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March 24, 2019
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March 24, 2019
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A good game development team is a must if you want to create a worthy game. And it is okay for team members to cover several roles at once if it's done right. So in this article, we'll give you some recipes for reducing the chances of failure.

In this post, I will explain what is the flow theory and how can we applied it while designing a video game.

Posted by Davide Aversa on 03/20/19 06:48:00 pm in Design
I hate gathering quests. Whenever a gathering quest pops out in my single player experience, I get furious. Unfortunately, this is a virus that it is spreading. Therefore, I needed to make a stand. This article is my stance: gathering quest sucks.

Posted by Joel Sammallahti on 03/20/19 06:33:00 pm in Design, Console/PC, Indie
Introduction to the background of Iron Danger's story.

Posted by Paul Vilanoma on 03/20/19 06:33:00 pm in Business/Marketing
The Olympics of Esports is back! WCG 2019 Registration is open right on their home page:

Posted by EHJ Brouwer on 03/20/19 06:33:00 pm in Design
Article analyzing different versions of weapon-switching in action-games.

Posted by Dmitry Aborilov on 03/18/19 02:59:00 pm in Design
Banzai Games game designer Dmitry Aborilov talks about inspiration, cooperation between the teams, and game mechanics used to achieve the WOW effect in boss fights.

Posted by David Kuri on 03/18/19 02:57:00 pm in Programming
Our Unity Compute-Shader-based ray tracer can now display spheres with fuzzy effects like soft shadows, glossy reflections and diffuse GI, but we're missing an important piece of the puzzle: triangles. This is our job for today.

Posted by Caleb Compton on 03/18/19 02:41:00 pm in Design
Most of the oldest board games that have been found are Race Games, and they are found all over the world. They are also incredibly popular, being played for thousands of years to the modern day. Learn the secrets of this ancient game genre!

No stranger to our podcast and fresh on the heels of more industry shakeup, we sat with Emma of Game Workers Unite to delve deeper into the “cough” state of the union (pun intended).