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October 30, 2014
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October 30, 2014
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Pre-E3: Sony's PSP Go! Details Leak Early
Pre-E3: Sony's PSP Go! Details Leak Early
June 1, 2009 | By Staff

June 1, 2009 | By Staff
More: Console/PC, E3

Sony's PSP Go handheld has been confirmed ahead of this week's E3 in Los Angeles, as a UMD-less 16gb memory handheld that plays digitally downloaded PSP games and will be sold alongside the regular PSP-3000.

Fansite GamingConsoleNetwork received an early version of this month's Sony/Future Publishing-created Qore video show, and Sony's John Koller features in a video interview explaining the device.

According to a video excerpt of the interview, available via Kotaku, Koller explains that titles such as LittleBigPlanet, Gran Turismo, Jak & Daxter and even Metal Gear Solid will be announced at E3.

The PSP Go has 16 gigabytes of Flash memory for storing games, movies and TV shows that will all be available via PlayStation Network and a wifi connection.

In addition, the PSP Go, which has a 3.8-inch screen and is 43 percent lighter than the PSP-3000, according to Koller's comments in the full version of the video, will have Bluetooth, enabling headset usage and cellphone tethering.

Following the announcement, European consumer site Eurogamer also discovered a number of official product shots for the PSP Go, further underscoring the existence of the device.

The PSP Go will debut this Fall, and no price has yet been revealed for it. Full details on the handheld and its games will likely be announced during Sony's press conference this Tuesday in Los Angeles, at which Gamasutra will be present.

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Derek Rumpler
profile image
I'm not sure how well this device will do, because I don't know if most of its target audience will be tech-savvy enough to figure it out.

Would you imagine this is what the cellphone tethering is for? To allow people to download content using their cell phones instead of an Internet router?

On a personal note, if the new downloadable PSP games also work on a PSP 2000, I will not upgrade, instead opting for a 16 gb memory stick. I don't think there's much value for my money here, as I will lose support for UMDs I have already purchased. If the new games work on both, there's no point, and I don't think Bluetooth support is enough of a reason to buy one, especially with the smaller LCD display.

wes bogdan
profile image
With the way both psp and ds have been updated already i'm waiting on future versions to decide.

I've already watched the quore bit on youtube and koller talks about smaller games in go and both in stores for awile but psp has gone go and whether we like it or not that's the future for psp.

Really disappointed they're even using mem stick micro so that mem stick pro duo is now garbage.

Not sure how or if they'll allow you to import umd games and saves....wait and see.

Yannick Boucher
profile image
Err, the cellphone thethering is for transferring all sorts of data; pictures, music, etc. Add the link to the upcoming SonyEricsson Aino which will feature the XMediaBar, and official "Playstation Network" connectivity, and you can see things starting to get into shape.

Plus, I believe the target audience includes the iPhone audience. If those people are smart enough to operate and jailbreak an iPhone, I don't see the PSP as being a problem.

Tyler Peters
profile image
Wow, 16G of flash mem. Like the iphone from last year. Cell phone tethering, WTH? As a huge fan of Sony, and someone who is a big believer in the PS3 (from a hardware standpoint), if this is all the announcement is - pathetic.

Mike Lopez
profile image
Great. Another format for developers to avoid!

And I agree 16 Gb is SO lame. It is sort of acceptable on the iPhone because apps/music are not the main function but for a content based platform it is ridiculously low in this day and age.

Kouga Saejima
profile image
Dear Mr. Lopez,

another format for developers to avoid? This is the same PSP platform it used to be with UMD (something you developers didn't like).

PS to all: please consider this is not PSP2!

Kouga Saejima
profile image
@ Christian Keichel

How do you know? Was the Sony E3 presentation already?

How do we know what solution Sony has for the UMD users?

Sorry but this is all is so unneccesary, all this rambling about what... a leak?

How about waiting with critics after everything is officially out?

Tom Newman
profile image
It will all come down to exclusive content. People care more about what the consoles allow you to do than the technology itself. If there are a slew of "must play" exclusives for this, it will be a must buy, if there are none, it will be a paperweight.

Neville Boudreaux
profile image
A small, portable, gaming device based almost solely on digital distribution to limit clutter and extend battery life? Sounds great.

Assuming they have a way to transfer current UMD titles to this thing, I can see this working well. One of my problems now is I don't like carrying around UMDs so I can swap titles (and I don't believe in cracking my PSP so I can use ISOs). I personally look forward to hearing more about this device.

E Zachary Knight
profile image
I heard a rumor that Sony will be deploying a series of Kiosks that will rip your UMD to a DRM'd digital file on a memory stick for a small fee of possibly $1.

Can't remember exactly where I heard the rumor, but it has not been mentioned since then.

Derric Upton
profile image
I can come up with no conceivable notion why Sony would opt for a system that completely severs itself from over 50 million users in favor of DD, except to say I believe this is Sony's way of committing digital Sepukku. The PSP and PSP Go have become the Sega Genesis/Sega CD of the modern era- a successful system that has a child that completely cuts ties with its forebearer. I predict a slightly more successful launch for this than the Nokia N-Gage, if that's saying anything.

Matt Glanville
profile image
Sounds great, but so did the original PSP. When will Sony realise that it's not about hardware specs? It's about an abundance of quality content, and that's something the PSP has always lacked.

Tom Kammerer
profile image
From what I see this new Psp is a downgrade. It looks ugly and still does not have another joystick pad. For a sony product I would expect much more memory and better quality features. No camera? Not much of anything new except no UMD and bigger screen with a new clunky design that looks less comfortable then the original psp.

Fábio Bernardon
profile image
The reason why sony is doing it is to damage the used games market. I'm not sure how much the PSP games are affected by this, but I would believe it is far less than the PS3 or the PS2. There will be no used market for such a device.

On the other hand, maybe some people will stay away from it exactly by this same reason. Only time will tell.

Michael Pulst
profile image
I'd be interested in it IF it had better battery life (PLEASE), I can have a way of getting games I purchased on UMD as a legit copy (I refuse to pirate) in digital form. Hopefully the kiosk Ephriam mentions above in the comments is true. Also another color than the shiny "oh look my finger prints show up so well" piano black. And a way to back up the games. To my Mac maybe? Please? One can hope. :)

brad coleman
profile image
With only 16g I bet they come out with something like Steam that can be accessed via a pc/mac or a ps3. You hook up the GO log into your Steamlike account, download which games you want on your GO for the journey and off you go.

I've never owned a PSP but I have owned an Atari Lynx with close to a 100 games and currently own a DS with 8 games. I really dislike keeping up with game cartridges when I travel. So if the GO allows me to be able to have about 10 games or so with me... It might just win me over.

Eric Carr
profile image
I like it. Sony finally seems to be on the cusp of understanding portable gaming. No UMDs to break and a fold up design that may actually fit inside of a pocket seems cool to me. A lack of a spinning drive should also help the battery a little. Since the actual press thing hasn't happened yet, it seems early to speculate, but if they've figured out a good way to move your currently purchased UMDs to it I think they may be on to something.

@Tom: No, and they're not going to add another joystick. The PSP market is already too small to want to split them into those with 2 sticks and those without.

Sean Francis-Lyon
profile image
To those who complain about 16 gigs being to small, this is really an issue of it's price point. When considering it, add the cost of a 16 gig memory stick. For me 16 Gigs is probably enough; I don't think I would buy more than 10 games.

This is not a new platform as It will be able to play all PSP games and I'm willing to bet the old PSPs will be able to play the download only games. This is why (sadly) Sony couldn't add a second joystick.

@Michael Pulst: Its not piracy if you have purchased the game. What you buy is a license to play it, not the information on the disc. If you have legitimately purchased a license then go ahead and get digital copies of all your UMD games.

Isaiah Williams
profile image
16GB would hold a lot of PSP games at about 300MB a piece. There are a few games up at a gig, but not very many.