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January 24, 2017
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Interplay founder donates game dev documents to The Strong museum 1
by Alissa McAloon [12.14.16]
Interplay Entertainment founder Brian Fargo has donated a sizable collection of documents and design materials from his days at Interplay to The Strong, including development discs and game proposals.
Console/PC, Design, Business/Marketing

Blog: Sony's mobile game plans are solid, but are they enough?  
by Gamasutra Community [12.14.16]
With Sony emerging as the clear winner of this console generation, it's now looking at ways to use its IP for smart devices. The strategy harbors chances, but also great risks.
Smartphone/Tablet, Business/Marketing

Blog: How much does it cost to make a VR game? (or, how we're down $36K)  
by Gamasutra Community [12.14.16]
There's been a lot of talk recently about the financial costs and risks of developing a VR game, but no one has yet broken down how much it costs, or how much could be lost.
VR, Business/Marketing

Social VR platform High Fidelity raises $22 million  
by Chris Kerr [12.14.16]
Social VR platform High Fidelity has raised $22 million by selling off equity shares, the Wall Street Journal has reported. 
VR, Business/Marketing

Bethesda game director Todd Howard to be inducted into the AIAS Hall of Fame 1
by Chris Kerr [12.14.16]
The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences has named Bethesda creative director Todd Howard as its 22nd Hall of Fame recipient
Design, Business/Marketing

5 events that impacted the game industry in 2016 3
by Alex Wawro [12.14.16]
From Vivendi's hostile takeover efforts to Tencent's $8.6 billion Supercell buy, Gamasutra considers how some of the most significant events of 2016 will impact our industry for years to come.
Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Design, Business/Marketing

Investors drop $3.5M on eSports 3D livestreaming platform  
by Alex Wawro [12.13.16]
Investors have put $3.5M into, a new broadcasting platform that aims to provide viewers with tools to watch a live game match in 3D and reposition their viewpoint inside the game at will.
VR, Business/Marketing

Ex-AAA devs form Drifter and raise $2.25M to develop VR eSports  
by Alex Wawro [12.13.16]
In October a trio of triple-A vets debuted their new studio Drifter Entertainment, and now they've managed to raise $2.25 million in funding to develop competitive multiplayer virtual reality games.
VR, Business/Marketing

11 bit studios' game storefront Games Republic is closing up shop  
by Alex Wawro [12.13.16]
11 bit studios' game storefront Games Republic has stopped selling games and plans to shut down completely by the end of the year, affording customers time to log in and download their purchases.
Social/Online, Business/Marketing

Best of 2016: Jonathan Blow on The Witness and the state of indie games 13
by Lexi Pandell [12.13.16]
'I have spent all the Braid money, that’s all gone. So... hopefully some people will buy this new game,' said Blow in a popular, wide-ranging conversation published earlier this year.
Indie, Design, Production, Business/Marketing

Oculus restructures to form separate groups for mobile & PC VR 1
by Alex Wawro [12.13.16]
Oculus is changing how it works and establishing two internal groups, one focused on VR for PC and the other on VR for mobile devices. Current CEO Brendan Iribe will step aside to lead the PC group.
Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Business/Marketing

Raw Data developer Survios nets $50 million in funding  
by Alissa McAloon [12.13.16]
VR developer Survios has raised a total of $50 million across two rounds of funding, with a significant amount of that investment coming from the film company MGM.
VR, Business/Marketing

Blog: On the eSports failure of Heroes of the Storm 28
by Gamasutra Community [12.13.16]
A design-centric analysis of Heroes of the Storm's struggles in the eSports arena.
Design, Business/Marketing

Business Matchmaking is back at GDC 2017 and open to all attendees  
by Staff [12.13.16]
GDC 2017 is roughly two months away, which means now is an ideal time for registered attendees to schedule meetings using the conference's powerful Business Matchmaking system!
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Business/Marketing, GDC

Attend GDC 2017 and learn from tales of community management crisis  
by Staff [12.13.16]
In her "S***'s on Fire!: A Cautionary Tale in Community Crisis Management" GDC 2017 talk, EA Firemonkeys' (Real Racing) Emma Siu will speak frankly about handling crises in game community management.
Social/Online, Business/Marketing, GDC

Best of 2016: What does $1 million buy in game development? 13
by Gamasutra Community [12.13.16]
A million dollars seems like a lot of money, but what does it really buy? To explain the answer, I'm going to use a widely reviled concept: the man-month.
Production, Business/Marketing

Improbable and Google want to help devs build huge online worlds 2
by Chris Kerr [12.13.16]
"We're excited that both the partnership program and our open alpha will make it easier for small core teams to create new game ideas involving worlds built on [a large] scale."
Programming, Production, Business/Marketing

Blog: What to do before saying 'yes' to an investment or M&A 1
by Gamasutra Community [12.13.16]
How you can make sure you take the right attitude towards an investment or M&A deal in the games industry.

Blog: How I founded my own indie studio 1
by Gamasutra Community [12.13.16]
A recount of the birth of our small indie studio at Rikodu. It explores one way of making the jump from working in non-gaming software to starting an indie studio.
Indie, Business/Marketing

The 5 trends that defined the game industry in 2016 4
by Kris Graft [12.13.16]
2016 was a year marked with fear, disappointment, uncertainty, and dreams of what survival might be like in a post-apocalyptic world…and that’s just talking about the video game industry.
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Business/Marketing