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December 19, 2014
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December 19, 2014
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Updates » Console/PC
Borderlands 2 writer shares advice at GDC 2015's Narrative Summit  
by Staff [12.02.14]
Anthony Burch's talk on valuing great characters over great plot points will be part of the GDC 2015 Game Narrative Summit, a series of frank talks on the topic from leading industry experts.
Console/PC, Design, GDC

How to get better at teaching yourself new skills 9
by Gamasutra Community [12.02.14]
"It's easy to overemphasize the need to consume educational content, but an equally important part of the learning process is to practice the skills that you are trying to learn."
Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Serious, Programming, Art, Audio, Design, Production, Business/Marketing

Blog: When games play to their strengths 12
by Gamasutra Community [12.02.14]
"And when games do play to their strengths the results can be astounding. Journey has more emotional resonance in its 2-hour playtime than the entirety of David Cage's oeuvre."
Console/PC, Indie, Design

How teaching kids taught me to make games 1
by Gamasutra Community [12.02.14]
"Not only was I working on the projects of the children -- I had made so many shooters for the students that I decided to put my concentrated knowledge to good use and built my own game."
Console/PC, Indie, Programming

Study: Girls made more complex games than boys, liked dev less 33
by Christian Nutt [12.01.14]
Students in UK schools were tasked with using visual scripting to create games in the Neverwinter Nights 2 engine -- to help teach them computational thinking.
Console/PC, Programming

Adrift devs foresee untapped potential in first-person games 6
by Alex Wawro [12.01.14]
A recent Polygon story about indie studio Three One Zero reveals how the team came together to work on Adrift and the genesis of its ambition to become a 'first-person experience' developer.
Console/PC, Design

This Week in Video Game Criticism: From Alaska to Beyond Earth  
by Eric Swain [12.01.14]
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Eric Swain on topics ranging from Civilization: Beyond Earth to Native Alaskan folklore-inspired title Never Alone.
Console/PC, Indie, Design

Don't Miss: The design secrets of Chrono Trigger 24
by Victoria Earl [12.01.14]
A classic analysis piece that explores exactly how this seminal RPG's structure and gameplay design weave together to offer unprecedented freedom for the genre and exceptional player satisfaction.
Console/PC, Design

8 important takeaways from PlayStation's investor relations day  
by Kris Graft [12.01.14]
In an investor meeting this week, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House outlined where the PlayStation business is going in the years ahead, and how SCE plans to keep its momentum going strong.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

A look at a study of teens with excessive video game habits 2
by Gamasutra Community [12.01.14]
"The take home message is that those with high scores on the video game addiction were more likely to spend time playing video games, in particular in online multiplayer, than their low scoring counterpart."

Former The Last Of Us art director joins up with Crystal Dynamics  
by Alex Wawro [12.01.14]
Irrational alum and former The Last Of Us art director Nate Wells seems to have taken a job with Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics after a brief stint as art director at Giant Sparrow.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Pick up new ways to make your studio more Agile at GDC 2015  
by Staff [12.01.14]
Looking for a way to sneak some of the best Agile development principles into your studio without disrupting your team's workflow? Microsoft's Nathalie Goh-Livorness will show you how at GDC 2015.
Console/PC, Production, GDC

Surpringly popular silliness: Migi Osu, a game jam postmortem  
by Gamasutra Community [11.28.14]
"In an alcohol-induced epiphany we suddenly realised that we had a good game idea and the PewDiePie game jam happened to be on the same day, so we got prototyping."
Console/PC, Indie, Design, Production

Blog: The flow of grind in Destiny 15
by Gamasutra Community [11.28.14]
"For decades I was a firm opponent of grinding in video games. And now Destiny has challenged all these dearly held beliefs of mine."
Console/PC, Design

A look at a low-poly facial animation technique 2
by Gamasutra Community [11.28.14]
"Because I donít need to make the vertex counts match for each change in expression I can really push the facial animation. It also has the benefit of looking more 'hand made.'"
Console/PC, Indie, Programming, Art

What we got out of exhibiting at PAX Australia 2
by Gamasutra Community [11.28.14]
"From my perspective the event was successful due to the public response alone. We had a constant stream of attendees lining up to play for all three days."
Console/PC, Indie, Business/Marketing

Blog: The advantages of joining a bundle 4
by Gamasutra Community [11.27.14]
"My criterion is simple; when youíve reached end of your big buzz, stimulate the late buyers with the incentive of a lower price."
Console/PC, Indie, Business/Marketing

Socializing a new member in a Scrum team 9
by Gamasutra Community [11.27.14]
"Adding a new member to a team can result in conflict. Changing the group dynamic so dramatically, and without the teamís input, conflicts with Agile developmentís tenets of personal choice and team autonomy."
Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Serious, Production

Ubisoft yanks AC Unity season pass, placates buyers with free game 3
by Alex Wawro [11.26.14]
Amidst long-running technical issues with Assassin's Creed Unity, Ubisoft has abruptly curtailed its DLC plans and made significant business concessions to appease those who purchased the game.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Get a job: BattleCry is hiring a Lead Environment Artist  
by Staff [11.26.14]
Got some chops as a leader and an artist? Austin-based BattleCry Studios is looking to hire a lead environment artist to work on its upcoming online team combat game Battlecry.
Console/PC, Art, Recruitment