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January 20, 2019
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Road to the IGF: Greg Lobanov's Wandersong
Singing is the only way to interact with the people and puzzles of Wandersong, tasking players with using their voice to improve the lives of those they meet.
01.17.19 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: Ian Lilley's Mirror Drop
Mirror Drop takes players to a puzzling world of endless mirrors and reflections, creating a dizzying realm of repeating visions and colors into infinity.
01.16.19 | News | Joel Couture |  
Chat with the developers of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden at 10AM ET
The GDC Twitch channel will be streaming Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden with the developers from The Bearded Ladies starting at 10AM PT.
11.27.18 | News | Staff |  
IGF Award-winning Baba Is You cloned before it was even released
It's the latest example of the game industry's long-running problem with cloning, and what's especially striking here is thatBaba is Youisn't even out yet.
04.03.18 | News | Alex Wawro | 1 Number of Comments 
Writing comedic games the West of Loathing way
?Taking about comedy is one of the least funny things,? said West of Loathing game dev Zach Johnson as he opened his talk at GDC 2018 today about the art of writing good comedy games.
03.19.18 | News | Alex Wawro |  
Road to the IGF: Funomena's Luna
Luna is a soothing VR fairytale, one where players will play in gardens, solve puzzles among the stars, and help a bird make its way home.
03.15.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: TPM CO Soft Works' Tarotica Voo Doo
Tarotica Voo Doo, an MSX game in the works since 1993, takes players on a silly, but challenging journey that looks to recapture that sense of playing video games for the very first time.
03.14.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: Cosmic Top Secret
Cosmic Top Secret tells a papercraft story of Cold War secrets and family connections, taking the player on an autobiographical journey through the stories of a developer's parents.
03.13.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: Cactus Curse Games' Penny Blue Finds A Clue
Penny Blue Finds A Clue will have players following an incorrigible tween sleuth, one who seems awfully content to let the player do all the work in this animated mystery.
03.12.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: Asymmetric's West of Loathing
RPG West of Loathing takes players to a ridiculous stick figure old West, having players duke it out as Snake Oilers, Beanslingers, and Cow Punchers.
03.11.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: Karina Popp's 10 Mississippi
10 Mississippi explores a life through interactive photographs of mundane parts of their day, having players get to know someone through the bits and pieces of their everyday life.
03.08.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: Guardian of the Gears
Guardian of the Gears is a puzzle platformer of giant mechanisms, letting players loose in a world of interconnected machines to tinker with.
03.07.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: Matt Makes Games' Celeste
Celeste takes players on daring, challenging mountain climbs, with its music carrying the player along the varied emotions the heroine feels along her adventure.
03.06.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: Playables' Kids
Nuovo Award-nominated Kids is a game of crowds - of exploring our relationships in terms of our positions we take relative to one another.
03.05.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: Brianna Lei's Butterfly Soup
Butterfly Soup explores love between young women over baseball, having players connect closely with some friends as they play, talk, and text together.
03.04.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: ULTRA ULTRA's Echo
Echo takes players to a palatial space station, one eerily filled with clones of the heroine that shift and adapt to the player?s style, taking their actions as their own.
03.01.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: Infinite Fall's Night in the Woods
Night in the Woods aims to capture that feeling of trying to go home to a place that no longer exists, following Mae back to her old town and friends to find it all very different now.
02.28.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: E-Studio's Tormentor X Punisher
Tormentor X Punisher draws the player into bloody, frantic gunplay with pounding music, screen-shaking effects, and a few hidden audio tricks that make the player's actions part of the sound.
02.27.18 | News | Joel Couture | 3 Number of Comments 
Road to the IGF: Maggese's Don't Make Love
Don't Make Love puts the players in the role of mantis lovers on the verge of a life-changing decision, having them use their own words to talk through this difficult decision.
02.26.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: Studio MDHR's Cuphead
Players will battle colossal bosses, their styles drawn from 1930s animation, as hot jazz blares in their ears in ever-escalating run and gun game Cuphead.
02.25.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: Subset Games' Into the Breach
Into the Breach is a game of tactical mech combat, one where the enemies telegraph their moves, turning each match into a kind of puzzle that needs to be studied and completed.
02.22.18 | News | Joel Couture | 1 Number of Comments 
Road to the IGF: Richards Hogg & Haggett's Wilmot's Warehouse
Wilmot's Warehouse tasks players with organizing stock in a warehouse, drawing upon that a strangely compelling desire to arrange objects.
02.21.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: Czech Academy of Sciences' Attentat 1942
Attentat 1942 is a look at World War II through the eyes of its survivors, using multiple perspectives and play styles to share in a personalized look at its events and horrors.
02.20.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: Skeleton Business' Vignettes
Vignettes encourages exploration and curiosity through manipulatable objects, hiding whole new items and stories through touch, rotation, and orientation of colorful things.
02.19.18 | News | Joel Couture |  
Road to the IGF: Videocult's Rain World
A lonely slugcat has to make its way in a world of predators and lethal storms in Rain World, a game that mixes curiosity, calmness, and terror with its sound design.
02.18.18 | News | Joel Couture |  

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