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August 27, 2014
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Trustworthy vs lustworthy: the psychology of attraction
by on 09/14/09 04:20:00 am

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Would you buy a used car from this man? The answer depends on whether he looks like you, researchers believe.

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We are more likely to trust people who look like us, psychologists told the British Science Festival yesterday — even though we find them less attractive.

Researchers tested how willing players of a game were to entrust money to strangers whose faces they could see on a computer screen. They found that players were more trusting when those faces had been digitally manipulated to resemble their own.

“Normally they trusted people about 50 per cent of the time. But when the faces were changed to look like them, they trusted 73 per cent of the time,” said Lisa DeBruine of the University of Aberdeen, who conducted the research.

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