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August 29, 2016
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GDC Europe 2016 starts next week, so get ready!  
by Staff [08.11.16]
With GDC Europe 2016 kicking off next week in Cologne, Germany, organizers would like to briefly highlight some of the things you should know about before you get to the show!
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Serious, GDC Europe

Get a job: Sony is hiring an experienced Environment Artist  
by Staff [08.10.16]
Sony seeks an experienced hand who can work as a senior environment artist to "help build something magical" alongside the rest of the team at its offices in San Mateo, California.
Console/PC, Art, Recruitment

Video: How all that snappy dialog gets put into Double Fine games  
by Staff [08.10.16]
At GDC 2015 Anna Kipnis gave a broad overview of how dialog gets into a Double Fine game, from the moment a line is written to hearing and seeing the line in the engine, even in a foreign tongue.
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Programming, Production, Video, Vault

Blog: Unity builds scripting - basic and advanced possibilities 5
by Gamasutra Community [08.10.16]
Not long after programmers start using Unity, we learn that we can add new entries to the editor menus easily.

Don't Miss: 7 uses of procedural generation all devs should study 3
by Richard Moss [08.10.16]
What elements of your game could a well-defined algorithm do a better job at creating than you? Here are seven different games that hit upon an array of interesting answers to that question.
Console/PC, Indie, Programming, Design, Production

How Spry Fox was 'built to be a cockroach' that can survive the game industry  
by Alex Wawro [08.10.16]
Flying Saucer Media published a brief video documenting, in its members' own words, how Spry Fox has managed to survive -- and thrive -- in the six years since it was founded.
Indie, Business/Marketing, Video

Blog: Finding indie success...and subsequent failure 7
by Gamasutra Community [08.10.16]
"We live in the real world where money keeps the rent paid and food on the table. If you get nothing else from this article: indie developers stress over money very often; not out of greed, but need."

3 first-impressions of No Man's Sky 2
by Gamasutra Community [08.10.16]
Gamasutra editor-in-chief Kris Graft has an existential crisis, ponders game marketing, and admires proc-gen technology, thanks to No Man's Sky.

Robin Hunicke hopes her games 'encourage people to help one another'  
by Alex Wawro [08.10.16]
"We've been spending a lot of time thinking about mechanics & systems as an industry," the Funomena cofounder tells Eurogamer, adding that real-world troubles need "the counterbalance of playfulness."
Indie, Design

Attend VRDC and see how Double Fine reinvented Psychonauts for VR  
by Staff [08.10.16]
Come to VRDC and project lead Chad Dawson will talk about how the team designed and built a fresh experience from the ground up: the upcoming VR game Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin!
VR, Design

DeNA's games business slows as company-wide growth continues  
by Chris Kerr [08.10.16]
Mobile game specialist DeNA -- which helped Nintendo launch its first mobile app, Miitomo -- has released its financials for the three months ended June 30. 
Smartphone/Tablet, Business/Marketing

No Man's Sky could 'fundamentally change' on PlayStation 4 Neo 3
by Chris Kerr [08.10.16]
No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray has said that a powerful console upgrade would let Hello Games "fundamentally change the experience."
Console/PC, Design

Blog: 5 tips to stay focused on your game development 2
by Gamasutra Community [08.10.16]
Midnight Hub is a Swedish indie studio run by former Mojang and Paradox developers, now working on Lake Ridden. In this post I'll give some tips on how to stay focused on your game project!

Design of portal-based locomotion in VR game Budget Cuts 3
by Gamasutra Community [08.10.16]
"Movement in VR is a tricky problem to solve, as nearly all traditional forms of movement will cause severe motion sickness. This is a look into the design process behind the locomotion system in our VR game Budget Cuts."
VR, Design

Catch these great talks at GDC Europe -- Online registration closes Wednesday!  
by Staff [08.10.16]
GDC Europe 2016  is kicking off next week in Cologne, Germany, and today organizers would like to quickly highlight more of the great expert sessions that will be taking place at the show.
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Programming, Design, GDC Europe

PC game pirates begin to find cracks in Denuvo anti-piracy tech 19
by Bryant Francis [08.09.16]
Vice Gaming reports that several pirates have begun to break through the protections offered by Denuvo's Anti-Tampering software.
Console/PC, Programming

No Man's Sky dev talks about dealing with excessive fan enthusiasm  
by Bryant Francis [08.09.16]
In an ask-me-anything session on Reddit, Hello Games' Sean Murray offers insight into why developers can't say much even as fans clamor for answers about their game.
Console/PC, Production

Get a job: Soulbound seeks an experienced Engine Programmer  
by Staff [08.09.16]
Soulbound Studios is seeking a full-time, Senior Engine Programmer to join the dedicated team working on its indie MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria in Bellevue, Washington.
Social/Online, Programming, Recruitment

Humble experiments with giving streamers a cut of game bundles they promote  
by Alex Wawro [08.09.16]
The folks behind Humble Bundle are beta-testing a new Partner program that allows select streamers to promote (and take a cut of) Humble game bundles using a special referral link.
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Business/Marketing

Nvidia's new Indie Spotlight program aims to boost devs' discoverability  
by Alex Wawro [08.09.16]
UPDATED: Nvidia is making a show of support for indies this week via its Indie Spotlight program, a marketing initiative that will see select developers' games hyped via Nvidia's various promo tools.
Indie, Business/Marketing