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October 31, 2014
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BioWare bringing  Mass Effect 3  to Wii U
BioWare bringing Mass Effect 3 to Wii U
June 5, 2012 | By Eric Caoili

Newsbrief: BioWare will bring its popular Mass Effect 3 RPG franchise to a Nintendo console for the first time, with a port of Mass Effect 3 coming to Wii U.

The Electronic Arts subsidiary originally released Mass Effect 3 to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows last March -- it managed to sell 1.5 million copies for consoles during that month alone, and has so far grossed more than $200 million.

Nintendo highlighted the title with several other third-party games to highlight its commitment to bringing titles for core audiences. It also showed off Wii U versions of WB's Batman: Arkahm City, Namco Bandai's Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and FrozenByte's Trine 2.

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Galaxy 613
profile image
The question that looms in my mind is... why? Everyone who wants the game has already got it. No one is going to buy a Wii U just to play 3rd Party Games that have been out for a year or more. It is good if it's just a sign they are at the Xbox360/PS3 level of performance but... the Wii U doesn't have PSN or Xbox Live.

E Zachary Knight
profile image
The Wii U has online play. granted, it is not called PSN or Xbox Live.

profile image
If it has added content, additional game play mechanics, online options not available for the other two systems, and true 1080p graphics, people will re-buy it. Especially people that haven't played it yet. All they have to prove is that Wii U makes it a better experience.

Ian Uniacke
profile image
If people haven't played it yet chances are they haven't played 1 or 2 so why would they buy Mass Effect 3? This seems like a massive misstep at best.

Eric Geer
profile image
My assumption in them bringing ME3 to WiiU is to show that there is support for the console---no other reason really. Brining ME3 shows that one of the most well known 3rd party franchises/developers is on board with WiiU whether it sells well or not.

My guess is that that Bioware will also be bringing some interesting things to the game with the WiiU release---similar to Rocksteady's Arkam City.

Joshua Rogers
profile image
I think Nintendo is setting itself up for a very up hill battle.

Marcus Miller
profile image
Why is this unexpected? The Wii U is suppose to be as powerful as the current iterations of the PS3 and 360. Can it run Mass Effect 4 in the future as well as the PS4 and X-Box 3? That is a bigger question...

Merc Hoffner
profile image
Or more cynically they're trying to offer 24 month plans before they announce the next system in 12. Anyway, considering Sony and even Microsoft are struggling to reach sustainable profitability even 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 years into the cycle when in past generations that's usually hit within 1 or 2 years, how could massively upgraded systems released in the next 1-2 years become economically viable within their own lifetimes?