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April 21, 2014
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April 21, 2014
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Ruthaniel van-den-Naar's Blog


At start i must sorry for level of my English, i probadly need better IDE for self-development in this lang. I everytime find something more interesant than go to teach English grammar, now this is norwegian grammar.
  If someone what to fix this text is welcome.


So who am i?
My life since childhood had been difficult, but the pain is possible to find knowledge and become a better person if you have enough inner strength.

Also, I have to say about myself that I'm obsessed with finding / saying the truth and I hate hypocrisy and say that the lies and hypocrisy must be fought without mercy, with strong words. A man should tell his truth, when it finds someone whose truth is truer, so should be his follower.

I am a strong introvert, who found it more beautiful in the world gives him his imagination and in the coexistence of people (sex is a hell of a lot of imagination). I am a fanatic in paper RPG games, but I admit that this is not to ignore the evolution in the form of computers.

  Computer games can be the highest art, imagine the best film that you recognize the fact that you could enter the main characters role and influence of his story about how games are just. The vast majority of good gameplay mechanisms were invented as early as 85 and is now moving in more than we have added quality, we shallow games growing team and will leave the gaming industry to manage idiots in expensive suits who do not understand the depth of games, let alone the higher arts, games are beginning of their journey. Many, however, for ten years going in circles, when the following false prophets. Who ford long time in the mud starts to stink, too.

  I wanted to make games from their about 11 years old (before at 8 i want to be Barbarian warrior, at 10 to be Conan barbarian warrior:), when I started the programming in Qbasic, in 12 years with a friend, we started to design their own RPG systems and worlds, because we were insufficient quality of existing ones. Never after in my life, I want to do anything other than games, and other arts. Of course I had to make so I did other things than play a mostly larger enterprise applications, servers, etc, but just to survive and raise money for their dreams (games).

 So again who i realy im? I know who i am, know who i am.. ok, maybe.. (you need to know Angel Heart movie to understand)
I think zealot of truth - philospher, warrior, artist and because im here im also gamedesigner that is now my battefield, i see computer games as the most powerfull art (medium) of our age.  For many the sinful idea, but you feel that the philosopher of our time, should really stay creating in the books?

Time to put on armor, mount a horse, riding grip ax and go smash a few skulls hypocritical fools, to become once again a respected warrior..

Meet me
- If you are interested in design of role playing games / AI middlewares and going to the scorched heart of Europe, we can meet, just send me mail ruthan[at]

Thoughts (only few i written elsewhere enough characters for few writers lives, what I write here is just the tip of the iceberg, sorry, more knowledge is a trade secret):

-Why are games stronger (more intersing for artist) than movies?
Why is rape or sadism in movie relatively ok, but disabled in games? Simply because games are stronger, more intensive than movies.

- Maybe 1 of 10 people with great visio have chance to try realise this vision. And i these visio i realy dont means few ideas, but few years of hardwork.

- Life is a little battle with the windmills of fate, because what we are is the most determined by our genes, just decide what direction it will use. It is necessary to accept the fact so not everyone has IQ 150 is great painter.

- If exist some related to cursed poets in game design, so im this cursed gamedesign.

- We need a real adult games, their time had not yet actually arrived.

- RPG genre is king, all other genres are contained therein.

- Start of movie industry was also slow, now in a state that we have great technology, but simply do not know (majority of game deveplopers) what to do with it.

- non engine Cinematics are waste of money, pleas send instead money to charity, mainly in Africa are lots of people, which need such stupid thing as food, so dont be fools to spend money and energy to next Blizzard like beatiful movie.

- Mix more games characters, worlds together is very bad idea it everytime ruin atmosfere.. I dont want to play such games. No more such eintopf, pleas dont add Mickey mouse to Dungeon master remake, because bigger revenue..

Bad "famous" games:
Only weak man is friend of everyone, hypercorrect oppressor of imagination, the warrior know what is hate and can say what is wrong..
  "Famous" games which i do not respect:
facebook games; cell phone games - simple are worse than old games for Dos / Amiga, nothing new;
Tomb Raider - killer of old good games - 3d platformer with puzzles and stupid camera;
Shadow of the Collosus - music and 12 minutes long horse raiding sequence are very good, but.. unrealistic puzzle (scripted crap isnt challenge) and platformer mix - tomb raider gameplay, movie experience, but subnormal movie - such movie i can recommend only to 10 years old children; original -a bit, good game no;
Half-life (only slightly above average shooter); Final fantasy series (total bad taste, cultural eintopf);
Legend of Zelda (grinding); platformers; point and click adventures (expect games as Kyrandia I and Gabriel Knight II) i dont want to met again put a dog into electrik socket puzzle ;
logical puzzle games (sorry, but its for me next IQ test) long time too easy, sometime too hard - in both causes In both cases, not in the mood to continue;
Little big planet - mix of platformer and logical puzzle game;
Halo - terrible game, shoot the boxes with feets, as in first installment, is realy boring, ok Microsoft spend lots of money to make "game", but Halo is still most overhypered game;
Metal Gear Solid - tomb raider with more stupid camera mixed with stupid Micheal Dudikoff movie and and empty buckets full of bla, bla ;
Spore - bad mix, average small 2D arcade, average 3D arcade average strategy, very bad space strategy.
Ico - average puzzle game, boring gameplay, with bad(fixed) camera and good audio visual presentation, but only japan dialogs - sorry a bit original, but empty mix
Prince of persia - platformer with good animations, but what next?
Flashback - very anoying almost unplayble game

I will add more in the future, I do not have time right now.

- Random encounters - pleas stay dead, thanks (refered to Wizzardry 7 and others new enemy after every 5 steps games).

- We need good and clear game engin/middleware reviews and prices. Middleware is very expensive, but they no proper review, which is very strange in comparison with other goods.

- Truth is in numbers, but VGcharts numbers are hard to believe, or often, are quite certainly wrong. Almost totally ignores the European game and the PC platform, except that Blizzard's nobody pressuring the correct numbers. We need a better Web site and that the developers told the truth.

- bigger teams sucks -
  Thanks to Clinton Keith for picture and book.

- I hate fascistic Gabes Steam!  I am a friend of digital distribution, but no one will be dictating to me game directory and chase me with some ugly icon in the tray and to ask me to connect to the internet for play, never, no one.
  This, then even if every game was a dollar, I would not go into it. Pleas sell also no Steam versions of your games. Steam could easiely turn into same evil as Sony and M$.




Ruthaniel van-den-Naar's Comments

Comment In: [News - 04/17/2014 - 02:49]

Next step in Unity strategy ...

Next step in Unity strategy - we are unable to develop something realy good, so we buy something else and we will try and fail to integrate it properly. r n r n Unity have good goal and philosophy, but their coders, simple arent good enough. This is why we ...

Comment In: [News - 04/14/2014 - 11:30]

Is there overhead yes, could ...

Is there overhead yes, could it works, yes look at Ubisoft or some non game projects.. r n I think that is better way, try it make complex, that try make it boring and content and feature less.

Comment In: [News - 04/08/2014 - 06:37]

Other closed Android device- no ...

Other closed Android device- no thanks, if Google play store will not be avalaible i will boycott this.

Comment In: [Blog - 04/01/2014 - 08:20]

This article is very wrong, ...

This article is very wrong, is without real data. You should add to app some statistics sender, after that you will have real numbers, of course that someone could hack it too, but it is more problematic. r n r n Other wrong idea is that majority of pirates would ...

Comment In: [News - 04/02/2014 - 11:19]

I said same things, few ...

I said same things, few post ago.

Comment In: [News - 03/21/2014 - 05:05]

Im realy curios about quality ...

Im realy curios about quality of mobile version of U4. Yes, there was few UDK iOS and Android games but even Epic didnt port Infinity Blade to Android , but in Unity are now thousands games. Crytech have one game, Collectable and nothing.. and support of mobile platforms still isnt ...