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October 31, 2014
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October 31, 2014
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Nielsen: 32% of iPad Owners Haven't Downloaded Any Apps
Nielsen: 32% of iPad Owners Haven't Downloaded Any Apps
October 21, 2010 | By Kyle Orland

October 21, 2010 | By Kyle Orland
More: Console/PC

A new report from Nielsen Media Research finds that 32 percent of iPad owners have not yet downloaded anything from the App Store, but a majority of those that do use the store download games.

The 68 percent of iPad users who have downloaded apps includes five percent of the total market that say they only download free apps, with 63 percent saying they've paid for at least one app.

Of the paid app buyers on the iPad, 62 percent say they've downloaded games, making them the most popular category of paid apps on the device, ahead of books, music and shopping apps.

Nielsen's report also found that 63 percent of iPad users are under 35, 65 percent are male, and 51 percent have at least a bachelor's degree. A quarter of iPad users bring in annual incomes of over $100,000, according to the report.

iPad users were also more likely to be receptive to advertising than users of other connected devices examined in the report. Overall, 46 percent of iPad users said they enjoyed ads with interactive features, compared to just 27 percent of all connected device owners.

In addition, iPad users were more likely to say they made a purchase based on ads viewed on the device, when compared with other connected device users.

Apple has sold more than seven million iPads since the device's introduction in April, the first wave in an exploding tablet PC market that analysts expect to encompass 54 million devices by the end of 2011.

Nielsen surveyed 5,000 owners of 54 different internet-connected devices using an self-administered online poll.

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John Seggerson
profile image
What I wonder is if some of these users have purchased the application via iTunes on a desktop and just not on the iPad itself.

Still, I'll say this for a lot of people: What are you doing with an iPad if you're not getting additional free or paid software for it?

Benjamin Marchand
profile image
iPad was announced like a portable internet browser/Mail checker, initially ;)

Seems like people sticked to that.

(I'm not surprised)

ben britten
profile image
I would be interested to know what this number is across all iOS devices. %32 sounds like a lot, but I know people with iPhone who just use the built in apps, so I am guessing it is probably a similar number on the other iOS devices.

(also take into account that this was a self-administered online poll, so the selection bias may indicate that these numbers dont mean anything at all)

Mark Morrison
profile image
"A new report from Nielsen Media Research finds that 32 percent of iPad owners have not yet downloaded anything from the App Store, but a majority of those that do use the store download games."

Someone goes out of their way to make a luxury hardware purchase that costs a minimum of $550 and doesn't use it? This makes zero sense, especially in this economy. What else can you do without apps/games on the iPad except communicate? Even Netflix or Hulu is an app download. Herein lies an inherent flaw in the way these types of surveys and polls are synthesized into accurate data IMO.

Kyle Orland
profile image
The web browser, e-mail, photos, YouTube, iTunes music and video, iBooks, Maps, Calendar and iWork are all available built-in, which is a good deal of functionality. Of course there's a lot more they could be doing with App Store apps, but obviously this built-in stuff is enough for a lot of uncurious owners.

Either that, or a lot of iPad buyers lose interest in using it at all really fast...

Doug Poston
profile image
Also, in some social circles, $600 is not a big deal and you are just expected to buy anything Apple releases.

Martin Crownover
profile image
Two things.

First, if you don't get new apps on the device, it pretty much negates the purpose of owning one (and I am still of the opinion that for most people who already own a desktop, laptop, and smart phone, the iPad is pointless anyway)

And second, do these numbers include iPads that have been purchased by businesses for presentation and the like? I doubt those units are seeing any significant app purchase numbers.

Ron Alpert
profile image
I am not too surprised. I didn't expect that this thing would be considered a major gaming device/"toy" for the majority of folks who actually wanted to buy one (as opposed to those who DL apps on their phones, in which case it is much more common that you'd just have it "on you" and be interested to find something with which to pass the time). I am sure things will change down the road with these devices, and even though they are moving decent hardware numbers right now, they are still just a novelty. When that true "killer app" comes out to define the real necessity of such a thing, I am sure there will be a change. Until then, you don't really hear too much ruckus in the "iPad app ONLY" scene..

Mark Morrison
profile image
I guess I was not clear in my initial comment. I think the Nielsen #s are wrong. Whoever/wherever they poll didn't give them accurate data. When was the last time anyone questioned this type of reporting? Sorry Nielsen ;) I've seen the iPad game sales #s and they are huge. I know dozens of people with iPads. Without exception, this is a heavily used piece of hardware, especially on travels.