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December 11, 2018
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Opinion: World of Warcraft: Classic will disappoint you
"I fear that World of Warcraft: Classic is unsustainable, and will prove to be incapable of sustaining a meaningful community of anyone other than those committed to burning through the endgame."
11.19.18 | News | Katherine Cross | 4 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Return of the Obra Dinn is a work of art
Katherine Cross examines Lucas Pope's Return of the Obra Dinn, "a mystery that makes a grand and intricate game out of deduction, whose minimal inputs still manage to cohere into syphonic play."
11.07.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
SAG-AFTRA's new agreement opens doors for small-budget and indie games
Katherine Cross takes a closer look at a groundbreaking new SAG-AFTRA agreement for low-budget and indie game productions.
10.28.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Political extremism and gunplay meet in The Church in the Darkness
Columnist Katherine Cross examines the upcoming The Church in the Darkness, a game that confronts the complicated themes surrounding political extremism.
09.19.18 | News | Katherine Cross | 2 Number of Comments 
Under the Sea: A look at Beyond Blue and In Other Waters
In the wake of the video game world being rocked by a squall over a puddle it seems fitting to, instead, think about how more substantial bodies of water are being portrayed in forthcoming games.
09.18.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Opinion: The dark allure of We. The Revolution
Columnist Katherine Cross examines We. The Revolution, a gorgeous strategy-simulation game from Polish studio Polyslash that puts players in the role of a Revolutionary Tribunal during the French Revolution.
09.12.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Opinion: Battle for Azeroth and the death of nuance
Gamasutra contributor Katherine Cross examines World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, and how it may have been too quick to set fire to one of its few truly unique ideas.
08.05.18 | News | Katherine Cross | 6 Number of Comments 
Opinion: It's past time to get serious about social media policies
"If engaging with people is a skill--and it absolutely is--then it should be compensated as such," writes contributor Katherine Cross. "Especially if failing at it is what costs you your job."
07.11.18 | News | Katherine Cross | 33 Number of Comments 
Bringing narrative to heel: How Xavier Woods mixes video games and wrestling
Educational psychologist and WWE wrestler Xavier Woods speaks about the overlap between the storytelling of professional wrestling and narrative design in games.
06.26.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Radiating outward to meet the wilderness: Avery Alder on her games
Tabletop RPG developer Avery Alder analyzes her latest game through the lens of her past work, exploring themes of collaboration, conversational storytelling, and approachability along the way.
06.21.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Good and bad at all times: Adriel Wallick on jamming for a year
"The most immediate and quick lesson I learned is this: every game idea is too big. You need to pare down ideas to the smallest level." 
06.21.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Opinion: When the internet becomes a contemporary art exhibit
"Modern art has a fundamentally democratic quality," writes Katherine Cross. "In an age of reckless profit seeking in the gaming industry...more reverence for that democratic lineage would be nice."
05.30.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Opinion: So, you want to talk about porn on Steam
"There is simply no cure that isn’t worse than the disease," writes Katherine Cross of Steam's attempted porn crackdown. "Valve is condemning itself to learn this age-old truism the hard way."
05.23.18 | News | Katherine Cross | 11 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Illuminating the shadowy group celebrating Valve's latest censorship drive
Gamasutra contributor Katherine Cross digs into the history and agenda of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, a right-wing advocacy group gleefully campaigning for Valve to censor Steam games.
05.21.18 | News | Katherine Cross | 25 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Can World of Warcraft 'stat squish' its XP levels?
Gamasutra contributor Katherine Cross checks in on the state of Blizzard's aging MMORPG titan and asks: 'Why not simply hit the reset button and make the new level cap...60 once again?'
05.16.18 | News | Katherine Cross | 3 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Neo Cab and the effort to make an empathetic game about gamification
"We’re less interested in creating a character that players will empathize with than we are in creating a character whose empathy is core to her strength," says Neo Cab dev Patrick Ewing.
05.10.18 | News | Katherine Cross | 1 Number of Comments 
Don't Miss: Moral Code - Learning from 'Lawful Good' in roleplaying games
In this 2015 feature, paladin and columnist Katherine Cross examines morality mechanics and alignment in roleplaying games.
05.02.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Opinion: Something's Quite Right Here: In praise of WoW's Suramar
Contributing editor Katherine Cross celebrates the ways in which Blizzard's latest WoW expansion tells a tale of 'tragedy, diminishment, and the brutality of war without appearing wanton or childish.'
05.02.18 | News | Katherine Cross | 1 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Elegance and colonialism in Civ VI's Rise and Fall
Gamasutra contributor Katherine Cross examines the design of Civilization VI and its latest DLC, as well as how they touch on the issues of representation and the exaltation of war.
04.11.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Opinion: Game design that's good enough to eat
Gamasutra contributor Katherine Cross digs into Order of the Oven Mitt, a new edible game from game designer Jenn Sandercock.
04.02.18 | News | Katherine Cross | 2 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Octobo wants to be your kid's best friend
Gamasutra contributor Katherine Cross checks in on the development of Octobo, a cuddly blue octopus educational toy from developer Yuting Su that's brought to life by the addition of a tablet.
03.28.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Analysis: A closer look at MidBoss' chaotic, hostile work environment
Gamasutra contributor Katherine Cross researches some of the allegations against the 2064 developer and speaks to former staffers in an effort to understand why and how MidBoss was mismanaged.
03.27.18 | News | Katherine Cross | 3 Number of Comments 
Game Workers Unite to Jen MacLean: 'We want to work with you'
A member of Game Workers Unite sits down to discuss the organization's movement during GDC.
03.20.18 | News | Katherine Cross | 5 Number of Comments 
The AI systems that govern Final Fantasy XV's believable NPCs
Square Enix veteran Youichiro Miyake talked in detail about the AI that governs NPC behavior in Final Fantasy XV in a fast-paced, data-rich talk: “Eos is Alive: the AI Systems of Final Fantasy XV.”
03.19.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Ex-BioWare scribe Mike Laidlaw shares storytelling lessons
Mike Laidlaw, who recently stepped down as creative director at BioWare, took a break from his new consulting firm to talk to GDC about what he’s learned about writing and narrative design from his many years with the legendary game studio.
03.19.18 | News | Katherine Cross |  

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