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March 28, 2017
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Interview: Jessica Curry on creating the score for Dear Esther  
by Katherine Cross [02.06.17]
Curry describes what it was like composing for a story-based game, as well as her thoughts on the importance of videogame music for classical music more generally.
Console/PC, Indie, Audio, Design, Video

Road to IGF: Ink Stories' 1979 Revolution: Black Friday  
by Joel Couture [02.06.17]
"I have always been interested with those moments in time where we have seen the greatest kindness in humanity combined with the most atrocious acts of hatred. How can I capture that in a game?"
Console/PC, Indie, Art, Design, Production, Video, IGF

ALT.CTRL.GDC Showcase: Maximity's U.F.O. Bellies 1
by Joel Couture [02.06.17]
In U.F.O. Bellies, players wear a life-preserver-like plushie around their midriff. Parts of it are color-coded, and they can rack up points by bumping the correct colors together.
Indie, Design, Production, Video

Should Nintendo be doing more to bring indie devs to the Switch? 12
by Alissa McAloon [02.03.17]
A recent story from USGamer about independent developers and their experiences with the Nintendo Switch begs the question, should Nintendo be more actively building relationships with indie devs?

Don't Miss: How (and why) to create discomfort through game design  
by Staff [02.03.17]
At GDC 2016, independent designer Dietrich Squinkifer took the stage to share techniques you can use to create a more varied emotional palette in play experiences, in video games or otherwise.
Console/PC, Indie, Design

Attend GDC 2017 and spend a day learning to build better eSports!  
by Staff [02.03.17]
If you're planning to attend the Game Developers Conference later this month, organizers want to make sure you don't miss out on all the cutting-edge eSports-focused talks taking place at the show!
Console/PC, Social/Online, Indie, Design, Business/Marketing, GDC

Come to GDC 2017 and see the math that made the worlds of No Man's Sky  
by Staff [02.03.17]
If you'd like to know how a universe is made using math, you're in luck -- Hello Games founder Sean Murray will be speaking about just that at the 2017 Game Developers Conference later this month!
Console/PC, Indie, Programming, Design, GDC

Alt.CTRL.GDC Showcase: Student project Victor the Loser 1
by Joel Couture [02.03.17]
Victor the Loser is a controller, and a poor sport. If it seems like you're going to win, Victor starts to interfere, waving flags in front of the screen and locking down buttons.
Indie, Design, Production, Video

Road to the IGF: TeamCrew's Frog Climbers  
by Joel Couture [02.03.17]
Four players must climb a mountain in Frog Climbers, each scrambling for handholds on the rocks and vines (and each other) as they rush to the top.
Console/PC, Indie, Design, IGF

Devolver offers demo space near GDC to devs blocked by U.S. travel ban  
by Alex Wawro [02.02.17]
The publisher has set aside room and hardware (PCs and Vive headsets) in its demo space near GDC later this month to showcase games from devs affected by the White House's recent travel ban.
Indie, Business/Marketing

Hear real talk from fellow devs at GDC 2017's Independent Games Summit!  
by Staff [02.02.17]
From digital psychedelics to reflecting on good, old advice for indie devs that's now maybe totally wrong, there are a lot of great sessions lined up for GDC 2017's Independent Games Summit!
Indie, Programming, Art, Design, Production, Business/Marketing

Here are the winners for GDC 2017 and iam8bit's Art Boss showcase!  
by Staff [02.02.17]
Game Developers Conference are proud to announce the artists selected to take part in the first annual Art Boss showcase, presented at GDC 2017 in partnership with iam8bit!
Console/PC, Indie, Art, GDC

Alt.CTRL.GDC Showcase: Lil Deer's Orpheus Quest  
by Joel Couture [02.02.17]
The Laser Lyre, inspired by the antique Greek instrument, is a wooden controller with green laser strings.
Indie, Design, Production, Video

Is there an exodus from indie back to AAA? 17
by Simon Parkin [02.02.17]
"If you average out indies, they make far less than AAA devs," says Teddy Dief, creative director of Square-Enix Montreal. "Don't go indie for the money. Hell, don't go into games for the money."
Console/PC, Indie, Production, Business/Marketing

The Ship: Remastered dev Blazing Griffin secures Ł5M in funding 1
by Alissa McAloon [02.01.17]
The Scotland-based production company Blazing Griffin has raised Ł5 million, roughly $6.3 million, from investors to fund two new development teams and effectively triple its staff in the near future.
Indie, Business/Marketing

Alt.CTRL.GDC Showcase: Super Furry Neon Cat Heads  
by Joel Couture [02.01.17]
"Our controller is a cat tower with push sensor pads. The controller is mapped one to one with a model in VR, where the object of the game is to hit the neon colored mice on the beat of the song."
VR, Indie, Design, Production, Video

Road to the IGF: Florian Veltman's Lieve Oma  
by Joel Couture [02.01.17]
Lieve Oma takes players on a quiet journey through the forest, steering around a child strolling with their aging grandmother as they gather mushrooms together.
Console/PC, Indie, Design, Video, IGF

Designer Q&A: How deep asymmetry drives CCG thrills in PvZ Heroes 2
by Alex Wiltshire [02.01.17]
"The asymmetry is something you feel," says Plants vs. Zombies Heroes creative director Devin Low. "It’s not a subtle thing, it’s pretty aggressive how different the sides are."
Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Design

1979 Revolution proceeds to benefit ACLU in wake of immigration ban  
by Alissa McAloon [01.31.17]
'The current political messaging, which fosters fear, misinformation and xenophobia, are what Ink Stories will stand against,' said a statement from the multinational developer of 1979: Revolution.

Use the GDC 2017 Session Scheduler to get the most out of your trip  
by Staff [01.31.17]
PSA: Use the multi-purpose GDC 2017 Session Scheduler to plan out which talks you'd like to attend and ensure you don't miss anything the upcoming conference has to offer!
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Programming, Art, Audio, Design, Production, Business/Marketing, GDC