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October 26, 2014
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October 26, 2014
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6 Word Descriptions - What Is A Game Designer?
by Lewis Pulsipher on 11/03/11 11:07:00 am   Expert Blogs   Featured Blogs

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I tried this on Boardgamegeek and got many interesting (and sometimes hilarious) responses:

According to tweetdeck, one of the trending:worldwide topics on twitter is 6 word stories.  Those can be amusing, and I once asked Britannia fans to write the story of my game Britannia in 6 words with good results.

But this time I have something harder in mind: say what a game designer does, or what he is, in 6 words.  Or if that's too challenging, try 10.  I have a version of both, but I'll hold off on it for now.

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Game Designer


Tynan Sylvester
profile image
A game designer invents experience generators.

(See, look. I even wasted three of the words to make it more fun.)

Jason Pineo
profile image
Conceives, believes, champions, listens, specifies, builds.

Chris Jackson
profile image
What is a game designer?

One who builds an alternate reality.

Daniel Silber
profile image
Game Designers solve problems before implementation

Nick Harris
profile image
Game Designers create problems for players.

Brian Shurtleff
profile image
Designs experiences in a game space.

I can redo that in half the words, too:

Designs game experiences.

...or just two:

Designs experiences.

To me I feel like that boils down what I do the best. That experience can be anything as large as a narrative arc or a sprawling level, down to an experience as small as a button press or how it feels to fire a gun or take a punch or roll a die or play a card-- but they're all experiences all the same, and it's my job to define (design) what that experience should be.

Jacek Wesolowski
profile image
Builds interactive systems offering rewarding experiences.

Cary Chichester
profile image
Always explaining his job to others.

Douglas Lynn
profile image
Predicts your thoughts, dictates an experience.


Tells you how you should feel.


Rules player. You will obey. ...Please?

Tynan Sylvester
profile image
Ha, I like your last one.

Bart Stewart
profile image
Specify integrated systems enabling gameplay vision.

Timothee Garnaud
profile image
Artist of interractivity.

Harold Myles
profile image
Designs game spaces, promoting specific experiences.

Abel Bascunana Pons
profile image
All your base are belong to... that would be 7 words!

Now seriously:

Help others learning, enjoy, trigger emotions.

Gary LaRochelle
profile image
Experience Engineers.

Michael Joseph
profile image
She creates abstract simulations with goals.

Titi Naburu
profile image
A game designer creates pocket-sized worlds that anyone can live in with words as only tools.

A game programmer creates pocket-sized worlds that anyone can live in with code as only tool.

Marvin Papin
profile image
Give players a unique memorable feeling ...

Jeremiah Slaczka
profile image
Creates experiences no other medium can.

Luis Guimaraes
profile image
Same as natural selection, but faster.

Michael Rivers
profile image
A Being That Defines Our Lives.

Lewis Pulsipher
profile image
Conceive, Prototype; then Playtest Modify Repeat

Incrementally and iteratively playtest and revise

Devise the Essence of a Game

Lewis Pulsipher
profile image
If you'd like to see many other suggestions, at Boardgamegeek:

Adam Simpson
profile image
No, I am not the programmer.


No, I am not the artist.

Roger E Pedersen
profile image
Interactive, goal-oriented, fun, challenging experiences