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April 25, 2017
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  FoldIt dev has a new game that's helping map the human brain
image "You can see this as symbiosis -- computers learn from what people are doing and they do better," Center for Game Science director Dr. Zoran Popovic tells The New York Times about its new game Mozak.
  Days Gone has driven Sony Bend to more than double in size
image Oregon newspaper The Bulletin reports Sony's Bend Studio is moving into a bigger office building later this year as it continues toÊwork on its post-apocalyptic PlayStation 4 game Days Gone.
  Take-Two prods mod team to stop trying to recreate Red Dead Redemption in GTA V
image After reportedly being contacted by representatives of Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive, a team of modders are canning their ambitious efforts to recreate one Rockstar game inside of another.
  Video: Game localization shenanigans in the Chinese-speaking world
image At GDC 2017, IGDShare organizer and experienced localizer Jung-Sheng Lin tries to help devs avoid calamity by running down some of the potential pitfalls of localizing for the Chinese-speaking world.
  Get a job: Sony PlayStation is hiring a Sr. UI Tools Programmer
image Sony's Santa Monica Studio is looking for a self-motivated Senior User Interface Tools Programmer to join its team in Playa Vista, California.
1 NPD has been underestimating digital game sales since at least 2010
image New, 'restated' reporting from NPD shows that spending on game software has actually been increasing steadily since 2010, whereas previously reported data showed somewhat of a spending plateau.
65 Don't Miss: What can game designers learn from the original Legend of Zelda?
image Can the original Zelda game still have things to teach designers? Mike Stout (Skylanders) dives back into the 1986 classic to see how Miyamoto handled pathing, challenge ramping, and more.
1 Eye tracking tech offers a closer look at Overwatch's UI in action
image A video from researcher Jon Matthis uses eye tracking software to record how a player's gaze rapidly jumps between different elements of an Overwatch match.
Understanding the psychology behind 'Pay-to-Loot' systems
image "Our brains are wired to try to make sense of unexpected things. When you have a random number determining what loot you get, you're going to get an unexpected predictable result every time."
Just Cause dev Avalanche nets $10M to double down on self-publishing
image Just Cause and Mad Max developer Avalanche Studios has netted $10 million in funding to accelerate its plans to create and self-publish future titles. 
Everything creator David OReilly explains how artists can forge their own path
image "Being able to have space to grow is important. And in practical terms that basically means having the space to do nothing other than play around."
1 Making repeated deaths a reward in What Remains of Edith Finch
image In most games, death is associated with failure, or a narrative break that forces you to reattempt a challenge. What Remains of Edith Finch turns death into a key feature of story progression.
  Video Game Deep Cuts: Deus Ex's China Lineage
image This week's highlights include a classic Deus Ex postmortem, making Steam games successful in China, and the surprise smash hit Lineage 2 mobile game, among other things.
3 How the art of Guild Wars 2 is designed not to look dated over time
image The style "never puts graphics before art," ArenaNet's Horia Dociu tells RPS. "The ideas and artistic creativity have to take lead if we don't want our game to look dated after many years."
  Before Star Citizen, there was Wing Commander: How Chris Roberts got his start
image History buff Jimmy Maher tells the origin story of Chris Roberts, which stretches back past Origin Systems (where he created Wing Commander) to the bedroom computing era of British game development.
  How Everything connects the arts of animation and game design
image There's a subtle link between Everything's playable characters and the early history of animation. Watch developer David OReilly explain it as we stream his game.
  Video: Put a face on it! The aesthetics of cuteness in game design
image What's cute, and why should you care? Game devw Jenny Jiao Hsia (Beglitched) answers both those questions in a talk at GDC 2017 about the aesthetics of cuteness, and how they make games better.
  Get a job: Digital Extremes is hiring a Sound Designer
image Digital Extremes is looking for a Sound Designer to create engaging and detailed sound design for levels, cinematics, marketing and more in London, Ontario, Canada.
7 Valve aims to improve Dota 2 matchmaking by tying phone numbers to accounts
image Valve hopes to cut down on the number of people that use multiple accounts by requiring players to register a phone number prior to joining ranked queue.
4 Don't Miss: Multiplayer level design tips from a Call of Duty modder turned pro
image Treyarch's Muhammad Ayub talks about the different design elements and considerations that go into creating a quality multiplayer map for a first-person shooter like Call of Duty.
  Stephens College is now the first all-women's school to offer eSports scholarships
image The Missouri-based institution now counts eSports, specifically Overwatch, among its nine athletics programs and is offering partial scholarships for players that join its team.
  Chat with David OReilly, creator of Everything, today at 3PM EDT
image We're chatting with indie game developer David OReilly while playing Everything today at 3PM EDT.
Twitch launching affiliate program to make monetization mainstream
image Twitch's new Affiliate Program will let qualifying content creators outside of the Partners bubble earn revenue through on-platform tools. 
Blog: A postmortem of my procedurally generated platformer, Meganoid 2017
image Postmortem for Meganoid(2017), a roguelike, procedurally generated platformer released on iOS, Android, and Steam three weeks ago.
Netmarble raises $2.3B in South Korea's second biggest IPO
image South Korean mobile giant Netmarble has raised $2.3 billion with its IPO, falling just short of the $2.4 billion it predicted earlier this year.

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Student Postmortem: Escape Velocity
image SMU Guildhall student David Rosario III describes a difficult but ultimately successful experience working as part of a team-based Unity project.
What I Learned from 5 Jobs in 12 Years
image Masala Games director Shalin Shodhan recalls the lessons he learned while working at Maxis, Pixar, and other studios over the past decade.
Game Engines Galore: Which is Right for You?
image NYU PhD candidate Ahmed Khalifa outlines several popular game engines that can power your next student project.
Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design
Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design Clean Cuts is an award winning audio facility with over 25 years of experience in original music composition, custom sound design, audio implementation, and voice over casting. We have 14 audio suites, 16 sound designers, and staff 3 full-time composers.
RYZIN ART RYZIN Art is a focused art team dedicated to creating the worlds best art content for bleeding edge games.
YDY CG PTE. LTD. YDY is a 2D art design service provider for games. We provide concept art design, illustration, UI/ICON design, matte painting and storyboard design services. Our clients includes Zynga, Storm8, SEGA, Ateam, Mobility Ware, High Voltage, Netease, Changy
GameVision Studios
GameVision Studios Disney, Kabam, MachineZone, DeNA, PoketGems, and many more. The world’s leading mobile game companies have trusted GameVision to deliver art assets for their top grossing games. Why not join them? Contact GameVision today!
General Arcade
General Arcade General Arcade is a porting house and game developer. Over years we've provided programming services to a number of game studios and publishers including 3D Realms, Devolver Digital, Gambitious, Kongregate, GOG, Vlambeer, etc.
Uxmagicians Inc.
Uxmagicians Inc. 2k, Gree, Nexon, Pipeworks and many more have trusted their UI/UX to the Uxmagicians. We have designed 10+ top grossing hits, let us design your next top grossing game. Check out our work at
Sankraman Productions
Sankraman Productions We provide high quality art to developers and publishers of all sizes ranging from 3D games for PC/Console (next gen AAA quality) , mobile games, social games, cinematics, commercials, animation and bringing ideas and dreams to reality.

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