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September 1, 2014
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September 1, 2014
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Obituaries | id Software
by Benjamin Quintero on 11/24/13 01:08:00 pm   Expert Blogs   Featured Blogs

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DALLAS — id Software Dallas, 22, a former resident of Louisiana, fell into a deep coma on Saturday, November 23, 2013.  He is not expected to survive.

id Software was born in Louisiana under the name of Softdisk, later changing names to the now popularized id.  He is survived by his fathers Adrian C, John C, Tom H, and John R; in addition to close family friend Todd H.

In his early years id was said to be an explosive force in the industry.  Carving his name into the history books, id made his parents proud.  But over time, many close friends noticed a change in him.  id didn't seem like himself and the rock-star personality was soon replaced with suits and ties.  Some said that id's own success was his downturn, others argued that it was his final gesture to sell himself away to new parents.

In spite of his best efforts, it seemed like id could do no right.  His latest project, Rage, was met with lukewarm reception and his new parents were not nearly as impressed with his next project, Doom.  It wasn't long before friends and family started to leave his bedside, sensing the end was near.  Up to the very end, id seemed filled with misguided vigor and anxiety.  His achievements had become bigger than himself.  id later grew to an unhealthy size and, despite the warnings from his doctors, he continued to struggle with his condition.

A funeral service has not yet been scheduled.  Some are still hoping that id will awaken from his coma a new man.  It is yet unclear if his new parents have the strength to pull the plug on such an iconic figure of the games industry.


In rare form I've decided to amend this post with some thoughts of my own.  Believe me, the uncanny likeness to a real person going on here is not meant as a joke and certainly isn't.  id Software is a company I've followed through most of my life as a gamer.  It tears at my heart to watch a company fall apart like this, but it's not the first time.  We are seeing it with all of the old guard it seems.  Many of the pioneers have spread to the winds and are now contributing to perhaps more influential but less likely appreciable work.  Low level smart guys like Carmack and Abrash are helping to piece together what could very well be the next thing to light a much needed fire under the pants of the games industry.  We have long time designers like Cliffy B. who have shunned the lime light in recent years and top names like Miyamoto talking about retiring from the big game scene to tinker with small ideas again.  Many of the staple IP are shifting along with the change of hands as well.

Doom for example is very likely to be $100M blockbuster extravaganza, but does it really need to be?  Comments were made that id Software is being asked to move out of the 90's but frankly the 90's had better games with respect to exploration and self discovery.  So what does it mean to modernize a classic franchise?  Call of Doom: Bad Company would be a death sentence for id Software and I hope that Zenimax is aware of that.

It is cool to see the old guard making their marks elsewhere in the industry but I can't help but feel a small part of me die inside every time I see iconic companies explode in size or suddenly go under.  It is a shame when the small or mid-size teams have to grow to keep pace with modern trends, but how we got here is maybe a topic for another discussion...


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Edward Smith
profile image
iD Softwares best days was with the original 4, Quake 2 and Quake 3 were good also. But not as groundbreaking in gameplay as the games before it.

I think John Romero and Tom Hall helped to make sure gameplay was put in and forced John Carmack to add the cool features to allow it even if it meant his code wasn't as neat.

Slowly they fell and graphics dominated.

If iD Software does go, I hope it means they all could make a game together again as they where a great team. Or that Carmack would work more on open source projects.

I would be disappointed if iD was to fall, look what has become of Wolfenstein...