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October 30, 2014
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October 30, 2014
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Interview: Sony Talks PS3's 30 Percent Slimdown
Interview: Sony Talks PS3's 30 Percent Slimdown Exclusive
August 18, 2009 | By Leigh Alexander

30 percent is the watchword for the new PlayStation 3 Slim, says Sony -- it's "30 percent slimmer, 30 percent lighter and uses 30 percent less power," Sony PlayStation Network operations director Eric Lempel tells Gamasutra.

"There were a number of different things that went into making this unit less expensive, and a few of the parts were redesigned," he says. "Several things were changed in order to make this possible."

Aside from the slightly bigger 120GB hard drive, says Lempel, the Slim is "identical" in power and ability, and nothing has been compromised.

While avoiding specifics, Lempel says Sony has been working on this rollout for "some time." "It has been part of our strategy -- for a long time, we were targeting release right about now," he says. "Units are already in the country, so we're ready to go. It was always part of the plan."

Lempel points out that all of Sony's platforms, from the original PSone through the PS2 and PSP, have undergone slimming -- sometimes more than once.

Analysts had long urged Sony to find a way to lower its costs and offer a lower-priced PS3 if it wanted a shot at competing in the current generation and meaningfully expanding its userbase.

But a lighter and more size-economic version of the hardware may appeal to some existing PS3 owners, too -- can they migrate their content from an older version of the machine to the Slim?

"We've got a couple of ways you can do that," says Lempel. Especially for the game content, you can always login [to your PlayStation Network account] and re-download that content. With video content, we do have the ability to back it up and restore it."

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Jorge Garcia Celorio
profile image
I really appreciate Sony's move and the vision it has been showing with the PS3--From becoming a highly criticized system back during its first year to an aspirational gaming platform (in terms of value and technology). Its first party slate is truly remarkable and diverse (LBP, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank, The Last Guardian, GT 5, to name a few).

With a price cut and a new design, the Playstation surely has the potential to become an outstanding gaming choice.

Something that also needs to be highlighted is the fact that the Playstation Network has evolved into a more efficient platform at no cost for the user. Sure, we are not even at the middle of its ten-year cycle, but if Sony maintains the momentum it has already gained with the PS3, many exciting developments are sure to come!

Credit must be given, where credit is due.

Thomas Grove
profile image
As soon as the Playstation 3 was released, I looked at the sizable machine and said: "I'll buy it when they do a form factor redesign." Now that they have, I will be buying one right away.

Peter Dwyer
profile image
I thought the 30% saving was in height not in footprint. I'm disapointed that they didn't re-introduce the backward compatibility features as this would have finally given PS2 owners a direct update path. However, here in the UK at least, the price cut looks like a mute point as we are bound to be required to subsidise any european price reductions.