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September 2, 2014
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September 2, 2014
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 Fieldrunners 2  highlights this week's Best of Indie Games
Fieldrunners 2 highlights this week's Best of Indie Games
July 27, 2012 | By Tim W.

July 27, 2012 | By Tim W.
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This week on "Best Of Indie Games," we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash/downloadable titles released over this last week.

The goodies in this edition include a clever point-and-click puzzle from the GROW series developer Eyezmaze, a pair of Mini Ludum Dare #36 picks, an action-RPG that looks quite a bit like Minecraft, plus the sequel to the award-winning tower defense hit Fieldrunners.

Here's some recent highlights from

Game Pick: 'Black Box' (Eyezmaze, browser)
"Clever point-and-click puzzle developer Eyezmaze has taken a break from the GROW series with Black Box. Players start with a simple black box, and in a few clicks, have this Sackboy-looking robot to poke and prod."

Game Pick: 'Heroes Rise' (Zachary Sergi, browser)
"Centered around the life of an up-and-coming 'Powered' individual, Heroes Rise will have you doing everything from fighting illegals to illegal fighting."

Game Pick: 'Dyad' (][ Games, commercial indie)
"Though developer Shawn McGrath and countless editors fail to find the exact words to describe Dyad, that doesn't make it a difficult game to get into and subsequently surrender to."

Game Pick: 'Eruption' (Derevensky, browser)
"Created for the Mini Ludum Dare #36 jam, Derevensky's Eruption is a platformer where soul particles battle their fiery, volcanic captors, as a reborn warrior tries to escape his erupting burial tomb."

Game Pick: 'Eat Your Dinner' (bnhw, browser)
"A cutesy little puzzle game that will you put in control of a pixelated baby snake, Eat Your Dinner wants you to figure out how to make a little reptile clear his plate."

Game Pick: 'Bonsai Defense' (Mate Cziner, freeware)
"Bonsai Defense is a first person tower defense game in which players have to actually become the tree and grow fruit that will serve as both weapons and companions."

Game Pick: 'Cute Things Dying Violently' (ApathyWorks, commercial indie)
"In Cute Things Dying Violently, players are charged with guiding a gaggle of Critters to each level's exit by flicking them through murderous gauntlets of enemies and sharp objects."

Game Pick: 'DIWOC' (Droqen, browser)
"Fishbane and Don't Lose Your Head puzzle platformer practioner Droqen is back with DIWOC, a brief, fun, and possibly seizure-inducing platformer where players must gather hearts in one of overlapped two dimensions."

Game Pick: 'Contraste' (Paste, browser)
"Aptly named for the contrast-themed Ludum Dare Mini LD #36, Paste's Contraste proves that platformers are an excellent, or at least efficient, way to implement mechanics built around a theme."

Game Pick: 'Fieldrunners 2' (Subatomic Studios, commercial indie)
"In addition to 20 gorgeous, hand-painted defense levels, Fieldrunners 2 has puzzle, sudden death, and time trial modes to extend the game time."

Game Pick: 'J-J-Jump' (Nitrome, browser)
"In Nitrome's J-J-Jump, players have a limited amount of jumps to get to the goal at the top of every stage. Checkpoints and the rainbow goo draped on some platforms or found in floating spheres replenish jump ammunition."

Game Pick: 'The Grid' (Succat, browser)
"The Grid is a text-only strategy multiplayer game you play by actually typing in commands and fantasizing you are logged in a BBS."

Game Pick: 'Delver' (Priority Interrupt, freeware)
"Delver is an action-RPG that looks quite a bit like Minecraft and plays a lot like your average rogue-like, meaning that you already know whether it's your cup of tea or not."

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