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Iconís Self-Publishing Numbers to Date
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April 23, 2014
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Iconís Self-Publishing Numbers to Date
by Richard Hill-Whittall on 01/03/12 05:01:00 pm   Expert Blogs   Featured Blogs

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It is 31st December, 2011 – last day of 2011. I thought it was about time I did a full count of how many game units we have sold/freebied. I was surprised it was a little over a quarter of a million – sounds like a lot of people! I had around 100,000 in my head so that was a nice surprise.

Alas a lot of the bigger numbers were free downloads/free promotions, but even so – I was really pleased with the numbers.

I thought I’d share them – and as such they are included below broken down into the different formats – iOS, PSP & WiiWare. I didn’t include PC as the numbers really aren’t worth including (probably about 20 units total!).


Bashi Blocks

iPhone 19,945
iPad 5,523

Family Games Fun

iPhone 18,203
iPad 24,591

TOTAL: 68,262


Figures Removed at the Request of Nintendo



Bashi Blocks


Arcade Darts


Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling


Arcade Pool & Snooker


Arcade Bundle


Family Games


Pool Hall Pro




TOTAL: 146,691

GRAND TOTAL: over 250,000

So there we have it – Worldwide there are over 250,000 copies of our games kicking around on various platforms.

I’d like to think that a good percentage of that number enjoyed playing them, and I want to say a big thank you from all of us at ICON to everyone who has played any of our games. Hope to see you again in 2012 :)

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Simon Carless
profile image
Really great data, Rich - it's rare to see PS Minis numbers out there, for example. Can you say which of these were given away for free (was Bashi Blocks on PSN+? I think it was, judging by Google searches...), and also vague lifetime percentages of revenue for each of the platforms?

Richard Hill-Whittall
profile image
The vast majority of the Bashi units were free on PS+ - financially for us Bashi was a bit of a disaster, but we've kind of drawn a line under it and are making it free - including a new PC version to try and build up more followers.

The rest of the Minis were all paid units, some were included in promotions - but mostly these were all standard store purchases. All the WiiWare units were paid.

iOS mostly free - again we're trying to build up a user base there in advance of any future stuff we do. I think so far we've made about $500 on iOS.

John Flush
profile image
I like the fact that while Nintendo requested the numbers be taken off your grand total still stayed the same... So, the difference is a lot more than I thought a Nintendo service would have provided at all. Of course I don't know how well that spread against your different titles.

Richard Hill-Whittall
profile image
I can't see how they will have an issue with the overall 'grant total' number as it gives no breakdown.

EDIT: To be on the safe-side grand total ammended.

Andrew Chen
profile image
Interesting data, thanks Richard!

Echoing John's comment, I am also surprised by the (implied) sales from Wiiware...honestly didn't think so many were left to log onto that platform after a largely desolate year and plenty of other suitors.