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October 31, 2014
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October 31, 2014
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Nintendo Again Dominates NPD Top 20
Nintendo Again Dominates NPD Top 20 Exclusive
July 17, 2009 | By Leigh Alexander

In a month that saw a 31 percent decline in U.S. game retail revenues -- the worst since September 2000 -- Nintendo again dominated the top 20 top-selling titles for June, according to new charts revealed by NPD.

Although the firm already revealed that Activision's Prototype was the overall chart-topper for the month, 10 out of the full top 20 are titles for Nintendo platforms. Eight of those 10 are first-party.

The PS3 SKU of Prototype placed significantly lower in the top 20. More popular on Sony's platform was Infamous, supporting analyst forecasts that the first-party title could outdo its rival on the PS3 by 35 percent in North America this year and by as much as 50 percent over its lifetime.

It's an example, analysts say, of the "exclusivity bump" by which exclusives can often beat comparable multiplatform releases on their home hardware.

The full U.S. video game retail top 20 for the month of June 2009, according to NPD, is as follows:

1. Prototype (Activision) - Xbox 360
2. UFC 2009: Undisputed (THQ) - Xbox 360
3. EA Sports Active Bundle (EA) - Wii
4. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (EA) - Wii
5. Wii Fit (Nintendo) - Wii
6. Fight Night Round 4 (EA) - Xbox 360
7. Fight Night Round 4 (EA) - PlayStation 3
8. Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo) - Wii
9. Red Faction: Guerrilla (THQ) - Xbox 360
10. Infamous (Sony) - PlayStation 3
11. Ghostbusters (Atari) - Xbox 360
12. UFC 2009: Undisputed (THQ) - PlayStation 3
13. Prototype (Activision) - PlayStation 3
14. Pokemon Platinum (Nintendo) - DS
15. Punch-Out!! (Nintendo) - Wii
16. Wii Play (Nintendo) - Wii
17. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (EA) - Xbox 360
18. Mario Kart DS -(Nintendo) - DS
19. The Legendary Starfy (Nintendo) - DS
20. New Super Mario Bros (Nintendo) - DS

Hardware adoption is supporting strong DS software sales. "More consumers continued to gravitate toward products that offer quality experiences and great value for the whole family," said Nintendo sales and marketing VP Cammie Dunaway in a statement. "Consumers again selected Nintendo systems for those experiences, particularly our hand-helds."

According to Nintendo's own data passed on after yesterday's NPD results, the DS and DSi combined in June to sell over 766,000 units, more than the sum total of all the other present-gen platforms. In particular, adoption of the newer DSi handheld variant appears to be accelerating, with 424,000 units purchased of the new model in June, versus 342,000 of the DS.

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Tyler Peters
profile image
Ghostbusters is not making the top 10 is a massive failure. How did they miss the mass market for this?

I never saw the advertising or trailers for it at launch though, so maybe that was part of the problem.

steve roger
profile image
The bigger story to me is how well the 360 is doing against the Wii.

Richard Cody
profile image
The 31% decline is easy to understand, we're definitely at the mid-life point of the systems, GTA IV & Mario Kart Wii & Wii Fit were all fairly new games June of last year, and a huge portion of money in games today is spent online and that really started for consoles about Summer of last year with Summer of Arcade promotion run by Microsoft.

I'm not too uptight about those numbers.

Jared Greiner
profile image

Metal Gear Solid 4 was released in June 2008.

M. Smith
profile image
Oh, so the 31% difference was Metal Gear Solid, was it? Damn, that game must of sold - REALLY - well.

I suppose we could keep lying to ourselves, but it would probably more productive to engage the real reasons why consumers are reducing their spending rather than waving our hands and saying its because game X came out last year.

Roberto Alfonso
profile image
Hmm... M. Smith, you have a point that we should discuss about why the market is spending less and less, but dismissing last year launches is nonsense. A quick check:

* March 2009 (RE5 launch, 1.5m combined) had a 17% decrease comparing March 2008 (SSBB launch, 2.7m)

* April 2009 (no important launch) had a 17% decrease comparing April 2008 (GTA4 launch, 2.85m combined, Mario Kart Wii launch, 1.12m)

* May 2009 (no important launch) had a 23% decrease comparing May 2008 (no important launch)

* June 2009 (Prototype launch, 600k combined) had a 31% decrease comparing June 2008 (MGS4 launch, 1m combined with bundles)

The first half of 2008 was much stronger than the first half of 2009 in terms of game releases. It accounts for a good chunk of the decrement, but not all of it. This generation is going into its 4th year (5th for handhelds), and hardware sales are harder to achieve without price cuts.

Personally, the real news is the Nintendo DS going so strong after four years. It is true that there is a new hardware configuration, but new hardwares sometimes didn't have a strong effect (PlayStation Portable).

Alex Chiang
profile image
Interesting that the first PS3 title comes in at 7 (after 3 360 games and 3 Wii games).

Alex Chiang
profile image
Only 4 of the top 20 too, jeez.

Sean Parton
profile image
@ Tyler Peters: Really, from what I've heard and seen, the game only really appeals to people that are still a fan of the extremely old, neglected IP. I'm not surprised in the slightest.

@ steve roger: This is only a snapshot of what is in the top 20, but doesn't make note of what the sales are for each title, or how titles outside of the top 20 are doing. You are right that it is at least is worth nothing that the 360 is doing better than most people seem to be thinking, though.

@ Roberto Alfonso: That was a really nice breakdown; thanks for that. Makes me interested in seeing how the latter half of this year will compare, when last year there were many high-profile titles released in the same window, where this year the high-profile stuff seems more spread out.

Kevin Kyyro
profile image
@Alex Chiang

If you really see that as a reason to start making fanboy comments, why don't you consider that the 360 and Wii only have 2 more titles on the top 20 with a larger install bases (and before you jump on that, don't forget the 360 has been on the market for a year longer). And might I point out that the 360 doesn't have any exclusives in the top 20. Regardless, is it really that interesting that the budget consoles are selling more software right now?

This isn't the sort of website where console bashing is appropriate, so let's try to be a little more mature and only post some more worthwhile comments.