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November 1, 2014
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November 1, 2014
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Indie Summer Pack - Is it possible for other Indie Game Bundles to have some success?
by David Amador on 06/05/11 07:01:00 am   Featured Blogs

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Lately we (Different Pixel) have been secretly working with 5 other developers to make a indie game pack. The idea was gather a few great games that were less known and unite effors and getting us noticed.

Finally after a few moths we are proud to present the:

"Indie Summer Six Pack"

Six indie titles for just $10 - or a stonking $5, if you first share the offer via Facebook. How can you say no to that?

The games included are

Aztaka, City Rain, Puzzlegeddon, Bob Came In Pieces, Vizati and Lylian.

We’re making this effort to raise the money to finance our next project ideas. Most of us had tremendous problems having the game noticed anywhere. It's a real jungle out there for indie developers and most of us had little or no money at all for marketing.

Obviously comparisons with the sucessfull "Humble Bundle" will be made but this is somewhat different. First, there's a fixed price, second none of the games are a, let's call it a "World of Goo success" . Oh and we have 6 games. It's less then a $1 for game. That's cheaper than an iPhone game.

I truly think this bundle has great value and the fact that agrees makes me have some faith.

So far customers feedback have been positive. Obviously the campaing has just started so it's pretty early to know if this will have success or not. 

A good scenario would be that every developer would get some money to at least start their next game. 

But the world isn't ideal, or is it? Time will tell...

Wish us luck, check the website and spread the word please....

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Sting Newman
profile image
Are your games good? The humble indie bundle at least had some interesting games AND they weren't just hoping for some cash they allowed the user to choose whether to donate the money to charity and/or the developers.

They let users choose whether to support them or not.

E Zachary Knight
profile image
Honestly, the Charity thing shouldn't matter. Yes, it was a driving force behind the Humble success.

However, you shouldn't let the lack of a charitable aspect get in the way of trying out some new games. The fact that the prices is so low and there is an easy way to reduce the price should help lower that barrier to entry without a charitable aspect.

I will be looking at these games and basing my purchase decision on them and not the sales model.

David Amador
profile image
Indeed. It's a different kind of model. Humble Bundle was hoping to get purchases by giving much more control to buyers (price and amount to donate).

On ours we set a low price for 6 games and hope people find it attractive enough to buy.

In the end the objective is the same...

I would be lying if I say we aren't doing it to get some money the same way that Humble Bundle was doing it for ... money. Giving some to charity was something to attract more visitors. We all expect to monetize our games to make more games (that's what I intend at least)

They also had the advantage to have highly known games, which he haven't.

That doesn't mean ours are worse or bad then theirs...

Sting Newman
profile image

The problem is most indie games are garbage and/or not good enough. Few are really good. Remember you're still competing against AAA games that have hit the bargain bin, why spend $20 on an indie game when you can get AAA games off steam for cheap?

Lets not forget humble indie bundle was also opening the source to their games to let up and coming dev's look at the code and learn how others put together their games.

You can't compare the two. The humble indie bundle was truly "humble" other developers got jealous that they never were interested in such bold anti-drm, pro-freedom of information, pro open-source stance.

The humble indie bundle was _humble_ they allowed you to choose not to pay them (and give your money to someone else) and still download their games for free AND get the source code.

They earned the money they got for having the balls to be so honest and open, that's the huge difference. Now everyone who saw their success wants in on it.

E Zachary Knight
profile image

Not all the humble games are open source. World of Goo is still closed source.

"The problem is most indie games are garbage and/or not good enough. Few are really good."

You would say that when talking percentages or if you are not immersed in the indie game scene.

Would you completely discount the iOS gaming scene simply because the majority of games are crap?

When game developers get together to create bundles like this one, they are trying to help their games to stand out from the crap that is out there.

Maurício Gomes
profile image
Except Astaka is crap.

Just seeing it on the bundle make me facepalm on it.

E Zachary Knight
profile image
I think this looks great. I will have to research the different games a bit, but from the screen shots available, they look cool.

One note, the previews for Bob came in Pieces and Lylian are broken. EDIT: They are fixed now. Awesome.

Matthew Mouras
profile image
City Rain was the only game familiar to me. I believe it won a student award of some kind a few years ago. Always meant to check it out and now there's a very compelling reason to do so. The package looks like a very good value to me.

City Rain and the art design for Aztaka will seal the deal for me. Looking forward to checking these out. Thanks for your post and good luck with the sale.

Roberta Davies
profile image
Well, I've just bought mine! As with any bundle, some look more to my taste than others, but they all seem to be worth a try, at least.

I'm instinctively a bit leery of indie games generally, but you can't fault the price. And if they turn out to be good, it might make me less leery in the future. Bargains like this are a good way to lure new customers.

Good luck with the sale.

One minor point: When the customer is directed to the download page after payment, surely the "download the whole bundle" should be the first and most obvious option? Followed by the individual titles for people to download if they prefer.