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August 21, 2018
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Get a job: Cold Iron Studios is hiring a Sr. Content Designer for an Alien game
Cold Iron is seeking an experienced Sr. Content Designer to join its world-class team in creating a shooter set in the Alien universe for consoles and PC.
08.20.18 | News | Staff |  
ADAPTIVE GAMEPLAY AESTHETICS (PART 2): A Disruptive Game Design Framework
This 2-part essay provides a disruptive game design framework based on shape language and traditional composition for heightening physical empathy and the sensory experience of players with a focus on art and narrative-driven games and transmedia.
08.20.18 | Blog | Krzysztof Solarski |  
Beyond Scriptable Objects: Unity Data Management with CastleDB
Unity's inability to fully separate game data from code is an issue that all developers eventually run into. After juggling ScriptableObjects for a few years, I've found a better way by porting CastleDB, a structured static JSON database, to Unity.
08.20.18 | Blog | Kyle Kukshtel | 3 Number of Comments 
Designing Omnidirectional Levels for Lightfield
In this multipart series about the development of Lightfield we take a look back at some of the different areas. In this part I talk about the challenges we had to overcome when designing the race tracks for the omnidirectional parkour-style racing game.
08.17.18 | Blog | Julia Murczek |  
How Neopets has influenced a generation of game developers
Devs around the industry (including Nina Freeman, Kevin Snow, and Claire Hummel) reflect on how the venerable virtual pet website helped jumpstart their careers in game development.
08.14.18 | News | Emma Kidwell |  
Blog: Design principles as applied to virtual reality
Freelance level designer Seth Eden discusses several design principles and looks at how they do or don't apply to virtual reality.
08.13.18 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
Video Game Deep Cuts: We, Happy To Take The Magic Leap
This week's highlights include impressions of the much-pivoted We Happy Few, hands-on with the vaunted Magic Leap AR glasses, and lots more besides.
08.12.18 | Blog | Simon Carless |  
The Ups and Downs of Homeworld
Homeworld remains one of the only real-time strategy games to ever feature a truly 3D movement system. Why? Players never look up. This article examines what Homeworld did differently and why it failed to catch on.
08.10.18 | Blog | Justin Reeve |  
The 4D Finch House
There's more to What Remains of Edith Finch than first meets the eye. This article examines how the game's creative level design evokes feelings of quiet contemplation in the player.
08.07.18 | Blog | Justin Reeve |  
Dead Body Falls: Designing the Waypoint System
A look at the Waypoint System used in the game Dead Body Falls (2017, GearVR, Oculus Go)
08.06.18 | Blog | Luisa Nunes |  
We Kickstarted A Game 4 Years Ago and It's Not Done Yet - Part 1 - Backstory
In this post, I'm providing a transcript of a video series I'm making on the overall experience of running a Kickstarter game over the last 4 years. In this part, I'm offering an introduction to our game and why we actually started to consider Kickstarter
08.06.18 | Blog | Tristan Moore | 1 Number of Comments 
Cyber Demons | The AI of DOOM (2016)
Eight years in development, 2016's DOOM was a long awaited return for the franchise. I take a look at the AI toolchain adopted in the game, where it comes from and the secrets that reinforce the game's 'Push Forward Combat' philosophy.
08.06.18 | Blog | Tommy Thompson | 2 Number of Comments 
Half-Life 2’s Animated Architecture
Part of what makes Half-Life 2's level design so interesting is the placement of non-player characters. This article examines how NPCs were used as "alternative architecture" to guide player movement.
08.06.18 | Blog | Justin Reeve |  
Get a job: Crystal Dynamics is hiring an External Lead Designer
Tomb Raider dev Crystal Dynamics is looking for an experienced designer to join its team in Redwood City, California.
08.05.18 | News | Staff |  
Blog: Integrating player psychology into level design
Why do we feel safe in some spaces but anxious in others? This article examines how Metal Gear Solid V integrates player psychology into its level design.
07.31.18 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
Skill vs RNG -- The Debate of Controlling Progress
Today's post returns to the debate over games built on Skill or RNG and what they mean towards helping (or harming) the player's progression.
07.25.18 | Blog | Josh Bycer | 12 Number of Comments 
How Nyamakop designed Semblance's spongy, deformable terrain
“I think we could have spent five or ten years on this game,” says Semblance dev Ben Myres. “There’s really enough interesting stuff there that you can build on top of the core deforming terrain."
07.24.18 | News | Jack Yarwood | 1 Number of Comments 
Building Novigrad
The Witcher 3's Novigrad feels like a living, breathing city. Part of this has to do with its level design. This article shows how some of the principles of real-world urban planning were applied to this virtual city.
07.23.18 | Blog | Justin Reeve |  
Blog: Tricks of the level design trade
Let's look into some of the various level design techniques that can be used during the level creation process to communicate your design intent and direct the player through a level.
07.22.18 | News | Gamasutra Community |  
Building a set piece on a budget: Designing Fe's deer colossus
Game director Andreas Beijer and lead artist Martin Rasmusson walk through the process of developing and iterating the big deer colossus set piece in their charming platformer Fe.
07.22.18 | News | Aron Garst |  
Video Game Deep Cuts: Go, Go, No Man's Pokemon
This week's highlights include a report on the latest Pokemon Go Fest, the return of Sean Murray & No Man's Sky, and lots more besides.
07.22.18 | Blog | Simon Carless |  
Is Anything More Important Than a Game's Consistency?
In this post, I'd like to hypothesize that consistency, in terms of marketing, genre, and the game itself, is one of the best predictors for a game's success.
07.22.18 | Blog | Richard Atlas | 5 Number of Comments 
Level design: Tricks of the trade
In this post, I look into some of the various level design techniques that can be used during the level creation process, that can help to communicate your design intent and direct the player through a level.
07.20.18 | Blog | Jonathon Wilson |  
Textual Procedural Generation and Narration: Generalities, Opinions, Tips and Perspectives.
After reviewing basic techniques for narrative writing in games and less basic ones, such as the use of AI, we propose the idea of a narrative and lore design emerging from the actions of the players.
07.20.18 | Blog | Fibre Tigre | 3 Number of Comments 
The challenge of designing Overwatch maps when players can get 'literally everywhere'
In an interview with VG 24/7, Overwatch lead designer Geoff Goodman looks back to early conversations he had with the team about designing future-proof levels.
07.19.18 | News | Alissa McAloon |  

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