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May 1, 2016
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May 1, 2016
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Updates » VR
Halo: Spartan Assault dev will now make VR games as Force Field  
by Alex Wawro [04.28.16]
Amsterdam-based Vanguard Games is restructuring itself to become Force Field, a studio focused entirely on developing games and experience for virtual reality and augmented reality devices.
VR, Business/Marketing

Survey: 12% of Americans plan to buy VR hardware in the next 6 months 1
by Alex Wawro [04.28.16]
Newzoo has published findings from a new multinational VR-focused survey which suggest that roughly 12 percent of American respondents plan to buy a virtual reality product in the next six months.
VR, Business/Marketing

Gear VR maker Samsung is working on standalone wireless VR hardware 1
by Alex Wawro [04.28.16]
Samsung R&D executive Injong Rhee noted this week that the company is getting deeper into the virtual reality business by, among other things, working to develop wireless, standalone VR hardware.
VR, Business/Marketing

Minecraft now available on Gear VR, with interesting VR design adjustments  
by Kris Graft [04.27.16]
Minecraft has arrived on Oculus and Samsungís Gear VR mobile headset, and itís a fairly interesting take on the nearly five-year-old sandbox crafting game.
VR, Smartphone/Tablet, Design

Video: Tetsuya Mizuguchi takes a postmortem look at the making of Rez  
by Staff [04.27.16]
At GDC 2016, Rez†producer and progenitor Tetsuya Mizuguchi takes to the stage to recount the inspirations and influences that drove the landmark game's design.
VR, Console/PC, Programming, Art, Audio, Design, Production, Video, Vault

VReal aims to be like Twitch, but for VR game livestreaming 1
by Alex Wawro [04.27.16]
Seattle-based startup VReal has managed to raise $3.3 million from investors as it works to develop a comprehensive streaming platform for VR games and experiences.
VR, Business/Marketing

Linden Lab opens up VR world Project Sansar to outside creators 1
by Christian Nutt [04.26.16]
The company that opened up user generated 3D space with Second Life, and has a plan to do it once again -- but this time, in virtual reality.
VR, Console/PC, Indie, Programming

Crytek doubles down on the movie business with standalone Film Engine  
by Alex Wawro [04.26.16]
CryEngine developer Crytek has formed a new company around Film Engine, a suite of "real-time cinematic production software" aimed squarely indie, big-budget, and VR filmmakers.
VR, Serious, Business/Marketing

HTC to launch $100 million VR accelerator program  
by Chris Kerr [04.26.16]
HTC has†lifted the lid on its own virtual reality accelerator program, Vive X, which will see the company invest $100 million in order to "cultivate the VR industry."
VR, Business/Marketing

How Valve and HTC's collaboration gave birth to the Vive  
by Christian Nutt [04.25.16]
"This is the one time in our lives when we can make a clean start. We said, 'You know what, we're not going to have X, A, B, Y. We're going to say no. We're going to make something specifically for the thing we're making it for.'"
VR, Console/PC, Production, Business/Marketing

Don't Miss: The top 10 weird children of games and neuroscience 26
by Erin Robinson [04.25.16]
In this classic 2011 feature, indie game developer and former neuroscience researcher Erin Robinson takes a look at ten notably interesting studies to see what they can teach us, as game makers.
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Serious, Design

Don't Miss: What Magic: The Gathering teaches us about game design 34
by Will Luton [04.22.16]
In this classic feature, Will Luton deconstructs the original collectible card game, Magic the Gathering, and the important lessons it holds for today's video game designers.
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Design

CCP Games teases VR frisbee combat for the Rift and Vive  
by Chris Kerr [04.22.16]
CCP Games has lifted the lid on Project Arena, a Tron-inspired VR frisbee combat sim for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
VR, Video

EVE: Valkyrie gets PSVR, Vive, and Oculus cross-platform support 2
by Chris Kerr [04.22.16]
"Valkyrie from the outset was made as a VR game, and we want people irrespective of the platform they're playing on to be able to flight together and die together"
VR, Console/PC, Business/Marketing

A VR primer, via prototype: Building Bouncing Babies VR in 72 hours 1
by Gamasutra Community [04.22.16]
On diving into VR dev and learning fast: "I finally got my HTC Vive and I couldn't wait to test out some VR concepts I saw at GDC. I chose this concept because it hits a number of core virtual reality game design issues."
VR, Console/PC, Design

See just how revenues split across PC, mobile, console, and handheld 1
by Christian Nutt [04.21.16]
Analyst firm Newzoo breaks down just how much people spend -- and will continue to spend -- on all kinds of games.
VR, Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Business/Marketing

Don't Miss: Unorthodox tips for improving your programming skills 47
by Gamasutra Community [04.21.16]
Sure, there are "plenty of good resources out there that teach the technical skills"; but this classic post concentrates on "the more personal lessons that you often only learn through experience."
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Programming

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on the risky business of virtual reality  
by Chris Kerr [04.21.16]
"We didnít set out from pricing first because we knew that getting VR right was going to be a big challenge. We had internal technical milestones that we wanted to hit."
VR, Console/PC, Business/Marketing

How much to charge for VR games? Job Simulator dev wrestles with key question 3
by Alex Wawro [04.20.16]
While game prices†change all the time, this particular price cut is interesting because it represents Owlchemy wrestling with a common problem for VR game makers: how much should a VR game cost?
VR, Business/Marketing

Video: I Expect You To Die and the value of presence in VR game design  
by Staff [04.20.16]
At GDC 2016, Schell Games' Jesse Schell & Shawn Patton shed some light on the path to a good VR game by sharing what they'd learned in designing the Bond-esque VR escape game†I Expect You To Die.†
VR, Design, Video, Vault