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May 26, 2017
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A kids journey.
by Gantt Takahashi on 03/17/17 10:44:00 am

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Originally from — /b/a-kids-journey/

My Name is Asadullah Sanusi.

I am from Nigeria, born in Germany, and currently live in Saudi Arabia. I am 26 years old, I am a Muslim and a student of computer engineering at Umm-Al Qura University, Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

I have worked as an internship at Makkah Techno Valley as a web designer, my task was to create the back end of their website which is supposed to analyze the performance of students that take part in their competition. I also manage a small group or my company to be, 777Games which I currently run. I also had the privilege to work with a kick starter design clinic as a programmer and a 3D generalist, but it didn’t turn out so well.

I currently manage my group 777Games. We develop video games, our major game is in development. We hope to release something small for our kick starter and to introduce the gaming community to our small project Speegoy UTP. It is about robots that provide services of any kind. Think of it as warframe and star citizen combined together, that’s our game only difference is it’s in a small scale for now. We use unreal engine, quixel suite, world machine, and blender as our main software.

I grew up with the Nintendo era, my most favorite game at the time was Mario and crash, those were a gift from my dad for getting good grades at the time I guess. It’s not easy to growing up as a game fanatic in an educational and Religious house as mine. Most Middle class youths from third world will understand this point, perhaps others beyond this class but it’s more common in the Middle class and third world. When I was 10 I did not have the chance to lay my hands on a console for almost 5 years, due to the divorce of my parents and the environment I was living in.

Then I met a good friend of mine who has the same taste in gaming like me which led me to be playing at his home because we did not have television at our house at the time (2001–2005). Then I went to Nigeria to undergo my high school and to know more about my culture and where I come from. It was there I discovered what my true ambition was, my addiction, my Achilles hill, Computers. I became addicted to it and since I did not have the privilege and money to buy a PS2, I bought a phone that can handle mobile games. I turn almost everything around me into a game, a puzzle that was the only language I understood. I have been criticized about many things, one of them was gaming, but, after a long time of crying, heartbreak and depression, I learned to turn that hate and criticism everyone had for me into a positive energy, which was one of the things that makes me stand out from others. I always look for the best in people before the ugly side because I know how damaging it can be to some of us.

When I graduated from high school in 2011, I came back to Saudi Arabia for my bachelor degree, My Dad gave me my first computer, acer travel mate 2440, it was slow and old but not for me, I still found some games I had on my list and I downloaded them and played them. After a year I started to learn how to make mobile games, I did some ping pong games with unity, unfortunately I lost it so I can’t showcase it as a documentary. In 2014, I began to dive into the 3D artist world then mostly I model cars. I was inspired by my great mentor Muhammed Hamed, we met online in a group on Facebook created by, We never met face to face which I hope one day it will be a dream come true. Then I had a library of 3D models and I thought,“why not use them to make a game?”. At the time I was using C4D then I migrated to Maya. After two years of try to and error. I made my first Documentation about the game. It wasn’t good but it was a head start. I kept a low profile squeezing every nanosecond I can squeeze from my time to learn how to build a game.

Creating a video game is not an easy task, and it’s definitely not a one man job, no matter how small it is especially when you have school, siblings to take care of. Like my Dad used to tell me, two men is better than one. At the beginning I had a tough time just figuring out how I want the game to look like and because I suck at 2D sketching I had a pretty rough time figuring out how to make something meaningful out of nothing. I made YouTube my best friend by watching tutorial since digital tutors could not give me the main flavor I wanted. Although it gave me a big push on the side of 3D modeling optimization (for game Assets). Then I came across Jerry Perkins aka Masterxeon1001 which is a very talented 3D generalist and like me, loves robots. And from there I got to know how to use blender, I learned how to sculpt, hard surface modeling, in other words, I became a small guru of my own world. Then I got a partner who is good in sketching (thank god, finally), up to date we sit down online and discuss the game together, his name is Vojin, I also met him at the same group on Facebook where I met Muhammed Hamed. It was actually his Idea to call the game Speegoy UPT. I called it Maggy: Rise of the machines.

I love cooking, 3D modeling, game developing and design, game streaming to twitch and YouTube, programming, and creating electronic devices. I have never worked in a video game industry, I applied up to 10 times but no one seems interested. But I am still trying. That has been my dream all along, to work in the game industry. Until then, I still manage my own. We are members of 2. It has always been my dream to make games if not then to play, for me gaming is a way of interacting with other people. It’s an escape from the harsh world we live in. when you are in a good gaming community you feel like you are around family, a family that speaks one language with one voice, it’s like Hajj, everyone dresses the same, chants the same words for the same cause, everyone is equal, be it black or white, rich or poor. Those 5 days of Hajj everyone is the same. And that’s exactly how I feel in a gaming community. No matter what color, religion, race, ethnicity you name it. We all end up coming together for the same cause, to be happy and to get to know our common self. Is that not wonderful?

My barrier is getting my family and environment to accept me for whom I am as a gamer. To be honest, I haven’t overcome it. I kept it a secret, that’s what makes it more complex. I think it’s the worst thing most minority group has to go through, be it LGBT, black, Jew, Muslim, or a gamer. In a nutshell, something society is not ready to accept is always hard to present. My mom helped me, She was the one to introduce me to digital tutors. The rest I figured it out on my own. I feel a bit relieved at least I have friends that support me sometimes with any issue, be it a code error or working with me like for an hour or so. Try to surround yourself around people who accepts you for whom you are. Its not necessary it must be family, it could be anyone, your friend, love ones, even communities like artstation,, and the likes. And be good, follow your passion as long as it is good and be nice to your parents. They might not support what you are doing but they know how to save the day.

The reason I called it a long walk is, in a journey we come across may obstacles right from the day we were born till the day we die. Our life is a journey and our dreams are mostly manifested when we were kids.

Anything you want to achieve in life, be passionate about it, keep it in your prayers if you do pray, set your mind to it and do not let anything deviate you from it. Surround yourself around communities that you can see yourself benefiting from, last but not least, NEVER WASTE TIME.

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