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May 26, 2017
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Karin E Skoog's Member Blogs

Posted by Karin E Skoog on Wed, 23 Oct 2013 07:36:00 EDT in Business/Marketing
LAI explores the ways in which over-localization impacts games in the marketplace.

Posted by Karin E Skoog on Thu, 05 Sep 2013 03:17:00 EDT in Design, Console/PC, Indie
This article explores the African perspective of art and its use in relation to a specific segment of games currently being developed in emerging markets around the world - culturally-based games.

Posted by Karin E Skoog on Tue, 26 Feb 2013 09:55:00 EST in Business/Marketing, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet
While established studios now dedicate the time & resources necessary to solid translation, tools like Google Translate have given rise to a new sector of poorly translated games – games from indies looking for the “quick-fix" solution to global markets.

Posted by Karin E Skoog on Fri, 16 Nov 2012 10:59:00 EST in Business/Marketing, Console/PC, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet
Myth #5: Everyone in the gaming world speaks English, so it’s a waste of money to professionally translate my game. If nothing else, I’ll run it through Google Translate for other languages. That'll be good enough. (A:For the love of games - DON'T DO IT!)

Myth #4: My friend/relative/significant other/guy down the street speaks (insert language), I’ll just have him/her translate my game. - A:Your game and company brand are at stake, and gamers know what they want when it comes to quality.

Posted by Karin E Skoog on Fri, 09 Nov 2012 10:21:00 EST in Business/Marketing, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet
Myth #3: Prior localization efforts are unnecessary to current translators of my games. - Learn how to avoid paying threefold unnecessarily by effectively utilizing work that has already been done and sidestep avoidable quality issues.

Posted by Karin E Skoog on Tue, 06 Nov 2012 10:26:00 EST in Business/Marketing, Smartphone/Tablet
Myth #2: Translation vendors are all built the same. There's no difference in one agency versus another. A: Without a broad understanding of the quality issues you may encounter, you are risking financial loss due to consumer dropoff.

Despite the importance of making games available in a variety of languages for gamers across global markets, translation and localization is still a source of confusion for many game developers and publishers. Click to learn about the top 5 myths.

I am often asked why LAI focuses ONLY upon the translation and localization of video games. This article discusses the nuances of video game localization and distinctions between the translation efforts of different creative mediums.

Posted by Karin E Skoog on Sat, 08 Sep 2012 10:22:00 EDT in Business/Marketing, Indie
This post (written by a Bay Area game localization company) provides an overview of the Latin America & MENA game markets and focuses on the growth of culturally-focused games and the success of companies targeting players with these kinds of games.

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