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October 31, 2014
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October 31, 2014
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Motion vs. Conventional: The Legend of Zelda Problem.
by A W on 01/10/12 09:55:00 am   Featured Blogs

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Ok... so Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has been out for a full month or more.  My question is which do gamers / game makers prefer. Link's Motion Controls in Skyward Sword, or his conventional control in Windwaker / Twilight Princess (although Twilight Princess did introduce some limited motion on the Wii.)

Was it a step forward, or does it still need proving? I think this is a big deal considering design in the future of games that involve action (and RPGs). Also it might a sticking point in the fact that Nintendo didn't give players a choice this time around.

So lets hear it - voice your opinions, fact, love, and fustrations about which is better.

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Michael Frauenhofer
profile image
I love the motion controls when they're working - and when I played SS in a house, they worked nearly 100% of the time. However, the precision/convenience of conventional controls comes in handy when I'm in my tiny apartment, and just getting the Wii to reliably let me use my remote as a pointer can mean having to rearrange furniture. In an ideal world, motion would totally be my bag, but I just don't really have the space for it...

profile image
I hear that space can be a limiting factor. And it makes a valid argument against motion control. I find that at first when I played the game I though that you need broad strokes to swing the weapon, much like Red Steel 2. However later I came to understand that shorter directional quicker strokes where better because you had a better sense of direction with the way you are holding the Wii mote.

The only motion mechanic I find is the weakest is the musical aspect of the harp. I think the motion on that is poorly designed. One part of the game actually had me quitting because it could not get the tempo to a song correct enough to gain the prize.

Chris Hendricks
profile image
My first experience with a 3D Zelda game was Wii's Twilight Princess, believe it or not. I absolutely loved the motion control scheme, and found difficulty later when trying out older 3D Zeldas like Ocarina of Time. Skyward Sword's refinement of Twilight Princess continues to be a great control scheme for me, although it doesn't always recognize the kind of sword swipe I'm doing (either that, or I just am not moving my arm in the direction that I think I am).

profile image
I find that in SS I have to be careful how I hold the controller because sometimes I twist my arm while I'm swiping and that can throw off the way link swings. TP was easier because the control was just a waggle. I found myself pressing A more in that game though because I was use to to the old style of play. I think the biggest adjustment will be going back to the select item way of the older games, where you had to map the item you needed to use to a button by going to a menu screen.

Michael Frauenhofer
profile image
@A W - Small spaces actually work great for swordplay, strokes broad or abbreviated - what suffers is using the remote as a pointer - as in dowsing sections. Zelda being Zelda, though, the game is definitely compelling enough to make me spend all of two minutes dragging around some furnture each day!

profile image
I do wish there where less dowsing though it is completely optional to use that. I have had problems with switching from the sword to an item that uses the pointing. But I lay on my couch when I play, and I had a lot of space to play between me and my TV. So I will be testing it out in my smaller space to see if the problem goes away. I don't think this game uses the bar for pointing. It may all rely on just the gyro and motion+.