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October 26, 2014
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October 26, 2014
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PS Vita sales plummet to new weekly low in Japan
PS Vita sales plummet to new weekly low in Japan
April 11, 2012 | By Eric Caoili

Sony's PS Vita continues to struggle to pick up traction in Japan, where hardware sales for the handheld fell to a new low last week -- almost all consoles suffered significant sales drops, too.

PS Vita's system sales slid to 8,931 last week, slipping into the four-digit range for the first time. It was stuck around the 10,000 mark for a month before a small boost lifted PS Vita sales to 12,105 last week, but the portable wasn't able to keep that upward momentum for long.

The handheld doesn't appear to be performing well in the U.S. either, where Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter predicts Vita sales to be around around 125,000 units in March, its second month on sale. Pachter described those numbers as "meaningfully below our expectations."

Nintendo 3DS hardware sales in Japan also dropped, coming down from 121,921 to 72,115. The portable had enjoyed particularly healthy sales after the release of special bundles for Super Mario 3D Land, Monster Hunter 3G, and Kingdom Hearts 3D in recent weeks.

PSP sales, though still higher than PS Vita's, sank from 18,356 to 14,804. In fact, all consoles reported fewer sales last week with the exception of Xbox 360, which grew from 1,317 to 3,764 as Kinect Star Wars shipped -- that game sold 6,010 copies.

Handheld games dominated Japan's software sales chart last week, and Namco Bandai's 2nd Super Robot Wars Z: Saisei-hen for PSP was at the top after debuting with 265,439 copies sold (a 40,000 drop from the initial sales of the last Super Robot Wars PSP game).

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, the second biggest seller, moved 42,231 units, an 80 percent drop-off from the previous week's 255,810. That's a significantly higher second-week drop-off than other recent portable games from Square Enix's Disney-themed series, which typically fall of by 60-67 percent.

PS Vita failed to put up a single game on Japan's top 20 software sales chart (tracks only retail sales, not digital copies sold on PSN), and with hardly any major releases slated for the coming weeks, it's unlikely the portable's sales will bounce back in the near future.

Full software and hardware sales charts for the April 2 to 8 period in Japan, provided by Media Create and translated by NeoGAF, are available here.

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Joe Zachery
profile image
The PS Vita has too many issue in Japan to name all right now. Also with the upcoming NPD in the US what shows the Vita selling lower in a month. Then it did in 4 days during it's release week. Sony needs to do some incredible things to fix things. Even when the 3DS was at it's lowest point it was never at this level. So when are the Vita is doomed articles coming? Never!

Nicholas Muise
profile image
It is unfortunate to see how the Vita is performing. I picked mine up on day one and I think it is fantastic. Yes it was expensive, but I find myself using it daily. Hopefully things will pick up for the Vita, I know I will be doing what I can to help support the system.

k s
profile image
I said before this system launched it was still born and the numbers appear to be proving me right.

Mike Rentas
profile image
Too bad, I love mine. The 3G thing was stupid as hell, though. They needed to cut that whole feature as soon as they determined it wouldn't be feasible to play multiplayer games over a cell connection. The memory card situation is an embarassment as well.

Bernardo Del Castillo
profile image
I like the Vita, I got one a month in I think it is a very powerful nicely decigned piece of hardware, but it is plagued with problems, as mentioned above (not that the 3ds doesnt have huge, maybe bigger problems).
I would say that there is a lack of decision from sony in regards to what they want the vita to be.

Added to the fact that Sony has exaggerated to the extent of lying about some of the features, Cross play is non existent yet, remote play plays the same 20 odd games that the psp used to play. Near is a hassle, the memory cards are a ripoff still. And the game list is looking rather dry.

Do hope it picks up though.

Ujn Hunter
profile image
Costs too much, memory is required and also costs too much, forced Touch Controls... who couldn't see this coming? Most people aren't interested unless it's $150 or less.