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June 26, 2017
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Survey: 31% of VR/AR devs are working on a platform exclusive  
by Staff [06.26.17]
31 percent of the 600+ VR/AR professionals surveyed in this year's VR/AR Innovation Report say they're working on platform-exclusive projects. You can learn more in the full (free) report!
VR, Business/Marketing, VRDC

Experiencing a protagonist's personal hell in The Town of Light  
by Katherine Cross [06.26.17]
This harrowing game, set it a real mental hospital that was closed in the 1970s, turns your stomach not with blood or gore but with a deep understanding of its protagonist's personal hell.
Console/PC, Indie, Art, Design, Video

Nintendo is bundling a never-before-released game with the SNES Classic  
by Alissa McAloon [06.26.17]
Like it did with the original NES last year, Nintendo has announced plans to revive the Super Nintendo as a mini, plug-and-play game console preloaded with a handful of SNES games.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Life of Pablo: Charting the rise of Backyard Baseball's best player  
by Chris Kerr [06.26.17]
"The one that can't speak the language and might normally not be picked is the best player. It would be, like, a little secret you'd have to discover."
Console/PC, Design

Blog: A postmortem of our first commercial game, Dynasty Feud
by Gamasutra Community [06.26.17]
In this blog post we share our thoughts on the development of Dynasty Feud and why we think the game did not work.
Design, Production, Business/Marketing

How Nex Machina could replicate vintage arcades using microtransations 2
by Chris Kerr [06.26.17]
The Nex Machina developers might soon try to emulate the classic arcades of yesteryear by implementing a new mode that charges players 25 cents per life. 
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, Video

Blog: A practical example of system design in practice  
by Gamasutra Community [06.26.17]
A tangent-free, short (for me) practical example of applied system design on a fundamental game element: projectiles.

Blog: The challenge of defining your design  
by Gamasutra Community [06.26.17]
Cloudhead's resident VR game designer Max Arnold looks at how you can inform both your players and your own design by knowing how to define your project.
Design, Production

A TumbleSeed postmortem - what we got wrong, and how we fixed it
by Gamasutra Community [06.26.17]
Now two months after launching TumbleSeed we've had enough time to ponder what went wrong and have put together an update to address it.
Console/PC, Design, Production, Business/Marketing

Video Game Deep Cuts: You Don't Know Jack Bandicoot  
by Gamasutra Staff [06.25.17]
This week's longform article/video highlights include a history of the You Don't Know Jack developers, two pieces about Crash Bandicoot - both original and remaster - and lots more.
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Programming, Art, Design, Production, Business/Marketing

Don't Miss: Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator's philosophy of game design 20
by Brandon Sheffield [06.23.17]
Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog came out 26 years ago today, and you should mark the occasion by reading this classic interview with co-creator (and veteran game designer) Hirokazu Yasuhara!
Console/PC, Design, History

What it's like to follow your hit indie game (2M+ sold!) with a 6K sales 'bomb' 12
by Alex Wawro [06.23.17]
In a new YouTube video, Introversion devs Mark Morris and Chris DeLay speak very frankly about being surprised to find Scanner Sombre has sold roughly 6,000 copies in the two months since launch.
Indie, Business/Marketing, Video

Video: Understanding the nature (and future) of board game design  
by Staff [06.23.17]
Get fresh insight into game design by watching this GDC 2017 tabletop game "state of the industry" discussion with game designers Rob Daviau, Geoffrey Engelstein, and Eric Lang.
Console/PC, Design, Video, Vault

Get a job: Sanzaru Games is hiring a VFX Artist  
by Staff [06.23.17]
Sanzaru Games is looking for a talented VFX Artist to join its California-based development team in crafting visually stunning and immersive worlds for consoles, PC, and VR.
VR, Console/PC, Art, Recruitment

Learn about some of the tough decisions behind making Nex Machina 1
by Bryant Francis [06.23.17]
We quizzed one of the developers behind Nex Machina about surviving in the modern indie market and working with industry legend Eugene Jarvis.
Console/PC, Design, Video

Rockstar clarifies Grand Theft Auto V modding policy  
by Alissa McAloon [06.23.17]
Update Grand Theft Auto V publisher Take-Two Interactive came down on a number of mod makers and hack purveyors lately, and now a policy change clarifies what mods it will allow.
Console/PC, Social/Online, Business/Marketing

Final Fantasy XIV devs recall the issues that led to the game's ill-fated debut 2
by Alissa McAloon [06.23.17]
Noclip spoke with a number of Square Enix developers to pinpoint some of the development issues that contributed to troubled first version of the online game.
Social/Online, Programming, Production, Video

Chat with the developer of twin-stick shooter Nex Machina today at 1PM EDT  
by Bryant Francis [06.23.17]
We're chatting with one of the minds behind Resogun and now Nex Machina on the Gamasutra Twitch channel today at 1PM EDT.
Console/PC, Design, Video

VRDC Q&A: Tilt Brush's Patrick Hackett  
by Emma Kidwell [06.23.17]
Patrick Hackett, co-creator of the VR art application Tilt Brush, will be at VRDC Fall 2017. Here, he explains how he crossed over from Double Fine to a VR startup, and shares thoughts on future of VR.
VR, Console/PC, Art, Design, Business/Marketing

Blog: Game cities - The urbanism of Thimbleweed Park 4
by Gamasutra Community [06.23.17]
With a little help from Thimbleweed Park, I look at the novel approaches to open-world city design (and planning) for 2D adventure games.