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October 25, 2014
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October 25, 2014
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 Fallout 3  Already Pirated On Xbox 360
Fallout 3 Already Pirated On Xbox 360
October 10, 2008 | By David Jenkins

October 10, 2008 | By David Jenkins
More: Console/PC

The Xbox 360 version of Bethesda’s Fallout 3 is already available for illegal download on torrent sites, three weeks before the game’s scheduled release.

The eagerly-awaited title recently went gold, which may mean a leak of the game’s code took place at a manufacturing plant.

Although a modified Xbox 360 console is needed in order to play the game, many leading piracy sites indicate that the title has already been downloaded by thousands of users.

Although the level of piracy on the PC has been heavily criticized in recent months, by a number of different publishers, the PC version of Fallout 3 does not yet appear to be available on the same piracy websites.

Nevertheless, Ubisoft commented earlier in the week that PC piracy "cannibalizes" sales of the console version of a game and that releasing a PC version of a title was tantamount to “letting people have a free version that they rip off instead of a purchased version”.

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OMG!!! PC Gaming piracy is killing the consoles market!!!


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In the piratebay comments they say it is a review copy. Edit date seems to be 2008/08/27. Can´t they track those copies?

Arthur Protasio
profile image
The same scenario has happened to many other games and will happen to many more. Nevertheless, I don't believe the sales that would take place are THAT hindered.

I've got not statistics to backup me up though, so I guess it's just best to wait and see.

James Hoysa
profile image

profile image
I think the problem's generally "It's worth my time, but not my money!"

Richard Benson
profile image
"OMG!!! PC Gaming piracy is killing the consoles market!!!

Pfffft. "

*Sigh. This is so typical of internet posting today; Anonymous with a side of knee jerk response. Especially funny that it's anonymous since you have to log in to post. :)

They'd have to have a modded 360 to play it. I'm sure there are a bunch of them out there, but there are so many limitations when using a modded 360 that I doubt it's impacting sales.

It's very simple to see that this is not the same as someone being able to get a cracked PC game, save it to their hard drive and play.

profile image
"*Sigh. This is so typical of internet posting today; Anonymous with a side of knee jerk response. Especially funny that it's anonymous since you have to log in to post. :)"

Yeah, because going on record shouting "PC piracy is killing PC gaming *and* Console gaming" is so much better. The pain!

Piracy is what it is, piracy is not going down, and the only thing developers are going to get with so much whining and increasingly draconian DRMs is less sales. And it will be their fault (yes, *NOT* the pirates' fault, but that of publishers and developers), but we all will suffer for it. Unless they start to look at Valve, Stardock and other companies that know how to read the market and follow suit.

Also, does the fact that I post as anonymous remove credibility from my post?. If I tell you that my name is Bob, James or Manuel, does that make any difference to you?.

profile image
Anonymous @ 11:27


Wait, you're saying it's the publishers' and developers' fault that pirates steal a totally leisure-related item from the publishers and the developers? If it was something people needed to live, you might have an argument there, but...

Stephen Panagiotis
profile image
Piracy hurts, maybe not a little at a time, or a little for a long period, but a lot over a long period can strain independant developers easily. Mega corps like EA and Ubi may take a pocketbook hit but its unlikly it'll bring them crashing to the ground. However I agree sustained PC pirating can really kill gaming if its not kept in check.

Think about this, lets say a game sells 1,000,000 copies, and for every 100 copies, 5 are priated. That means 200,000 copies are pirated.

The game sells on average $50.00. So that'd be ~50,000,000 dollars in revenue.

The lost copies to pirating would be ~10,000,000 in revenue. Now that may only be 1/5th of what was sold, you would have to take into account the cost of development for such title which ranges between 20-40million. After you cut all the expenses you can see how pirating could potentially bring down companies as the cost of development increases.

Just always something to watch and think about.

Benjamin M
profile image
I agree Stephen, piracy does add up. With gaming budgets being like you mentioned, $20-$40 million, it does hurt the company. We all know what happens when a game's sales don't do well, jobs get cut, etc., etc. So, before you get upset over DRM and other methods to thwart piracy, ask yourself, why am I mad because they want to protect their intellectual property and best interest?

profile image
"Stephen Panagiotis 10 Oct 2008 at 1:00 pm PST

Think about this, lets say a game sells 1,000,000 copies, and for every 100 copies, 5 are priated. That means 200,000 copies are pirated.

The game sells on average $50.00. So that'd be ~50,000,000 dollars in revenue.

The lost copies to pirating would be ~10,000,000 in revenue. Now that may only be 1/5th of what was sold, you would have to take into account the cost of development for such title which ranges between 20-40million. After you cut all the expenses you can see how pirating could potentially bring down companies as the cost of development increases."

Your numbers are painfully wrong, basing them on the original statement, "a game sells 1,000,000 copies, and for every 100 copies, 5 are priated. That means 200,000 copies are pirated."

1,000,000 x $60 = $600,000,000 total revenue

5% of 1,000,000 = 50,000 copies pirated

50,000 x $60 = $3,000,000 loss

That's clearly a significant amount of money. However, you must also take into account people who wouldn't have bought the game without pirating it, and people who both pirated and purchased the game. Besides taking those numbers into account, I would think 5 in 100 copies is pirated for XBox 360 or PS3 is still a bit high.

I am certainly not defending pirating, but to use it as an excuse for the big console companies to fail is a joke, because they still make a significant amount of money on those who are incapable/unwilling to pirate games. As someone mentioned before, the ease to pirate PC games probably accounts for a much higher ratio of pirated copies to purchased copies.

Anyway, as long as copy protection is essentially transparent and doesn't send any private information, it's really hard to argue against it.

Maurício Gomes
profile image
First: Piracy do not lower the sales of anyone, people that buy (or download if that person has broadband) a pirated game usually would not buy the original anyway for 60 USD.

@ Richard:

Believe me, people that rely on pirated games do not complain that their console is modified, I am still to see a Playstation 2 that is NOT modified and that 80% of its games ARE NOT pirated (yeah, console piracy where I live is MUCH MORE rampant than PC piracy... Why? Well, console games here are 80USD or more, some people here live with 40USD each month...)

@ the guys discussing lost sales:

As I stated earlier, a guy that get a pirated game will not buy it anyway even if he do not get a pirated version (and I researched that around to see if it is true, and it is, at least here on my country)

Also, people do not get a pirated game for sport, or because they are evil, they get a pirated game because a legal game is TOO expensive, companies think that 60USD is fine for a game, 60USD for a game I tell you to stick it in your ass, with 60USD I pay here for martial arts training, and few people here pay that because 60USD is a awesomely high amount of money, a guy here that bought a Nintendo 64 got even in the news because he instead of being a rich guy he was a normal guy, and he managed to have the patience to save for TWO YEARS to buy the videogame... He will ever bought a non-pirated game? I do not think so, or he would be stuck with Mario 64 forever...

Want to know games that sold A LOT here and trampled piracy?

Total Annihilation

Fallout 2

Destruction Derby 2

Stardock games

Blizzard games


some Valve games

Now how these companies trampled piracy? It is simple: They sell their games here for 10 USD or lower! Yeah! I bought all the games above (with exception of counter-strike source that got banned before I got to buy one)

So there are some myths about piracy that need to be debunked:

Myth 1: Piracy is stealing.

It is not, piracy is copyright violation for the person that created the pirated product, and buying piracy is not a crime, and copyright violation is not stealing.

Myth 2: Piracy lower your sales.

It DOES lower your sales when your game suck, so players know before the game get released how they should avoid it (Assassins Creed and Rainbow Six Vegas PC I am looking to you)

Myth 3: Piracy is PC gaming fault.

Here I see people selling pirated things in the middle of the streets (obviously when no cops are around, unless they are not paying attention, that results in them getting to "visit" the jail), and 70 or 80% of the games sold since the first playstation are console games.

Why since the first playstation? It is because here the games before the playstation got distributed officially (why no other videogame was since), this resulted in the games media being manufactured here, thus avoiding the importation taxes, thus reaching the final market as 20 USD (a buyable price), and not like I saw metroid DS in a store yesterday for 100 USD, yeah 100 USD! Holy cow! Needless to say that here R4 cards are much popular for DS owners heh?

Doug Poston
profile image
Anonymous @ 11:27

Not to speak for Richard Benson, but my problem with most anonymous post is that it allows people to say anything you want without attaching your reputation to it.

Sometimes it is appropriate to be able to write anonymously but, normally, its just used so people can rant without repercussions.

To the topic:

I feel sorry for Bethesda's loss. While they will probably not lose too many sales (most people with modded 360s would probably just pirate the game after its release anyhow), it sucks to see people steal your hard work.

Doug Shannon
profile image
Hélder Gomes Filho @ 6:03

All you are doing is rationalizing, taking someone else's product without paying just because you do not have the money for it, or it is overpriced IS stealing, any way you look at it. I'm sorry that the state of gaming (and the economy) in your country is the way it is, but that is still not enough to validate your outlook on piracy. Go ahead and pirate your games, but you should not try to defend it.

profile image
Nah this is stealing no questions about it, don't rationalize stealing please.

What they should do is serialize all legitmate copies. When a pirated copy is logged online then shut the product off.

Or vice versa, unlock the game by simply being verified online automatically.

If the game was pirated before shipping then they have a leak somewhere in their production.

David Moffatt
profile image
Reading between the lines it looks like some of the companies are planning to stop making their games available for the PC in the near future.

Personally I'm all for this because as far as I'm concerned the industry stopped making games for the PC many years ago. I think they should shift their focus to consoles only, so smaller devs can make the kinds of hard core PC only games that people used to love playing in the old days.

AAA's: Get your console trash off our PCs!

Roberto Alfonso
profile image
This is a very local (South America) point of view that does not match many other countries view.

Hélder Gomes Filho, I am guessing you are from Brazil? I am from Argentina, and the situation is similar: an original DS game runs for USD 70 at auction sites, and for over that amount in respectable places.

However, you are blaming high prices as the main problem, and here I disagree. Let's make it easy: suppose the original games are sold at your country at the exact price they are sold in US (shipping and importing taxes equal to $0), then an Xbox 360 game would retail for USD 60. Down here that is like $195. The average income is $1200, so it is about a sixteenth of the average monthly income. And I am considering the ridiculous presumption that the game that Microsoft (or Sony or whatever) sends their game paying shipping and taxes. How can you lower the price? Having a local distributor that relocates the game, in other words, that receives the gold copy and prints them locally, and not just an importer. So, the first problem is not having a local distributor.

Now, let's suppose we have this local distributor that relocates the game, so let's analyze the situation:

a) if the distributor charges USD 1 = $3.25 (the exchange rate as of today), the game would cost $195. Too expensive.

b) if the distributor charges USD 1 = $1 the game would cost $60.

A pirated game costs $5 down here. So, even in the best case, the pirated game is a twelfth of the best situation (having a local distributor who sells them for exactly the same amount of money but in the local currency instead of dollars). Parents with a couple of boys and who are getting the average would always prefer the cheap copy than the original one. So, we need a cultural change, respect the copyright, learn that piracy is a crime, and that gaming is not a right, if you can't pay for it, you shouldn't access it. Harsh, and I don't really like it, but it is the truth.

The price is not the problem, the price is the symptom. The illness is that we are a third world country that is not important for the big ones, and therefore are left behind. And until we learn that we are a third world country and that we should understand that, we will continue to be treated as such.

Justifying that someone pirates something because of price, unavailability or with any other excuse is just analyzing the symptom and not the illness. Again, this applies to countries with high piracy rates and no local (or even regional) distribution. On the record, we are considered "Latin America", but that only means we receive the copies from Mexico, with the same taxes and shipping costs as if they were being sent from US.

Manoj Patel
profile image
heck...%^$# this is absolutly crazy. I can't take this anymore. I have a software that makes piracy dead before it even thinks about it. Even at production levels. Just use a protection software that works for crying out loud. This way the developers can make money and the gamers and really enjoy a well made game.