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February 22, 2019
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  Blog: A student game postmortem (or how not to make a game)
image I'v recently ended my studies with one last student game experience: Illtide. The production was a nightmare. So instead of keeping this story for myself, let me tell you how not to make a game.
  Report: EA makes substantial layoffs at Australian mobile studio FireMonkeys
image Between 40 to 50 staffers have reportedly been laid off, and remaining workers are apparently operating under the belief that the entire studio will soon be closed down.
  Blog: Lessons and stats from my third year as an indie dev
image Let's take a look at my third year as an indie developer, assessing what worked, what didn't, and what I've learned.
  Avalanche co-founder Christofer Sundberg is leaving the studio
image Sundberg, who also serves as chief creative officer, announced his departure on Twitter yesterday, and said he'll be stepping down at the end of April. 
  Wave of layoffs expected at Guild Wars 2 dev ArenaNet
image Update More game industry workers will soon lose their jobs, as ArenaNet confirms Kotaku's report that employees of Guild Wars 2 dev ArenaNet were warned today to expect big layoffs.
  Video: Folk games, festivity, and subversive game design
image In this classic GDC 2012 talk, game designer Douglas Wilson (Johann Sebastian Joust) encourages developers to embrace the limitations of motion control tech, rather than struggling against them!
2 Don't Miss: Design lessons learned from a decade at Nintendo's EAD
image Motoi Okamoto was a member of Shigeru Miyamoto's Entertainment Analysis and Development department for a decade. He recounts the making of many of Nintendo's best-loved (and biggest-selling) titles.
  Get a job: Industrial Toys is looking for a Lead Server Engineer
image The studio is seeking a talented Server Engine to collaborate with design and engineering peers to create new features, systems, and technology for its game.
  Report: Apple is working on a new SDK for painless porting from iOS to Mac
image Apple is reportedly working on an SDK that simplifies the process of porting iOS apps to MacOS, and will eventually merge the two processes into one.
  HTC is launching the Vive Focus Plus this year, complete with 6DoF controllers
image HTC Vive has announced that the Vive Focus, its business-focused standalone VR headset, is getting an upgrade through the freshly revealed Vive Focus Plus.
  Catch up on dozens of developer Q&As in our ongoing Road to the IGF series!
image There's only a month left before IGF 2019, so now's the time to take a look at the teams and tools behind several of this year's nominated indie games.
4 Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime retires, Bowser taking over
image Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America’s longtime president and chief operating officer is retiring after more than 15 years with the company.
  Get an inside look at the art of Oxenfree follow-up Afterparty at GDC 2019
image Night School's art director is coming to GDC 2019 next month to show you how the indie team is building out its production pipeline and creating a new visual style for its upcoming Afterparty!
  Alt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase: HOT SWAP: All Hands On Deck
image HOT SWAP: All Hands On Deck will have two players assembling their controllers as they guide a ship through deadly waters, swapping parts for the varied functions they'll need to survive.
1 ZeniMax hit with trademark dispute over its application for 'Redfall'
image ZeniMax filed a trademark application for the world Redfall (presumably in relation to the in-development Elder Scrolls 6), but the author of a sci-fi book series of the same name is opposing the app.
  Come to GDC and see how Killer Queen built an esport on an indie budget!
image There's a healthy competitive scene around the (up to) ten-player competitive arcade game Killer Queen, and now the game's creators are coming to GDC next month to share how they pulled it off!
  Blog: Some overdue thoughts on launch trailers
image I've been thinking about launch trailers for years. Maybe some of these thoughts could help map-out your launch trailer's plans.
  Starbreeze applies for extended reconstruction period as it looks to regroup
image The Stockholm District Court initially approved the company's reconstruction up until March 3, 2019, but Starbreeze is now asking for another three months to get its house in order.
  Keywords acquires Dutch cloud-based software platform GetSocial
image Notably, the deal will see GetSocial's team of 12 engineers, led by chief exec Jeroen Bouman and COO and founder Viral Partel, join Keywords to continue developing the platform.
  THQ Nordic issues new shares to raise $225 million for future acquisitions
image The company issued 11 million new Class B shares, all of which were snapped up by existing investors and newcomers alike.
Blog: The horror design of an alpha antagonist
image Today's post looks at the recent success of the Resident Evil 2 Remastered and how they improved on the Mr. X formula to create an alpha antagonist.
2 ESA's acting CEO stays neutral on unionization, opposes 'gaming disorder'
image ESA's acting CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis spoke with Gamasutra on broad topics including the World Health Organization's "gaming disorder" classification, ESA's meeting with the Trump administration, and unionization in the game industry.
  Watch Chucklefish's CEO and tech director discuss Wargroove's development
image Watch two of the developers behind Wargroove break down their game-making process.
  Video: How Hitman guides players through non-linear level design
image At GDC Europe 2016 Io Interactive's Mette Poedenphant Andersen and Jacob Mikkelsen take the stage to discuss how they design the levels and systems of Hitman to be intuitive and easy to navigate.
  Epic Games pulls Fortnite YouTube ads over child predator concerns
image Epic Games has put a temporary halt on Fortnite advertising on YouTube, following news that its ads were running on videos used by online predators to coordinate and exploit children.

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Settings And Options: A Handy Checklist
image Which options and settings should you include in your game? Dragon Slumber founder Kevin Giguere lists the essential elements that players look for in an options menu.
Beta Testing: Methods And Techniques
image Ronimo Games co-founder Joost van Dongen details a variety of approaches to beta testing, including early access, key distribution, and soft launches.
Exposition Management And Lore Dumps
image Narrative designer Evgeni Puzankov explains how you can make your game's world more compelling through environmental storytelling and exposition.
Exis, LLC
Exis, LLC XCOM, CIV, Bioshock Infinite, World of Tanks, the list goes on.Top publishers and defense contractors count on Exis to deliver their assets. Why not join them, and get the best art possible for your projects?
Streamline Studios
Streamline Studios Streamline specializes in tech art and creative execution for video games through its integrated 2D, 3D and Animation services.
Sunrisez Entertainment
Sunrisez Entertainment We are specialized in providing digital art services to the video game and animation industries.
Twisted Hand Studio.,Ltd
Twisted Hand Studio.,Ltd We are a 40-people game art production studio based in China, we've been serving the global game dev industry for more than 10 years, providing 2D Concepts, Illustrations, UI graphics, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation (Key-frame & Spine).
STUDIO ANC - Animation & More
STUDIO ANC - Animation & More Game art provider, focus on character animation, let's "animate your game" :-)

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