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April 21, 2015
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April 21, 2015
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  Blog: We don't keep forgiving Double Fine
image Indie dev Rob Fearon: "'Why do we keep forgiving Double Fine?' is a question someone asked, in all seriousness, on a website today. The answer is, weirdly enough, we don't."
  Lionhead chief moves to oversee Xbox, HoloLens game dev at Microsoft
image With Phil Harrison leaving Microsoft, the company has moved Lionhead chief John Needham to Redmond to assist Microsoft exec Kudo Tsunoda in overseeing internal development of Xbox and HoloLens games.
  Get a job: Retro Studios seeks a Concept Artist
image Nintendo-owned developer Retro Studios (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze) is looking to hire a concept artist to work alongside the art team in Retro's Austin, TX office.
  Blog: Shader cross compilation and Savvy, the smart shader cross compiler
image "We either write every single shader program twice or find a way to convert from one language to the other. This is easier said than done." Here's a solution.
14 Don't Miss: The stories behind the sound design of Journey
image How did one person create the expressive audio canvas of Thatgamecompany's acclaimed indie game? Sound designer Steve Johnson explains -- and presents isolated samples so you can listen to his work.
5 Report: Layoffs strike Disney's Club Penguin
image Disney Interactive has reportedly laid off a number of people who work on its decade-old MMO game/world Club Penguin this week across offices in Los Angeles, England and Canada.
6 How to simulate a CRT, for indie games that really look retro
image Retro games were never as clear and clean as you'd think from playing today's modern indie games. This step-by-step how-to explains the whys and hows of making neo-retro look retro.
  Balancing Gunsport: The trouble with asymmetry
image "The toughest thing about making Gunsport is ensuring that asymmetric gameplay is fair. That is to say, making sure matchups allow for any team to win across equivalent experience levels."
1 The problem with flow
image "Games aren’t autopilot for happiness. That doesn't exist. They reveal life by giving it a basis for comparison. A fish doesn’t know it’s in water until you snatch it out."
17 Pay-To-Flay: Examining microtransactions in Mortal Kombat X Exclusive
image F2P monetization mechanics are seeping into premium game design, and with Mortal Kombat X selling "Easy Fatality" consumables, Gamasutra asks: how do you monetize without compromising game design?
  A quick guide to public funding for Finnish devs
image "I’m writing about learnings in applying for public funding, what kind of money sources we have tapped into at Epic Owl and what surprises we have encountered."
1 Kabam pivots toward China with hopes of a $1 billion game
image The San Francisco mobile studio which took a major investment from Alibaba is shedding a small portion of its staff and developing far fewer games -- with bigger ambitions.
3 Top 25 game companies generate 65% of revenue, as industry grows 10%
image A new report from research firm Newzoo shows China's Tencent coming out on top for 2014 -- it's the largest game company. EA leapfrogged its rival Activision, too, this year.
  Get a job: NetherRealm seeks an experienced Cinematic Artist
image The makers of Mortal Kombat X are looking for an experienced artist to join the team at NetherRealm's Chicago, IL studio to focus on creating in-game cinematics.
  Video: Deconstructing Valve's advanced VR rendering techniques
image Valve has been experimenting with VR headsets since 2013, and at GDC 2015 engineer Alex Vlachos shared what he and his fellow Valve colleagues have learned about advanced VR game rendering.
28 Don't Miss: 7 ways game designers break their own hearts
image "It’s a cliche to say designers are 'passionate' about games. It’s fun, at first. The honeymoon period is wonderful, and we try to stretch it out as long as possible. And then the work begins."
3 Novels to video games: Taking the leap
image "I love video games. I began building a story with, in retrospect, a comical level of naiveté. One of the first unexpected emotions to hit was guilt."
  Camouflaj shows its work with free République Unity assets
image Camouflaj is offering Unity developers a peek behind its curtains this week by making a slice of its République Remastered Unity 5 stealth game available for free download via the Unity Asset Store.
  Tears for spheres: Developing Grudgeball in the year everything changed
image "This is the story of Grudgeball's development -- but more than that, it’s the story of how it got trapped under the weight of the business risks our studio took during that time."
  This Week in Video Game Criticism: From the pastoral of Harvest Moon to the politics of Pokemon Snap
image This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Zolani Stewart on topics ranging from the pastoral settings of Harvest Moon to the politics of Pokemon Snap.
14 The Four Horsemen of VR
image Simon Carless on the advancement of VR tech, from Google Cardboard to SteamVR, "now that I've tried four or five VR systems with games, movies, and apps."
1 Resolving missing script references in Unity
image "I encountered in to the issue of all the scenes and prefabs that were using MonoBehaviours from those scripts had lost their reference. I managed to make a solution."
  Greenlit in 7 days: One game's journey
image "We thought we'd hopefully help other fellow developers make more informed choices and give everyone a bit more context when looking at their Greenlight stats."
12 A Jedi saga: Developing Star Wars Galaxies
image Raph Koster pens an extensive and revealing look back at the design of the controversial but beloved MMO he worked on at Sony Online Entertainment: Star Wars Galaxies.
9 Towerfall Ascension, and what character choices mean to players
image A look at Towerfall Ascension's diverse but mechanically indistinguishable roster, and why player choice matters -- including some observations from developer Matt Thorson.

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  We don't keep forgiving Double Fine
by Robert Fearon
On the differences between how people perceive game development and the costs and realities, via a...
  Exploring The Golden Cohort
by Allison Bilas
We've looked at players from 208 games that hit 1000 installs during 2014, to better understand the...
  Understanding the Insanity
by Paul Furio
Why does management do seemingly insane things? Why do we push for E3 demos that we know are...
  Balancing Gunsport: the trouble with asymmetry
by Brandon Sheffield
What is this "balance" thing you people keep going on about!?
  How jRPG influenced creating football manager
by Andrey Kostyushko
The story about origins of idea of Football Tactics

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April 21, 2015
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Exis, LLC
Exis, LLC XCOM, CIV, Bioshock Infinite, World of Tanks, the list goes on.Top publishers and defense contractors count on Exis to deliver their assets. Why not join them, and get the best art possible for your projects?
Guenther & Associates
Guenther & Associates A CPA Firm that provides Specialized Accounting, Legal and Tax Services to the Video Game Industry.
SomaTone Interactive Inc.
SomaTone Interactive Inc. SomaTone Interactive (STi) is the leading provider of premium music, sound design, voice-over, and audio integration services for gaming and interactive entertainment companies. With over 1000 games to our credit over our 10 year history, including top s
Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design
Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design Clean Cuts is an award winning audio facility with over 25 years of experience in original music composition, custom sound design, audio implementation, and voice over casting. We have 14 audio suites, 16 sound designers, and staff 3 full-time composers.
Zvky Design Studio
Zvky Design Studio Zvky Design Studio is an young entertainment design firm specializing in concept art and other art production services. Our artists have worked on many AAA title games from top studios.
Roboto Roboto is a young art production studio with AAA game development in its DNA. We are dedicated to creating excellent art quality and providing a reliable service at competitive rates

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Important Tips for Using Royalty-Free Content
image Want to use royalty-free images, sounds, or other content in your personal projects? Consult this handy guide first.
Getting a Job Creating Sound and Music for Videogames
image Industry veteran Will Morton gives hints and tips for anyone looking to jump-start a career in gaming audio.
Adding Static Water with Pixel Art and 3D
image Roque Rey explains how to create simple water effects in Unity using a combination of 3D and pixel art.