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May 24, 2015
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May 24, 2015
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Stephen Chin's Blog


Stephen is an content designer at Red 5 Studios and currently working on the FPS MMO, Firefall. Previous to working there, he was a QA tester with THQ and graduated from The Guildhall at SMU where he specialized in design and served as a lead on multiple projects. He also has a degree in visual communications/3D animation.


Member Blogs

Posted by Stephen Chin on Wed, 30 Dec 2009 01:42:00 EST in
I was going to go with the flow and do some sort of end of 2009 blog bit. Instead, courtesy of TV Tropes, I end up talk about a cyclic trope called Three Chords and the Truth.

Posted by Stephen Chin on Sun, 27 Dec 2009 02:12:00 EST in
A long delayed follow up to my first post on L4D and the mechanics of RPGs it uses and whether the idea of an AI director is applicable to other genres

Posted by Stephen Chin on Sat, 13 Jun 2009 08:00:00 EDT in
In this blog post, I consider how the design and gameplay of Left 4 Dead mirrors classic pen-and-paper game design. From the role of the various Infected to the advancement of character power.

Stephen Chin's Comments

Comment In: [Blog - 02/20/2015 - 01:01]

A couple of thoughts and ...

A couple of thoughts and comments - and as a full disclaimer I went through The Guildhall at SMU as a student and I don 't have nearly the same level of industry experience as you so take your grain of salt right here. Conversely though prior to the program, ...

Comment In: [News - 10/15/2013 - 02:00]

The player exists in an ...

The player exists in an ecosystem that they can learn about, perhaps master certain domains of it, but never entirely dominate. r n r nThat 's probably one of the most elegant descriptions of a roguelike and related genres, I 've ever read.

Comment In: [Blog - 06/07/2013 - 11:25]

Desktop Dungeons so something akin ...

Desktop Dungeons so something akin to what the article writer suggests. Initially, most of the classes, monsters, and dungeons are locked. As you beat the game it 's a hour long rogue-like with different classes in different dungeons and against different bosses, more of the game is unlocked. Thus if ...

Comment In: [News - 05/16/2013 - 04:05]

I don 't think he, ...

I don 't think he, or any one else at Firaxis, really has or needs to unless they really want to or in rare occasions. They 're a pretty comfortable, stable, extremely veteran company whose publisher allows them enough leeway to do their thing without giving them too much freedom ...

Comment In: [Blog - 04/02/2013 - 12:17]

Valve did something similar in ...

Valve did something similar in Portal 2. They had their writers actively working with their designers from day 1. Design affected and communicated with0 story and vice versa. When there was a conflict, they compromised to satisfy both. I think the broader lesson to take way from Portal 2 and ...

Comment In: [Blog - 04/02/2013 - 10:30]

I really need to put ...

I really need to put this to bed before it becomes an obsession. r n r nMaybe. But experiments like this are both interesting and important I think. Interesting in seeing how the various models play out as well as how they compare. And important because they provide concrete evidence. ...