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August 22, 2018
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Category: Visual Art

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This 2-part essay provides a disruptive game design framework based on shape language and traditional composition for heightening physical empathy and the sensory experience of players with a focus on art and narrative-driven games and transmedia.

This week's highlights include articles about new Walking Dead narrative & AR games, a talk on PICO-8's playfulness, and lots more besides.

Posted by Winifred Phillips on 08/14/18 07:44:00 pm in Audio, Business/Marketing, VR
Video game composer Winifred Phillips explores how composers can learn about Virtual Reality through VR arcades. Includes the history of some major international VR arcade franchises, with success stories and possible future developments in the field.

Posted by Neil Schneider on 08/13/18 11:46:00 am in Business/Marketing, Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, VR
Billions of dollars later (and many more to come, I'm sure), seemingly wild investments in Magic Leap, Oculus, and more are put into future computing perspective.

This week's highlights include impressions of the much-pivoted We Happy Few, hands-on with the vaunted Magic Leap AR glasses, and lots more besides.

Posted by Ben Weber on 08/10/18 09:24:00 am in Programming, Smartphone/Tablet
Procedural content generation needs automated playtesting, here’s one approach to explore.

This 2-part essay provides a disruptive game design framework based on shape language and traditional composition for heightening physical empathy and the sensory experience of players with a focus on art and narrative-driven games and transmedia.

Posted by Tommy Thompson on 08/06/18 09:46:00 am in Design, Programming, Console/PC
Eight years in development, 2016's DOOM was a long awaited return for the franchise. I take a look at the AI toolchain adopted in the game, where it comes from and the secrets that reinforce the game's 'Push Forward Combat' philosophy.

This week's highlights include neat analysis on Six Ages & King Of Dragon Pass, the battle for Manchester Cathedral in Resistance revisited, and lots more.

Posted by Hannah Flynn on 08/02/18 01:23:00 pm in Business/Marketing
Failbetter Games (Sunless Sea, Sunless Skies) created #loveindies as a way to celebrate indie games and drive players to leave valuable reviews and ratings. Hannah Flynn, Communications Director, shares what they learned.

Posted by Ashley Liu on 08/21/18 04:54:00 pm in Art
The journey of an art asset through Keywords’ Art services line Have you ever wondered how the teams of artists at Keywords Studios collaborate on a new project, helping clients fully tell the story of their game characters, from start to finish?

Posted by Patrick Henschel on 08/21/18 04:40:00 pm in Programming
The coding style guidelines helped us to make our code base more debuggable, easier to read and maintain.

Posted by Dr. Michael Garbade on 08/21/18 03:19:00 pm in Production, Console/PC, Indie
It is rumoured that Snap is about to launch a gaming platform within Snapchat. The forthcoming platform sounds exciting and several gaming enthusiasts are looking forward to it.

Posted by Ryan Veeder on 08/20/18 03:36:00 pm in Design, Programming, Production, Console/PC, Indie
Here's the Inform 7 source text to my 2014 game "Winter Storm Draco," a text adventure about foolishly walking home through a blizzard. I've annotated the code with notes about writing in Inform 7 and my own design process.

Posted by Christian Karrs on 08/20/18 03:15:00 pm in Design, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet
When does pulse pounding tension drift into yawning tedium? Tactful inactive moments can be powerful tools for game-makers to create anticipation, but it can be difficult balancing to avoid boredom. This post looks at how this arises in Clash Royale.

Posted by Eduardas Klenauskis on 08/20/18 09:31:00 am in Business/Marketing, Social/Online
List of some things to check before sending your Steam key to every single requester.

Posted by Piotr Goj on 08/20/18 09:29:00 am in Audio
In this tutorial I explain how to make SFX of shoot without sound file.

Posted by Kyle Kukshtel on 08/20/18 09:27:00 am in Programming, Indie
Unity's inability to fully separate game data from code is an issue that all developers eventually run into. After juggling ScriptableObjects for a few years, I've found a better way by porting CastleDB, a structured static JSON database, to Unity.

Posted by Michael Heron on 08/17/18 06:42:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Design, Production, Serious
Launching a crowdfunding effort, whether Kickstarter or Patreon, can be a source of anxiety. It's a mark of confidence in your work, and might be fundamental to its continuation. Still, it's also stressful and this post discusses my experiences.

Posted by Julia Murczek on 08/17/18 01:47:00 pm in Design, Indie
In this multipart series about the development of Lightfield we take a look back at some of the different areas. In this part I talk about the challenges we had to overcome when designing the race tracks for the omnidirectional parkour-style racing game.