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August 27, 2016
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August 27, 2016
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Updates » Production
Get a job: Telltale Games is hiring a Producer  
by Staff [06.02.16]
California developer Telltale Games is looking to hire a producer with development and management experience to ensure continued success of the company's episodic games model.
Console/PC, Production, Recruitment

Failbetter Games announces first titles to be published through Fundbetter  
by Bryant Francis [06.02.16]
UK dev studio Failbetter Games announces the first games to be published through its Fundbetter initiative.
Console/PC, Indie, Production, Business/Marketing

Game Design Deep Dive: Dying Light's Natural Movement system 3
by Maciej Binkowski, Bartosz Kulon, Paul Milewski [06.02.16]
"So many of the established smoke and mirrors techniques you use in level design just didnít work for us. We actually had to put full environments behind the curtain, so to speak."
Console/PC, Programming, Art, Design, Production, Video, Deep Dive

Unreal 4.12 launches with Sequencer animation and VR Editor tools 1
by Bryant Francis [06.01.16]
The latest update to the Unreal Engine is out and includes the Sequencer and VR editing tools announced earlier this year.
Console/PC, Production, Business/Marketing

How to better brainstorm your next game project  
by Staff [06.01.16]
Our sister site, GameCareerGuide, helps new developers build their best career. Here's a sample of a recent topic: How do you get the most out of your next dev team brainstorming session?
Console/PC, Indie, Production, Recruitment, Student/Education

Valve releases The Lab renderer for free to Unity devs  
by Alex Wawro [06.01.16]
Heads up, Unity devs: You can now download the set of scripts and shaders (plus source code) Valve used to render its†Portal-inspired package of room-scale VR experiences,†The Lab.
VR, Production

How music can intensify video games (part II)  
by Gamasutra Community [06.01.16]
Let's move on to the more musical meat-and-bones of the topic: the actual harmonic textures and chord structures of our compositions in video games.
Audio, Production

Blog: SpriteRenderer vs. UIImage (CanvasRenderer) in Unity 3
by Gamasutra Community [06.01.16]
Here's a game developer's detailed presentation of the difference between SpriteRenderer and UIImage (CanvasRenderer) in Unity.
Indie, Programming, Production

Kerbal Space Program's lead developer steps down  
by Bryant Francis [05.31.16]
Kerbal Space Program's Felipe Falanghe steps down as lead developer on the game.
Console/PC, Production, Business/Marketing

Uncharted 4 and the impact of Naughty Dog's aversion to producers 5
by Alex Wawro [05.31.16]
"Producers become a crutch," Naughty Dog's Evan Wells tells the L.A. Times in a new feature on the studio's process. "We want people to get out of their chair and get the help they need immediately."
Console/PC, Production

The story behind post-nuclear survival game 60 Seconds! 2
by Gamasutra Community [05.31.16]
With over 200,000 players, 60 Seconds! is an indie success. But it didn't come easy. Dominik Gotojuch, founder of developer Robot Gentlemen, explains.
Indie, Design, Production, Business/Marketing

Self-evolving game content using player feedback 8
by Gamasutra Community [05.30.16]
What if we could make our generated content self-evolving? What if we could make our games become better over time?
Programming, Design, Production

#SelfieTennis Q&A: Mixing goofiness, bloodlust, sports, and unicorns  
by Joel Couture [05.30.16]
#SelfieTennis is a VR room-scale game for the HTC Vive. Also, it's completely insane. We spoke to Julie Heyde of the studio VRUnicorns about the making of the game.
Indie, Design, Production, Video

Educational game accelerator co.lab is shutting down  
by Bryant Francis [05.27.16]
After a partnership with Zynga and the NewSchools Venture Fund, co.lab founder Esteban Sosnik announces the accelerator is shutting down.
Console/PC, Production, Business/Marketing

The story behind the cancelled Legacy of Kain game 4
by Bryant Francis [05.27.16]
A dramatic new storyline, inconsistent demands from Square Enix, and struggles with fine-tuning game difficulty seem to be what doomed a sequel to the cult classic Legacy of Kain.
Console/PC, Production, Business/Marketing, Video

Get a job: Cryptic Studios is hiring a Project Manager  
by Staff [05.27.16]
The Star Trek Online dev is currently seeking a†Project Manager to work closely with programmers and game producers to organize and coordinate the development of the Cryptic game engine.†
Social/Online, Production, Recruitment

Breaking down the anatomy of a mission in a mobile action game  
by Gamasutra Community [05.27.16]
This is how Sticky Studios created a system that its designers could use to quickly create a wide variety of missions for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. game.
Smartphone/Tablet, Design, Production

Don't Miss: John Romero and Tom Hall recount the making of Doom 10
by Staff [05.27.16]
In this timeless video postmortem, designers John Romero and Tom Hall share their stories of developing id Software's seminal '90s first-person shooter Doom.
Console/PC, Programming, Art, Audio, Design, Production

Come to GDC Europe for tips on coworking with devs to make better games  
by Staff [05.27.16]
Heads up, European devs:†GDC Europe†is just months away,†and today conference organizers are†pleased to debut an intriguing session on the growing popularity (and power!) of game hubs across Europe.
Console/PC, Indie, Production, GDC Europe

Video: How Campo Santo crafted the world of Firewatch 2
by Staff [05.26.16]
At GDC 2016, Campo Santo lead artist Jane Ng breaks down the art production challenges encountered in†making the world of Firewatch, which is set in the late-'80s Wyoming wilderness.
Console/PC, Indie, Art, Design, Production, Video, Vault