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Buck - A Game about a real dog
by Gal Kfir on 04/29/14 06:40:00 am

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Greetings Gamasutra, my name is Gal and I'm the designer behind the game called Buck. A game that's dedicated to a dog with the same name. If you'll indulge me, I'd like to tell you the story behind our game and perhaps even keep you interested enough to read all the way to the end.

Let's start at the Beginning

 I got Buck when I was 7 years old. He was a very small, very brave and  unbelievably smart dog with a bit of an ego complex when it came to his fellow  canines.

 At around the age of 12 I approached my dad and told him that I want to  make video games for a living. You can imagine his surprise by my decisiveness  but since then he's showed me nothing but support.




My older brother, Adi (who is our lead artist in the studio today) used to make sketches of Buck for my birthdays. Like this one: 








So the years past and I began to write down ideas for a video game starring Buck. I asked Adi to try and make something different from now on:










After many iterations we finally settled with this design:

This is a game that I've carried with me for over 12 years. Last year I managed to put together a small team and open Wave Interactive Games Studio. We pulled in all of our resources and gathered small funds where  possible in order to make the best tech and gameplay possible  and take with us  to Kickstarter.

But something very interesting happened to us. People liked the idea of having a game based on a real dog and they asked us if we could implement their own dogs or cats into the game, and so we did just that:





















While the real Buck is, sadly, no longer with us. It's our hope that this game will give both him and many other pets a way to remain even closer to our hearts, in a medium that we all love so much. I truly believe that is the true potential of our game.

We sank our hearts and souls into this game and we really want to see it flourish. Please tell us what you think about our game :)

Thank you so much for reading.


Gal Kfir


-If you want to contribute to our cause or put your own pet in our game then please visit us on our on going Kickstarter.


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