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March 27, 2017
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Game Design Challenge Asks for Creative Input  
by Jill Duffy [02.27.09]
What do Tetris, Sim City, Jenga, and World of Goo have in common? GameCareerGuide has presented its readers with a creative exercise to invent a fourth game that fits among them. Gamasutra readers have been invited to try to solve the challenge as well.
Console/PC, Student/Education

GCG's Layoff Survival: 3 Tips Toward a Quick Rehire 1
by Jill Duffy [02.24.09]
Nels Anderson was laid off from his game dev job in January, but in less than a week, he had a new job. In a new GameCareerGuide feature, he explains how he b
Console/PC, Student/Education

Ask the Experts: Game Testing Without Prior Experience 2
by Jill Duffy [02.24.09]
A GameCareerGuide reader, J.U., wants to work as a game tester, but the job listings heís seen imply that he needs specific QA experience. Is this a case of catch-22? Not so, says columnist Jill Duffy.
Console/PC, Student/Education

GCG: Student Postmortem - Gamebuilders' QuantumS  
by Jill Duffy [02.19.09]
In a rapid-fire postmortem on GameCareerGuide, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Gamebuilders share the ups and downs of developing QuantumS,
Console/PC, Student/Education

Open Game Design Challenge: Design Difficulty for a Restaurant Game  
by Jill Duffy [02.17.09]
In need of a creative break? GameCareerGuide is welcoming professional developers to submit short text-based ideas to its Game Design Challenge. This week’s challenge, which closes Wednesday night, is to come up with a video game concept about runni
Console/PC, Student/Education, Design

IGDA Announces Student Scholarships to GDC 2009 2
by Jill Duffy [02.17.09]
The IGDA has announced the recipients of the GDC 2009 scholarships, in which 25 students will receive free passes to this year's GDC, be teamed up with a professional mentor at the show, and get a Bay Area game studio tour.
Console/PC, Student/Education

GCG: IGF Student Finalists Discuss Organic Design Process  
by Jill Duffy [02.17.09]
Florian Faller and Adrian Stutz built the 2D game Feist, an IGF Student and Main Competition finalist, and a new interview with the duo on sister site Game
Console/PC, Student/Education, Design

Academic Outlook: How Game Design Can Change Architecture  
by Jill Duffy [02.10.09]
Chris Totten was playing video games when he started thinking about what game design could teach architecture. He hooked up with a level designer at Valve and explor
Console/PC, Student/Education, Design

Ask the Experts: Game Development Internships 2
by Jill Duffy [02.09.09]
Where are all the internships for video game development jobs listed? A new 'Ask the Experts' advice column from GameCareerGuide tackles the matter, offering suggestions and possibilities.
Console/PC, Student/Education

GCG: ‘Results from the Balance Board Design Challenge’  
by Jill Duffy [01.30.09]
GameCareerGuide recently asked readers to invent a game concept for the Wii Balance Board. The three most interesting and commercially viable submissions and commentar
Console/PC, Student/Education, Design

Educational Feature: ĎGame Audio Beginner's Guide' 1
by Jill Duffy [01.27.09]
GameCareerGuide has just posted a beginnerís guide to making audio for games, with hints and tips on tools, equipment, and tactics for those getting into the v
Console/PC, Student/Education, Audio

Ask the Experts: How Will I Know? 6
by Jill Duffy [01.26.09]
A high school junior who hopes to work in the game industry is worried about not having learned to program yet. Ask the Experts columnist Jill Duffy, of sister
Console/PC, Student/Education

Inside the IGF Student Competition: Dark Room Sex Game Exclusive 2
by Jill Duffy [01.23.09]
Spun from a game concept put forth at the Nordic Game Jam, Dark Room Sex Game is a titillating Wiimote party game, developed by students from IT University Copenhagen, who have submitted it to this yearís IGF Student Competition.
Console/PC, Student/Education, Exclusive

Inside the IGF Student Competition: The Ghastleybriar Zoo Incident Exclusive  
by Jill Duffy [01.19.09]
In the lead-up to the IGF, GameCareerGuide has been speaking to student developers who have submitted games to the festivalís Student Competition, including the 15-person team that created The Ghastleybriar Zoo Incident, a Half-Life 2 mod ma
Console/PC, Student/Education, Exclusive

Students, Newbies Create Costumes for Sackboy in Design Challenge  
by Jill Duffy [01.16.09]
In a whimsical Game Design Challenge, the weekly developer-building exercise from GameCareerGuide, readers designed new costumes for LittleBigPlanetís Sackboy. The sit
Console/PC, Student/Education

Inside the IGF Student Competition: Trino  
by Jill Duffy [01.15.09]
In a series of exclusive articles, Gamasutra sister educational site GameCareerGuide has been interviewing IGF Student Showcase entrants, this time talking to
Console/PC, Student/Education

Ragdoll Acrobats: GCG Interviews IGF Finalists  
by Jill Duffy [01.12.09]
CarneyVale: Showtime, a student-made game about a circus acrobat, was just named a finalist in the IGF 2009 main competition. GameCareerGuide has just posted an in-de
Console/PC, Student/Education

Rapid-Fire Student Postmortem: Full Sailís Endless Wave  
by Jill Duffy [01.08.09]
Sister educational site GameCareerGuide is quizzing IGF Student Showcase entrants, and this new feature has students from Full Sail University give a rapid-fire postmo
Console/PC, Student/Education

Student Postmortem: Bloomfield Collegeís Rage of the Elements  
by Jill Duffy [01.06.09]
Lori Cerchio and four of her peers at Bloomfield College spent one academic year creating Rage of Elements, a 2D side-scrolling action game. In a postmortem posted on
Console/PC, Student/Education

Inside the IGF Student Competition: Minor Battle  
by Jill Duffy [01.02.09]
In a new series, sister site GameCareerGuide talks to student developers who have submitted games to this yearís IGF. Andre Clark, of the University of Southern C
Console/PC, Student/Education