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September 29, 2016
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September 29, 2016
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September 29, 2016
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Posted by Piotr Lipert on 09/28/16 11:15:00 am in Business/Marketing, Programming, Art
Preparing for my own Kickstarter campaign, I've decided to ask every other gamedev who has used the platform a few questions. I managed to email around 1000 creators and decided to share their (and my) insight on the matter. Here are the results.

Posted by Tabea Iseli on 09/28/16 10:20:00 am in Programming, Indie
When I was writing my post about MVC I realized that I used a lot of nonbasic stuff that might be kind of confusing if you are new to programming. So here a very short beginners guide to generic classes in Unity and when they might be useful to you.

Posted by Brendan Votano on 09/28/16 10:01:00 am in Business/Marketing, Production, Indie
This post is intended for first-time visitors to the Tokyo Game Show, both gamers and exhibitors. I will break down our costs for Blue Volcano to attend, and give others a solid cost-benefit ratio from checking out the Japans premier game show.

Posted by Tabea Iseli on 09/28/16 09:57:00 am in Business/Marketing, Indie
Presenting your game at a convention or conference always is a big challenge, especially if your game is in an early development stage. I collected some thoughts onit, collecting the most important things I learned in the past few years.

Posted by James Coote on 09/28/16 09:57:00 am in Design, Console/PC, Indie
The Wii U is reaching the end of its lifetime, but after nearly three years making games for Wii U in one way or another, I still plan to continue that for as long as Nintendo will let me. Why? The Wii U has all the toys a game designer could want.

Posted by Maciej Biedrzycki on 09/28/16 09:56:00 am in Business/Marketing, Production, Serious, Indie
Launching an Early Access for Paperverse based hack & slash is a hard task. We are here to reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly of first two months of marketing and sales of Book of Demons, our first ever Steam published game.

Posted by Samutra Gunasakaran on 09/28/16 09:55:00 am in Audio, Design, Programming, Production, Console/PC
Video games have come far from being just a pastime enjoyed by children and teenagers. The establishment of e-sports and the massive support and fan-base that march along whole dictates that video games are now considered to be a serious matter.

Remote Work will be a constant in near future, and the Game Industry needs it! Read it to get more of what we at HireGamePros believe in.

The recent removal of two fan-made games frames a discussion on whether or not they can be considered fair use.

Posted by Jane Dyson on 09/27/16 10:01:00 am in Production
We all want to have our teams be treated as the awesome creative people they are, but there's deadlines and as producers & studio founders responsible for making sure the place stays afloat, how can we deliver our games on schedule and not put our peoples