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October 10, 2015
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October 10, 2015
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Firewatch designer calls on devs to speak up to their governments 1
by Alex Wawro [10.09.15]
Campo Santo's Nels Anderson wants to see the game industry's concerns better represented in government, and he's gone so far as to launch his own local "voter mobilization and information initiative."
Business/Marketing, Console/PC, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet

Effective game coding principles: 'Ya ain't gonna need it' 4
by Gamasutra Community [10.09.15]
"This principle comes into play when you're programming something that you're guessing you might need at some point in the future. The basic premise is that generally speaking, you aren't going to need it."
Programming, Console/PC, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet

Zynga launches ads that are games into its games 8
by Christian Nutt [10.08.15]
They're a mobile ad engagement booster, apparently -- and so the company's players will be subjected to its new SponsoredPLAY ads, after a successful beta.
Business/Marketing, Smartphone/Tablet

Sponsored: Optimizing Unity games on Android: A case study  
by Jackie Lee [10.08.15]
This article will show a performance gain with x86 native support on Android and share some tips for increasing performance on Intel architecture using Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars as an example.
Business/Marketing, Programming, Production, Smartphone/Tablet, Sponsored Article

The Humanist Methodology: Hiring is the most important thing we do 26
by Gamasutra Community [10.08.15]
"How you hire, fire, and build your team will define your success as a leader, so you better be good at it... or you won't be a leader for long."
Business/Marketing, Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet

Mobile devs: License an engine or create your own? 2
by Gamasutra Community [10.08.15]
Mobile studio Sproing's head of programming considers the issue: Go with in-house tech, or license Unity or Unreal Engine for mobile game development?
Programming, Smartphone/Tablet

Fixing biases and flaws in big data analyses of games and apps 4
by Gamasutra Community [10.07.15]
"These biases and flaws are not really due to statistics or math, but rather to how we interpret the methods or results. So the solution to these biases and flaws is not technical, but human."
Business/Marketing, Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet

Video: How video games can better handle feints and misdirection  
by Staff [10.09.15]
At GDC Europe 2015, TinyBuild's Mike Rose speaks to what video game designers can learn (and potentially steal) about bluffing and misdirection mechanics from the most devious board and card games.
Design, Console/PC, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet, Video, Vault

Best of 2014: Gamasutra's Top Games of the Year 10
by Christian Nutt, Brandon Sheffield, Kris Graft, Alex Wawro, Leigh Alexander, Phill Cameron [12.22.14]
Making a definitive "best of" is impossible, thanks to the diversity of games out there. But Gamasutra's small staff, naturally, played a whole lot of games this year, and we all have strong opinions about the ones we loved.
Design, Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Mobile Games

Sponsored: 'Sweat, Swearing and Tears' - A new documentary series on indie game developers 8
by Jocelyn Moffatt [07.07.14]
Patrick Haynes, Founder and Executive Producer at Fatbelly Productions, speaks about his experience working with Barking Mouse Studio and Autodesk on a new indie game-focused documentary series.
Console/PC, Indie, Sponsored Feature, Smartphone/Tablet, Mobile Games

'Roguelikes': Getting to the heart of the it-genre 25
by Christian Nutt [05.21.14]
Over the last year, the roguelike has become the it-genre. Gamasutra speaks to developers to get to the heart of its appeal.
Business/Marketing, Design, Interview, Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet

What's next for Puzzle & Dragons and GungHo? 16
by Christian Nutt [03.28.14]
The president and CEO of GungHo, the studio behind the massive success Puzzle & Dragons, explains his philosophy toward game development, his studio's relationship with Supercell, free-to-play, and more.
Business/Marketing, Design, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Mobile Games

Ethical Free-to-Play Game Design (And Why it Matters) 110
by Greg Costikyan [01.10.14]
Ex-Playdom senior designer and game industry veteran Greg Costikyan takes a hard look at free-to-play design and business practices and urges the industry to change them -- as ethical design will increase long-term value.
Business/Marketing, Design, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

To Succeed in China, First Thing You Should Know is Chinese App Stores  
by Echo Zeng [10.09.15]
Many western developers have been trying to get into Chinese mobile games market but few have succeeded. It’s a tough market but too big to ignore. This post is the first in an ongoing series in which we focus on Chinese mobile games market in terms of ap
Business/Marketing, Smartphone/Tablet

How a front page Reddit post affected the sales of an indie game. 1
by Aksel Junkkila [10.09.15]
On the 11th and 12th of September a small indie development company was featured on the front page of Reddit in form of a r/iAMA post. The following data shows how the front page post affected the sales of a sci-fi strategy game.
Business/Marketing, Console/PC, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet

UNET Unity 5 Networking Tutorial Part 2 of 3 - Client Side Prediction and Server Reconciliation  
by Christian Arellano [10.09.15]
In Part 2 of our series, we look into how we can implement client-side prediction and server reconciliation using the Unity Networking HLAPI.
Programming, Console/PC, Indie, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

Game Localization Matters: 7 Reasons Why You Should Localize  
by Carolina Silvandersson [10.09.15]
All games are developed from a cultural context. Localization is about customizing that context to another, specific market. For a game or app, to attain a global reach, localization is an effective way to widen the market and reach more gamers.
Business/Marketing, Production, Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet

Creating scalable backends for games using open source Orleans framework 3
by Ashkan Saeedi Mazdeh [10.08.15]
I introduce the concepts of actor based programming and message passing based concurrency to the reader using the Microsoft Project Orleans framework which is free and open source. Also show how one should connect such a service to a game engine like unit
Programming, Console/PC, Indie, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

Nix Hydra — Los Angeles, California, United States
Creative Director

Square Enix Co., Ltd. — Tokyo, Japan
Game Designer
The Game Designer will be responsible for all Game Design related tasks, working collaboratively with team members and creating a game design that will stay in usersÂ’ hearts for the latest entry in the FINAL FANTASY franchise, FINAL FANTASY XV.

Square Enix Co., Ltd. — Tokyo, Japan
Assistant Producer
Do you think you have what it takes to join the Square Enix Dev Team? Do you want to play a key role in the continued success of one of the greatest video game franchises of all time? If so, this may be the job for you. Square Enix is looking for an Assistant Producer to work out of the Tokyo, Japan (Shinjuku) office.

Square Enix Co., Ltd. — Tokyo, Japan
Project Manager (Global Support)
Do you think you have what it takes to join the Square Enix Team? Do you want to play a key role in the continued success of one of the greatest video game franchises of all time? If so, this may be the job for you. Square Enix is looking for a Project Manager to work out of the Tokyo, Japan (Shinjuku) office.

Vicarious Visions / Activision — Albany, New York, United States
VV-Cinematic Animator-Temporary
See job description.

Seasun Games — Redwood City, California, United States
Senior Engine Programmer (Unreal Engine)

Seasun Games — Redwood City, California, United States
Art Director

Seasun Games — Redwood City, California, United States
Sr. Graphics Engineer (Unreal Engine)

Seasun Games — Redwood City, California, United States
Publishing Coordinator(Beijing)

E-Line Media — Tempe, Arizona, United States
Software Engineer