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June 23, 2017
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Does Mass Effect: Andromeda get past old colonial ideas? Not quite
The quiet, diffuse imperialism of Mass Effect: Andromeda is offset by many equally quiet reckonings with that old imperial imagery. The result is a somewhat confused affair at war with itself.
05.29.17 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Groundhog Day meets Shakespeare in Elsinore
Elsinore, whose elevator pitch is “Groundhog Day meets Shakespeare,” is a time-looping isometric RPG take on Hamlet. You play as Ophelia.
05.28.17 | News | Katherine Cross | 2 Number of Comments 
A report from GaymerX Australia
A report from GaymerX Australia. Liam Esler and Joshua Meadows brought the GX franchise to Australia just two years ago, but sadly 2017’s was (at least for now) the last one.
05.18.17 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Opinion: Why does Mass Effect: Andromeda's open world feel so closed?
Mass Effect: Andromeda is brilliant pulpy fun. But it seems to be the latest in a line of recent games that struggle to give meaning to the vastness of their open spaces.
04.18.17 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Q&A: Benoit Sokal on Syberia and his comics career
For francophone audiences, Benoit Sokal was known as a comics arts before he designed the Syberia franchise. He says the transition into game design was a natural extension of his skills and talents.
04.09.17 | News | Katherine Cross |  
PAX East Report: Two unmistakably Australian games
Paperbark and Necrobarista both seek to be proudly Australian in a way that shows the world that an Australian setting isn’t only appealing to a narrow, regional interest.
03.21.17 | News | Katherine Cross |  
PAX East Report: Games from around the world
Here are three of the most intriguing non-American/non-Japanese games Gamasutra contributor Katherine Cross saw at PAX East.
03.20.17 | News | Katherine Cross |  
PAX East Report: The Shrouded Isle and embracing darkness in games
This year, a subtle current among the indie games on display at PAX East was exploring life in cults from the inside.
03.16.17 | News | Katherine Cross |  
The puzzles and paradoxes of Syberia 3
Kate Walker has been in limbo for far too long, but at last her tale comes to the last panel of its triptych. Syberia 3 is slated for release on April 25th, after years of delays and funding problems.
03.15.17 | News | Katherine Cross |  
A novel idea: PAX East's Visual Novel Reading Room
There was a new addition to the Indie Megabooth at PAX East this year: the Visual Novel Reading Room. It provided an opportunity to sample several promising new VNs.
03.14.17 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Spirit AI and the promise of automated content moderation
At GDC this year, Spirit AI pitched their “AI for humans” to developers, with the promise of AI that could serve as a game mechanic or a content moderator. 
03.12.17 | News | Katherine Cross | 1 Number of Comments 
Heaven's Vault: Inkle's game about a nebula-riding archaeologist
"We started from the idea of an interactive graphic novel and how that would work, bringing together an adventure game sensibility with Inkle's text flow style."
03.01.17 | News | Katherine Cross |  
A cautionary tale in community crisis management
"Empathize, acknowledge, and build a relationship," says Emma Siu, community engagement manager on the non-combat MMO Wander.
02.28.17 | News | Katherine Cross | 1 Number of Comments 
Train Jam perfectly captures the magic of both traveling and game dev
Every year, a group of GDC attendees travel to the show via train, and hold a 60-hour game jam while they ride the rails. A reporter who was on the Amtrak California Zephyr describes what went down.
02.27.17 | News | Katherine Cross | 1 Number of Comments 
Practical procedural generation (for everyone!)
Game dev and AI researcher Kate Compton breaks down the "IKEA catalog of design strategies" that typically dictate proc gen habits, and explores how to direct randomness to create strong game design.
02.26.17 | News | Katherine Cross | 1 Number of Comments 
Road to the IGF: Love Conquers All Games' Ladykiller in a Bind
Gamasutra chats with Love Conquers All Games' founder and namesake Christine Love about how she crafted IGF Award-nominated Ladykiller in a Bind, and why we don't see more erotic rom-com games.
02.23.17 | News | Alex Wawro |  
Interview: Jessica Curry on creating the score for Dear Esther
Curry describes what it was like composing for a story-based game, as well as her thoughts on the importance of videogame music for classical music more generally.
02.05.17 | News | Katherine Cross |  
Opinion: Lana Beniko, The Old Republic's best Immoral Woman
Star Wars: The Old Republic has many peaks and valleys in its storytelling, but with the character of Lana Beniko it reached one of its loftiest summits.
01.08.17 | News | Katherine Cross | 2 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Star Wars: The Old Republic, five years on
The Old Republic's latest expansions--Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne--are vintage Bioware storytelling that are worthy of being given the much-coveted title of KotOR 3.
01.05.17 | News | Katherine Cross | 2 Number of Comments 
Best of 2016: Gamasutra's top games, devs, events and trends
This is it -- the whole kit and kaboodle. As 2016 shuffles off this mortal coil, Gamasutra staff reflect on the events, trends, games and -- most importantly -- the devs that shaped the year that was.
12.22.16 | News | Gamasutra Staff | 1 Number of Comments 
Best of 2016: 5 games devs should play, from Square Enix Montreal's Teddy Diefenbach
From a dev perspective, what are the top games of the year? Here's 5 games from 2016 that Square Enix Montreal's Teddy Diefenbach played and thought other game makers should study.
12.22.16 | News | Teddy Diefenbach | 2 Number of Comments 
Best of 2016: Swery's top 5 games of the year (for devs)
From a dev perspective, what are the top games of the year? Here's 5 games from 2016 that longtime game designer Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro played and thought other game makers should study.
12.21.16 | News | Hidetaka 'Swery' Suehiro | 2 Number of Comments 
Don't Miss: What can game devs learn from 19th century art?
Nineteenth century artist Gustave Caillebotte showed how old methods could be used to tackle new subjects in a stunningly expressive way. Game devs can do the same, says columnist Katherine Cross.
12.21.16 | News | Staff |  
Chat with us about our top 10 games of 2016 today at 3PM EST
We're going live with a discussion about our top 10 games of 2016 today on Twitch. Come chat with us!
12.20.16 | News | Bryant Francis |  
Gamasutra's Best of 2016: Top 10 Games of the Year
Here are staffers' picks of the games that will remain in our memories as having defined the year for technical sophistication, storytelling, innovation, and pure intangible experience value.
12.20.16 | News | Gamasutra Staff | 5 Number of Comments 

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