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July 30, 2014
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Sony: PlayStation 3 Beats Xbox 360 On Video Delivery
Sony: PlayStation 3 Beats Xbox 360 On Video Delivery
February 6, 2009 | By Eric Caoili

February 6, 2009 | By Eric Caoili

Sony is outlining several video-playing advantages it feels the PlayStation 3 holds over rival console Xbox 360, such as Blu-ray support and the lack of "double fees."

The company's pitch follows only a day after Microsoft announced that 1 million Xbox Live Gold members have downloaded and activated Netflix's Xbox Live application since launching last November, watching 1.5 billion minutes of films and television episodes with the service so far.

But Sony argues that it offers a better "comprehensive digital entertainment experience," as PS3 owners have free access to the PlayStation Network and are not required to pay "double fees" to download videos. Xbox 360 users must pay for both an Xbox Live Gold subscription and a Netflix Unlimited subscription to stream Netflix movies with the Microsoft console.

However, Microsoft does offer an alternative Video Store through its Xbox Live Marketplace that all Xbox Live members in the U.S., UK, Canada, Ireland, France, and Germany can use for free to download TV shows and rent movies.

The PS3 company also points out its free PlayStation Portable connectivity, which allows users to transfer standard-definition content from their PS3 to a PSP, and watch videos on the go.

Sony also claims that a recent experiment conducted by gaming weblog MTV Multiplayer proved that the PlayStation Network offers faster download speeds. The company adds that its PlayStation Network provides HD content reliably without "waiting for streaming connections that might not ever be made."

The system's built-in player for Blu-ray discs, the victor against HD DVD discs in the high definition optical disc formats war, is also a key point in Sony's release, as are the PS3 browser's Flash 9 support for streaming online video, and new film releases available on the PlayStation Network.

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Gabriel Frizzera
profile image
It is true that Xbox Live users can stream movies through the video store... but in Canada, the price is outrageous (around 9 dollars to watch HD release!). However, this is still much better than Sony, which ignores Canadian customers altogether, not even making the video store available here.

Steve P
profile image
Hmm. Or you could view it as being a bonus service for those who already have Gold for gaming. Add to that unlimited streaming from netflix for 9 bucks a month which you would be spending for a mail order movie service anyway, and then you can conclude that the unlimited streaming to the 360 is free. The argument makes just as much sence if not more than Sony arguing that you have to pay twice to watch a movie on the Xbox.

Michael Gehri
profile image
What that is crazy Gabriel! The Mackenzie brothers have shown us that only Canadians drink beer and sport tuque's. :P (sarcasm)

Kelly Johnson
profile image
I can watch movies for free on my 360. I can't watch free movies on my PS3.

Amir Sharar
profile image
It's interesting how Sony has to shy away from explicitly mentioning one big advantage the PS3 has, the fact that the Hard Drive can be cheaply upgraded. For roughly $100 CDN I can upgrade my PS3 HDD to 320Gb. Quite a lot of space to download video content. On the 360, I'd have to pay $160 CDN for a 120Gb HDD.

But Sony is handcuffed by the fact that it's a feature that only hardcore enthusiasts will risk performing. I say "risk" because despite being a straightforward process, there are still issues with stripping the screws as well as backing up saves properly.

I've always thought that one barrier to digital distribution (something MS has been keen on) is available HDD space. That's something Sony has got right with the PS3.

Joel Ford
profile image
I can watch any video on Joost, Hulu, or youtube on my ps3 full-screen. That's some free videos there. Anyways, the torrent phenomenon makes all of this moot. If you can't watch free movies on your ps3, then it's a choice, not a result of a service.

Rodan Mistiff
profile image
LOL PS3 has faster download speeds? I think that begs the question as to what Sony is smoking in their broadband pipes. Anyone who has downloaded an update from their Playstation knows that they need tp set aside at least 30 minutes for an update that is going to break their system or be negligible in enhancing their experience. While I love my PS3, I would love it to not update it once a week when all I want to do is get on and play. I at least know that my XBOX Live fees are helping me update faster rather than play update the game.

John Palamarchuk
profile image
Nice Joel, couldn't agree more! PS3 gives you the choice.

Recharge your controller with any USB cord you want.

Watch movies on the system the way you want.

Install the hard drive you want.

When it comes to Microsoft though, you use their hard drives, their charge kits and their movie service, or you go sit in the corner.

R Hawley
profile image
I don't have a PS3 but I think I'd prefer one. Movies on the 360 here are expensive. I can buy 10,00BC at the local supermarket for the same price as renting. Plus the supermarket offers it on a format that doesn't self destruct 24 hours after pressing play. On top of that I can't really hear much of anything in my living room when the 360 is on. It's so nice when it's powered off.

I think the PS3 is generally quieter and has more flexibility when it comes to watching media. Game selection doesn't seem to be quite as wide though. I really like being able to play classic german board games with my family on XBOX live.

media flexibilty vs games (and short term hearing loss)

tony wiggins
profile image
i have 2 360s on my home network and i download movies & tv show with a peer to peer program. i can watch anything from my pc. i have Starz Play on my pc. i can even watch those movies from my 360. i can't afford to spend $400-$500 on something that i will hardly ever use. at first i would have bought a PS3 just for the Blu-Ray, but not now. Blu-Ray players are under $200 now. PS is losing big money. If they could drop their prices $100, they might make some money back.