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November 21, 2014
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Andrew Haining's Blog


Ratus Apparatus is a one man game developer (Andrew Haining, a.k.a. The Sombrero Kid) based in Glasgow, Scotland. I'm currently working on my first game Alaska which is due to be released in summer 2015. you can find out more about Alaska here, or by reading my development blog.

Member Blogs

Posted by Andrew Haining on Wed, 20 Aug 2014 06:01:00 EDT in Business/Marketing, Design, Indie
What I learned about entering the IGF last year, advice for devs and advice for the IGF!

Posted by Andrew Haining on Thu, 15 May 2014 04:30:00 EDT in Business/Marketing, Design, Production, Console/PC, Indie
No matter where you go in the games industry you'll find countless people telling you to start small "make something manageable that you'll get done quick or you'll never finish it" is the accepted wisdom but I believe this is bad advice.

Posted by Andrew Haining on Tue, 18 Mar 2014 05:13:00 EDT in Programming, Indie
I've been hearing a lot of people talking about Unity lately and I know a LOT of developers who've moved over to Unity to develop their games and this is a good thing, for now...

Posted by Andrew Haining on Wed, 26 Feb 2014 03:45:00 EST in Business/Marketing, Programming
I try and make sense of what little success in getting coverage for Alaska in the games press.

Posted by Andrew Haining on Tue, 11 Feb 2014 09:47:00 EST in Programming
Brief overview of The Agency Engine, my game engine I'm building Alaska on. This is reprinted from my development blog post

Andrew Haining's Comments

Comment In: [Blog - 10/15/2014 - 02:02]

I largely agree with the ...

I largely agree with the article, I 'd argue the game would be better without the antagonists altogether, there 's a fundamental difference between fear of death and fear of losing progress. Fear of death comes from immersion in the world, ludic concepts, especially frustrating ones like fear of losing ...

Comment In: [Blog - 09/24/2014 - 03:01]

I wrote a google analytics ...

I wrote a google analytics wrapper for c which enables cross platform analytics with minimal fuss for my game, I open sourced that part because I thought it 'd be valuable, you can find it here - r n r nit 's only dependancy is the c rest sdk ...

Comment In: [News - 09/25/2014 - 09:46]

Not to mention the reason ...

Not to mention the reason this video looks weird and gives some people motion sickness is because the specular reflection result is dependant on the position of the viewer.

Comment In: [News - 09/15/2014 - 07:34]

I tweeted this: r n ...

I tweeted this: r n r n Kid/status/511562107180290049 r n r nWhich i think is what I 'd like to hear in his position. He will probably never read it but i figured help contribute to a flood of positivity you might drown out the negativity. r n r nI ...

Comment In: [Blog - 08/28/2014 - 01:15]

I wrote a simple cross ...

I wrote a simple cross platform google analytics api a while back which could be handy in situations like this: r n

Comment In: [Blog - 08/16/2014 - 02:16]

Fail Early and minimum viable ...

Fail Early and minimum viable product are both symptoms of the influx of untrained people into game development, no one knows what they 're doing so they just run around like headless chickens. If you 're trained and/or smart you should think big imo to try and offer something no ...