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August 20, 2014
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August 20, 2014
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E Zachary Knight's Blog


I am an indepedent game developer with Divine Knight Gaming, founder and chief editor of Oklahoma Game Development and a web developer. In my game development, I work with HaxeFlixel to create cross platform games for Linux, Mac, Windows and Web platforms. My current primary project is  called Demon's Hex, a cross platform collectible card game. 

Follow me on Twitter @ezknight @dk_gaming @OKGameDevs


Member Blogs

Posted by E Zachary Knight on Tue, 29 Jul 2014 12:41:00 EDT in Design, Console/PC, Indie
This is why these guys are my game dev heroes.

Posted by E Zachary Knight on Fri, 20 Jun 2014 02:35:00 EDT in Business/Marketing, Indie
Despite our bafflement, Let's Play videos are an extremely controversial issue. Here is our perspective.

Posted by E Zachary Knight on Tue, 04 Feb 2014 02:06:00 EST in Production, Serious
The lack of a public domain option for games means a loss of culture for all of gaming.

Posted by E Zachary Knight on Tue, 24 Dec 2013 09:26:00 EST in Business/Marketing, Console/PC
Most of the games I played this year were on the Ouya. So here are my favorites.

Posted by E Zachary Knight on Thu, 10 Oct 2013 03:08:00 EDT in Business/Marketing
Is there any value in forcing game reviewer to play games they hate all the way through before letting them write their reviews?

Posted by E Zachary Knight on Thu, 12 Sep 2013 03:41:00 EDT in Business/Marketing
With all the controversy over the Ouya Free The Games Fund, I thought I would take the time to address two key concerns over the Kickstarter qualification, Ouya exclusivity and the $50k goal.

E Zachary Knight's Comments

Comment In: [Blog - 08/12/2014 - 08:13]

Maria, r n r nThe ...

Maria, r n r nThe problem here stems from the idea of music licensing. Music rights organizations such as the RIAA and ASCAP have spent many decades building, implementing and enforcing highly profitable music licensing schemes. Under these, each use of a song has to be licensed separately. So there ...

Comment In: [News - 08/14/2014 - 02:05]

Wait. What Oklahoma seems to ...

Wait. What Oklahoma seems to have a relatively high torrenting rate, but can 't seem to torrent anything good What are the people in Oklahoma doing

Comment In: [Blog - 08/11/2014 - 05:30]

On many extended family get ...

On many extended family get togethers our family likes to play LRC Left right center dice game and your telling me, one of my families favorite games, isnt a game and that its broken because its based on luck. r n r nI think you are taking this waaaaay to ...

Comment In: [Blog - 08/13/2014 - 05:01]

Nathan, r n r nYeah, ...

Nathan, r n r nYeah, the developer needs to independently validate any translation they are going to put their stamp of approval on. There is no question about that. But so long as fans are clear that downloading localizations from 3rd party sources are a downloader beware type situation, then ...

Comment In: [Blog - 08/11/2014 - 03:03]

What I think this shows ...

What I think this shows is that people need to just not be so hasty on the clone or ripoff accusation.

Comment In: [News - 08/11/2014 - 07:15]

As someone who has tried ...

As someone who has tried to record mobile game footage, recording issues is my 1 problem. I don 't really have a number of games issue as I work within a regional niche.