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August 23, 2017
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Posted by Bob Whitaker on 08/22/17 10:11:00 am in Console/PC, Serious
History teachers Bob Whitaker, John Harney, and Jeremiah McCall talk about using Twine and other game development tools for history classes. Topics include student made games, the development process with history students, and accessibility.

Automatic speech bubble positioning in inkle's 3d adventure Heaven's Vault.

Posted by William Grosso on 08/22/17 10:05:00 am in Business/Marketing, Serious, Smartphone/Tablet
This article is an extended discussion of the recent uproar around randomized price-points in Zynga’s CSR 2 and a survey of how prevalent sophisticated data-driven merchandising techniques already are in mobile gaming.

This week's articles/video highlights include multiple features on Ninja Theory's Hellblade, the enduring micro-indieness of Vector Unit & the cyberpunk strangeness of Observer.

Posted by Winifred Phillips on 08/16/17 10:22:00 am in Audio, Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet
Several dynamic music systems were presented in the GDC 2017 audio track. In part 3 of her 3 article series, video game composer Winifred Phillips discusses the tools and tips offered in these GDC talks, while also sharing insights from her own projects.

Posted by Jools Watsham on 08/15/17 10:36:00 am in Design, Production, Art, Console/PC, Indie
The cuteness and absurdity of a Chicken and Worm combo was too funny to resist!

Curiosity is the pleasure of learning and not knowing. It sparks the desire to learn or the desire to figure out how stuff works. When you are curious you feel anticipation, you want to know or try out something. Curiosity comes very natural to games.

Posted by Simon Jackson on 08/23/17 10:00:00 am in Console/PC, Indie
Dream Build Play has begun and it's time to start coding. Don't forget to let people know who you are and what you are building or have built before to grow your following. Here's a few tips and tricks to get started in the competition!

Posted by Simon Jackson on 08/23/17 10:00:00 am in Console/PC, Indie
Knowing who can help or who you can help is just as important as building your own project with Dream Build Play. Follow some simple tips to maximise your potential in the project or look for other like minds who can help you realise your dream.

Posted by Richard Atlas on 08/23/17 09:59:00 am in Business/Marketing, Production, Indie
In this blog post, I talk about some of the things that I think it's important for non-developers to know about our industry. Could be useful for industry folks to discuss as well...

Posted by Josh Bycer on 08/23/17 09:58:00 am in Design, Console/PC, Indie
With the number of games being released still increasing, I want to talk about a serious concern and debate regarding how digital stores market games.

Posted by James Dalzell on 08/23/17 09:54:00 am in Business/Marketing, Design, Production, Console/PC
Wii Remotes and Kinect aside, video game controllers remain the same. Do a little digging through Google Patents, however, and you'll find the way we control video games today could have been just a little zanier.