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June 24, 2016
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June 24, 2016
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GCG Readers Design New Lemmings, Tackle Xbox 360 Achievements 1
by Jill Duffy [11.07.08]
In response to its weekly design challenge, has recognized the three best solutions to a recent test of imagination: design a new lemming role f
Console/PC, Student/Education, Design

GCG's Game Design Challenge: Black History Month 3
by Jill Duffy [11.04.08]
The most recent Game Design Challenge from game development education web site GameCareerGuide is to design a game that will teach Black American history to fifth g
Console/PC, Student/Education, Design

Educational Feature: Student Postmortem of Smashout  
by Jill Duffy [11.04.08]
When five students at Full Sail teamed up to make their final game project, they intentionally chose to keep the game small and focused, and Gamasutra sister website has published a Console/PC, Student/Education

Ask the Experts: Are Online Game Schools Bunk? 4
by Jill Duffy [11.03.08]
A reader of sister site asks, 'Am I making a mistake by applying to online game schools?' Jill Duffy, EIC of the site, has been following the ga
Console/PC, Student/Education

Educational Feature: 5 Ways Game Designers Communicate 1
by Jill Duffy [10.28.08]
No one should assume that aspiring game designers understand what it means when they’re told they need to be good communicators to succeed at the job. Game designer Tim Lang has written an article on that explains Console/PC, Student/Education, Design

GCG Readers Design Jumpless Platformers  
by Jill Duffy [10.23.08]
Gamasutra sister educational site GameCareerGuide, which runs a weekly game design challenge, has named the top three submissions to a recent challenge, in which the
Console/PC, Student/Education

Atari's Harrison: Democratizing Development Is An Industry Must 2
by Thomas Grove, Christian Nutt [10.23.08]
At the Unite 2008 developer conference in Denmark, in a roundtable discussion with developers and members of the press, Atari president Phil Harrison has been speaking to Gamasutra in more detail about his vision to "democratize development" by using tool
Console/PC, Indie, Student/Education

Educational Feature: From Teacher to Student  
by Jill Duffy [10.21.08]
When a teacher decides to leave his job and attend game development school, he likely has different criteria than most students when looking for a program. Allen Brooks was a drama teacher who is now studying animation, and he Console/PC, Student/Education

Ask the Experts: Religious Observance in the Game Industry 5
by Jill Duffy [10.20.08]
A reader recently wrote to ask whether his religious lifestyle -- which requires observing the weekly Sabbath and not working about a dozen days a year -- will actually be doable in the game industry, where working weekends and overtime is standard.
Console/PC, Student/Education

Educational Feature: Why We Play 1
by Jill Duffy [10.15.08]
Why do people play games? GameCareerGuide has just posted an new article for aspiring game developers on why it is critical for designers to think beyond their own preferences about why oth
Console/PC, Student/Education

GCG Game Design Challenge: No Jumping! 2
by Jill Duffy [10.10.08] has posted the latest problem to ponder in its weekly Game Design Challenge. In this week’s challenge, readers must design a platformer which the main character is Console/PC, Student/Education, Design

Educational Feature: Paper Prototyping 2
by Jill Duffy [10.07.08]
To make casual games for the iPhone, students at the ETC at Carnegie Mellon used paper prototypes in their pre-development planning. A new article on GameCareerGuide.
Console/PC, Student/Education

Ask the Experts: QA 4eva? 2
by Jill Duffy [10.06.08]
In the latest advice column from GameCareerGuide, a reader admits to working in quality assurance testing for nearly ten years, and by golly, isn’t that enough already? Jennifer Bullard, a senior producer at Aspyr
Console/PC, Student/Education

Student Postmortem: Technical University of Dresden’s BOUND  
by Jill Duffy [09.30.08]
Gamasutra sister educational site GameCareerGuide has just posted a student postmortem of BOUND, a unique two-player co-operative touchscreen game based on
Console/PC, Student/Education

GCG Posts Results of 'Challenge: Marketing Bullets' 1
by Jill Duffy [09.26.08]
GameCareerGuide, Gamasutra’s sister site for game dev education, hosts a weekly Game Design Challenge, and has revealed the results of the most recent one, centered ar
Console/PC, Student/Education

Educational Feature: The Idea is Not the Game 6
by Jill Duffy [09.23.08]
It's been said that good ideas are a dime a dozen, but what are aspiring game designers supposed to make of that advice? has just posted a new article about where and Console/PC, Student/Education

Ask the Experts: My PhD and Me!  
by Jill Duffy [09.22.08]
Is having a PhD any use at all in the game industry? In this week’s ‘Ask the Experts’ column,’s Jill Duffy and Ian Bogost of Georgia Tech and Persuasive Games discuss whether this advanced degree is actually useful for getting into the
Console/PC, Student/Education

GCG Feature: ‘Are Video Games Bad for Comics?’ 1
by Jill Duffy [09.19.08]
In a new article on sister site, Albert T. Ferrer asks, 'Are video games bad for comics?'', talking to Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe's
Console/PC, Student/Education

Student Postmortem: NJIT and Bloomfield College’s The Forgotten War  
by Jill Duffy [09.16.08]
When a team of students from the NJ Institute of Technology snagged a group of professional game developers to work with them on a project, they knew they were in for a treat. has a Console/PC, Student/Education

Parsons Students Conduct LittleBigPlanet Game Jam  
by Jill Duffy [09.12.08]
Sony and Parsons The New School have announced they will host a 24-hour game jam this month, in which students will compete to make game levels for the upcoming PlayStation 3 title LittleBigPlanet.
Console/PC, Student/Education