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September 26, 2016
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September 26, 2016
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Jeffrey Werner's Blog


I have a Masters in Game Design and Production Management and have been researching the video games industry for almost two decades. I currently teach game design and 3D modeling and animation at a college in Albany NY. Video games have been a large part of my life, I love to talking about games, research games, and speculate about the future of games.


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Virtual Reality is big right now, but there have been mixed reviews and opinions on the future of VR. It this article I discuss what VR is, why it currently is not working, and how we can create its future.

Posted by Jeffrey Werner on Sat, 03 Nov 2012 10:53:00 EDT in Production, Console/PC
The games industry is selling more and more every year but the developers keep closing down or merging with others. If we are selling so much why are we not making any money?

Jeffrey Werner's Comments

Comment In: [News - 07/31/2013 - 04:02]

First off, the new consoles ...

First off, the new consoles are not visual better. Just look at Watch Dogs, it looks the same on the WII U and the PS4, or look up X from Monolith Soft. The WII U processor and graphic chips are just as good, the only thing that Sony and Microsoft ...

Comment In: [News - 06/21/2013 - 10:42]

Wow, after reading all of ...

Wow, after reading all of the comments it is obvious to me that this issue is so misunderstood that even the ones trying to fix things are making it worse. If we made the lead character female just because then we are not justifying why she is there, and in ...

Comment In: [Blog - 04/02/2013 - 02:02]

I do agree that the ...

I do agree that the fight between the casual and core markets will be a hard one but so far no one has commented on the hardware. The fact that he believes, the Wii-U spec wise compares to the PS3 and 360. But as everyone knows, the PS4 and rumored ...

Comment In: [Blog - 11/03/2012 - 10:53]

Thanks for the comment : ...

Thanks for the comment : r nYour right, I averaged some of the percentages to simplify the calculations and yes, digital distribution centers like Steam or Apple 's iStore do take a percentage of sales they are all different but most are around 10 I believe . The main point ...