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May 26, 2017
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Video: Lessons learned making Ark: Survival Evolved in Early Access  
by Staff [05.22.17]
At GDC 2017, Studio Wildcard's Jeremy Stieglitz and Jesse Rapczak speak at length about Ark: Survival Evolved's dev strategy for Early Access on Steam, as well as Xbox and PlayStation 4.
Indie, Design, Production, Video, Vault

Don't Miss: How VR devs are tackling locomotion in virtual space 14
by Staff [05.22.17]
For all the freedom we imagine VR can provide, there's still a significant confining factor: the amount of real-life physical space around you. Here's how devs are tackling the issue of locomotion in VR.
VR, Design

The early games and tech that inspired a generation of game devs 1
by Alissa McAloon [05.22.17]
Polygon sat down with over a dozen long-time game creators to explore how their childhood fascinations with coding, early video games, and board games led to their now prolific careers in game dev.
Console/PC, Indie, Programming, Design

Blog: Does your video game have too many words? 10
by Gamasutra Community [05.22.17]
If your game has 100,000 words, you could have done the same thing more effectively with 50,000. If your game has 500,000 words, you could have done better with 150,000. Here's how.

Blog: Next-gen cel shading in Unity 5.6 5
by Gamasutra Community [05.22.17]
Our best chance to get a PBR friendly cel shading art style in Unity 5.6 was by creating a new deferred shader and a custom BRDF function. Here are the steps we took to get it working.
Art, Design

Blog: How we designed a third-person VR experience
by Gamasutra Community [05.22.17]
The challenges of developing our first VR game. Theseus is a third person experience, so how did we approach cameras and UI?
VR, Design

Aaero designers agonized over being 'too Rez-like' 1
by Joel Couture [05.22.17]
The makers of the indie rhythm action game Aaero initially resisted making a necessary change to how shooting worked in their game because they didn't want to be accused of being "too 'Rez-like.'"
Console/PC, Indie, Art, Audio, Design, Video

Video Game Deep Cuts: Gnog Bunnies Love Snipperclips  
by Gamasutra Staff [05.22.17]
This week's best longread/standout articles & videos about games include Gnog's quirky gameplay, Second Life bunny tragedy, and Snipperclips' surprising third-party story, among others.
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Serious, Programming, Art, Audio, Design, Production, Business/Marketing

How Rain Games built on Teslagrad's fiction to make World to the West  
by Bryant Francis [05.19.17]
Catch up on our conversation with the lead designer of Teslagrad and World to the West about building on indie success.
Console/PC, Design, Video

Get a job: Be a UI Artist at Telltale Games  
by Staff [05.19.17]
Minecraft: Story Mode dev Telltale Games in San Rafael, CA seeks a UI artist to design, create and implement user interfaces across multiple platforms and languages.
Console/PC, Art, Design, Recruitment

Don't Miss: A game design deep dive into Rocket League's rocket jumps 8
by Dave Hagewood [05.19.17]
Psyonix founder Dave Hagewood explains how Rocket League's "rocket boost" mechanic started as a simple nitro button and wound up becoming a critical part of the game's acrobatic high-level play.
Console/PC, Indie, Design, Production

A report from GaymerX Australia  
by Katherine Cross [05.19.17]
A report from GaymerX Australia. Liam Esler and Joshua Meadows brought the GX franchise to Australia just two years ago, but sadly 2017s was (at least for now) the last one.
Console/PC, Indie, Design, Business/Marketing

Chat with World to the West's lead designer today at 3PM EDT  
by Bryant Francis [05.19.17]
We're streaming World to the West and chatting with the game's lead designer today at 3PM EDT.
Console/PC, Design, Production, Video

How World of Warcraft inspired Destiny's raids  
by Chris Kerr [05.19.17]
"The feelings that matter from cooperative gameplay are those around other people making things easier. It's about being able to see the impact everyone has on the success and failure of the group."
Console/PC, Design

Blog: What can game devs learn from Dungeons & Dragons?
by Gamasutra Community [05.19.17]
I always wanted to play D&D but never got the chance. Now that I finally started watching D&D videos and running my own campaign as a DM, I'm discovering valuable lessons about designing video games.

How Scanner Sombre immerses players in a pitch-black cave: sound and lasers 1
by Jack Yarwood [05.19.17]
Inspired in part by a Radiohead video, Scanner Sombre has players explore a cave using a LIDAR sensor . "My aim was to put the player in an environment that perhaps they'd never seen before.
Console/PC, Indie, Art, Audio, Design, Video

How a single dev turned a side project into a successful sailing sim 1
by Alex Wawro [05.18.17]
Richard Knol once wrote software for golf courses. Now he's a full-time indie with a game on Steam (Sailaway), and in a chat today with Gamasutra he opens up about how (and why) he made the switch.
Indie, Design, Production, Video

Video: How Ensemble Studios crafted the terrain of Halo Wars  
by Staff [05.18.17]
In this classic GDC 2009 talk, former Ensemble Studios developer Colt McAnlis provides a programming-driven look at how the studio built terrain for a console strategy game like Halo Wars.
Console/PC, Programming, Design, Video, Vault

Don't Miss: Tackling real-world problems through game design in Life is Strange  
by Staff [05.18.17]
When is it appropriate to tackle real-world issues in games? How can game designers do so effectively, and respectfully?
Console/PC, Design

Come Sailaway with us and dev Richard Knol at 3 PM ET on Twitch!  
by Alex Wawro [05.18.17]
Sailaway dev Richard Knol is an avid sailor, and he's agreed to join us on Twitch today at 12 PM Pacific/ 3 PM Eastern to chat about his work on the game as we play and try not to sink any boats.
Indie, Design, Production, Video