Lies Beneath
image Jose Abalos takes a look back at the creation of What Lies Beneath, a survival horror-themed Half-Life 2 mod inspired by Resident Evil 4 and The Cabin in the Woods.