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Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Scalability With a Big 'S' by Crosbie Fitch [02.26.01] Cyberspace is simply the logical evolution of peer to peer systems such as Napster, Gnutella, FreeNet, MojoNation, FreeHaven, etc. While the latter and others will be concerned with distribution of static content (music, images, movies, software, etc.), sharing of storage and sharing of processing resources, cyberspace will be the system that combines elements of all these together to distribute dynamic and interactive content. In this article, Crosby Fitch discusses how to engineer scalability into a distributed modeling system.

Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Foundations II by Crosbie Fitch [12.29.00]Modern operating systems may be relatively straightforward to use, but under the surface they are now huge behemoths requiring huge amounts of manpower to develop and administer. It doesn't have to be this way. A new operating system will arise that avoids the costs associated with the current crop. How are we going to produce a network operating system without the might of an organization such as Microsoft or IBM? The answer takes a leaf out of nature's book, saying "Sod perfection! We'll just go for 'mediocre' and lots of it." Crosbie Fitch explains how this approach suits distibuted network gaming better than traditional alternatives.

Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Foundations by Crosbie Fitch [12.01.00] Cyberspace is a medium in which alternate realities or virtual universes can be created. Therefore, if we're trying to create cyberspace then that means we need to build a system that can model a virtual universe -- typically, one similar to our own. For such a grand project it is important that its foundations are sound. In this installment of his ongoing series, Crosbie Fitch goes over many of the key technical issues (as opposed to the philosophical ones) that must be addressed before we can embark upon the design or implementation of this kind of system.

Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Cyberspace and Twelve Monkeys by Crosbie Fitch [03.13.00] If there were any doubts about the inevitability of the Internet's potential, Crosbie has set out to undermine them in this essay about building "cyberspace." (Did you know that term is still around?)

Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Mapping the Future of Multiplayer Games by Crosbie Fitch [01.20.00] In the first article of a new column from Crosbie Fitch, Crosbie describes the way he sees interactive entertainment developing over the next century, with particular emphasis on scalable, networked interactive entertainment. And his vision for the future stops at nothing short of a world full of massive, multiplayer games, for everyone, at the same time.

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