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June 23, 2017
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  With Sony's indie support in question, developers at E3 weigh in
image "The bottom line is they need to do what’s best for their business. And unfortunately maybe doing indies is not that right now. And that’s unfortunate, but there’s not much we can do."
  Blizzard announces major changes to loot systems in Overwatch & Hearthstone
image In one day, Blizzard announced notable changes to the IAP-based loot systems to both Overwatch and Hearthstone.
  3 months after launch, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds sells 4M copies
image Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, a game which is still in Early Access, has now sold over four million copies, according to lead developer Brendan Greene.
  Paradox undoes global price increase in the name of transparency
image Game publisher Paradox Interactive recently implemented a global price change on its games and DLC without much warning to players, now its CEO says it's rolling back those changes.
  Video: Peek at the programming that made the personalities in The Sims 3
image Take a look at the design and programming that built the character personalities behind The Sims 3.
  Get a job: Naughty Dog is hiring a Character Shading TD
image Naughty Dog is looking for a Character Shading TD to take charge and make sure the surface materials of its characters look fantastic.
  Improving a game on the Xbox One X helps boost its One S performance, says Xbox exec
image Microsoft's Albert Penello addresses concerns that developing Xbox One games with both the Xbox One X and Xbox One S in mind could result in one console variant holding the other back.
  It's a me, M-AR-io recreated in AR
image Developer Abhishek Singh recreated a life-size Super Mario Bros. level for Microsoft’s Hololens, and took to New York’s Central Park dressed as the plumber himself in order to test out how the 2D platformer fared in AR.
3 Valve details SteamVR Knuckles controllers in new setup guide
image Initially displayed during the company's Steam Dev Days conference last October, Valve has released a guide detailing the specs of the new SteamVR Knuckles motion controllers.
  How Naughty Dog broke Sony's hardware rules to create Crash Bandicoot
image 'They were very worried that if they shipped this game, all the PlayStations in the world would break because their CD drives would melt.'
  New VRDC VR/AR Innovation Report reveals the HTC Vive is devs' top target
image This data-rich survey of VR/AR/MR professionals suggests that the HTC Vive is still the most popular headset to develop for, and that interest in platform-exclusive experiences is rising.
  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment cuts the ribbon on New York studio
image Developer-publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has cut the ribbon on a new studio based in New York. 
  Blog: Designing the combat of Silicon Void - Part 1
image Exploring how the time mechanics of Silicon Void, a turn based RPG in early development closely based on the combat system of Chrono Cross, are tweaked to encourage players to plan ahead.
  Red Hook Studios co-founder dissects the highs and lows of indie life
image During a recent Gamasutra Twitch stream, Red Hook Studios co-founder Chris Bourassa explained why he believes working as an indie is a more enticing prospect than being a cog in the triple-A machine.
1 German Chancellor Angela Merkel agrees to open Gamescom 2017
image German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel will open this year's Gamescom conference in Cologne when the event kicks off on Tuesday, August 22. 
3 New GameMaker Studio 2 license options will give devs more choice
image YoYo Games is looking to give developers more ways to get their hands on its GameMaker Studio 2 game engine by adding more licensing options.
1 Blog: Building games for the Twitch era
image Gameplay understanding, tension and suspense, and relatedness: Those are just some of the lessons Breakaway's development team has learned about building games for streaming.
  Q&A: How Microsoft is pitching the Xbox One X to devs (and consumers)
image Microsoft’s senior director of product management and planning for Xbox, Albert Penello, told Gamasutra about how the company is positioning the Xbox One X hardware to both developers and consumers.
  Indie game artists can soon seek funding and support from The Liberty Foundation
image Designer and organizer Andy McMillan has launched a new venture that may be of special interest to some devs: The Liberty Foundation, an organization that seeks to fund and support indie artists.
  After winning $500M in lawsuit against Oculus, ZeniMax pushes for more
image After winning an award of $500 million earlier this year in its lawsuit against Oculus VR, id Software owner ZeniMax Media was back in court on Tuesday to argue for more.
  How Darkest Dungeon mirrors the real highs and lows of game development
image The makers of Darkest Dungeon explain how the game's stress system began to reflect their everyday lives.
  Video: A lawyer's guide to practical contract law for indie devs
image Games lawyer Chris Reid takes the stage at GDC 2017 to deliver a practical talk on contract law, breaking down everything indies should know about 5 common contracts in the game industry.
  The development-side benefits of creating an E3 demo
image Days Gone creative director John Garvin notes that creating the E3 demo was more than just marketing; it helped the team determine how well certain systems worked in the game.
  Get a job: Deep Silver Volition is hiring a Sr. UI Artist
image Deep Silver Volition is seeking an experienced UI Artist to help own and drive the style of its interface as it starts its next project in Champaign, Illinois.
  How Housemarque designed the vibrant bullet hell-scape of Nex Machina
image Senior level designer Henri Mustonen explores how design decisions made for Nex Machina ultimately encourage players to explore and learn.

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7 Steps That Got Me a Job in the Games Industry
image Leszek Gorniak shares the strategy that landed him a career in game development, offering valuable advice for industry hopefuls who are starting from scratch.
Livestreaming Your Way to a Better Game
image Looking for a quick and cost-effective approach to playtesting? Fading Suns co-creator Andrew Greenberg explains how livestreaming can help developers find bugs prior to launch.
Home Postmortem: Five Lessons, Five Years Later
image Benjamin Rivers offers advice aimed at inexperienced developers with limited resources in this look back at his horror-themed adventure game Home.
Zvky Design Studio
Zvky Design Studio Zvky Design Studio, is a next-gen entertainment design firm based in the "silicon valley of India". We are a "Quality First" studio where we focus our passion, energy and skills to deliver exemplary next-gen art for all platforms.
YDY CG PTE. LTD. YDY is a 2D art design service provider for games. We provide concept art design, illustration, UI/ICON design, matte painting and storyboard design services. Our clients includes Zynga, Storm8, SEGA, Ateam, Mobility Ware, High Voltage, Netease, Changy
General Arcade
General Arcade General Arcade is a porting house and game developer. Over the years we've provided programming services to a number of game studios and publishers including Capcom, 3D Realms, Devolver Digital, Gambitious, Kongregate, GOG, Vlambeer, etc.
RYZIN ART RYZIN Art is a focused art team dedicated to creating the worlds best art content for bleeding edge games.
GameVision Studios
GameVision Studios Disney, Kabam, MachineZone, DeNA, PoketGems, and many more. The world’s leading mobile game companies have trusted GameVision to deliver art assets for their top grossing games. Why not join them? Contact GameVision today!
Uxmagicians Inc.
Uxmagicians Inc. 2k, Gree, Nexon, Pipeworks and many more have trusted their UI/UX to the Uxmagicians. We have designed 10+ top grossing hits, let us design your next top grossing game. Check out our work at
Sankraman Productions
Sankraman Productions We provide high quality art to developers and publishers of all sizes ranging from 3D games for PC/Console (next gen AAA quality) , mobile games, social games, cinematics, commercials, animation and bringing ideas and dreams to reality.

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