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October 2, 2014
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October 2, 2014
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PS Vita sold just 400K units in last fiscal quarter
PS Vita sold just 400K units in last fiscal quarter
August 21, 2012 | By Mike Rose

August 21, 2012 | By Mike Rose
More: Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Newsbrief: As of June 30, the PS Vita has sold 2.2 million hardware units worldwide since it launched earlier this year, a Sony representative has revealed to Joystiq.

This means that the fledging handheld has sold around 1 million units since its launch week, and just 400,000 units worldwide between April and June.

The company said as part of its recent financial results that it sold 1.4 million Vita and PSP units combined during its first quarter, meaning that the PSP must have sold approximately 1 million units during the quarter, comparted to the Vita's 400,000 sold.

Sony isn't giving up on the console, however, with plenty of new titles detailed last week during a Gamescom conference. The company is forecasting 10 million Vita units sold by the end of this year.

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k s
profile image
Why is sony still trying to hawk this thing? Oh and yeah they're not hitting even close to 10 million units sold this year.

Merc Hoffner
profile image
I don't know how much money they're losing per unit but at sales levels like these it makes hardly any profit/loss difference if they closed up shop, so in that sense you're right.

BUT, if they did, man if they did, what kind of signal would that send to the market? What would that say about Hirai? What would that say about Playstation? Wouldn't that be the first step to the industry's second Sega? After only 6 months(ish) it would be a drastic admission of a corporation in complete disarray. Just from the position of industry repute they might want to at least draw it out to a more tolerable 3-year excursion or something. But yeah, 10 million means they're either smoking something or hoping everyone else is. Afaik this is trailing Dreamcast.

Dave Long
profile image
@ Merc - except that it's (compared with it's time, clearly it's a better piece of kit not adjusting for technological development) a far better piece of kit, for better value, with a better range of games. Vita's struggles are bad for Sony, but they're even worse for gamers. If gamers let their emotions stop them picking quality products, then they'll get what they deserve. Same goes for politics - people often vote in parties that harm them more than the other party would have, so it's hardly a new phenomenon, but as a gamer interested in quality kit and gameplay, rather than emotionally-biased nostalgia, it's a shame to see that gaming's got so mainstream it's hit critical mass for emotionally-blinkered customers.

Merc Hoffner
profile image
@ Dave

??? I'm not sure what you're saying, or why to me? Which platforms are you comparing? Are you saying Tech > Nostalgia? Are you saying fun should be logical and not emotional? That we can quantify fun (or potential fun) by the value of silicon/money?

If you're comparing to Dreamcast I'd say Dreamcast arrived with generational improvement and no competitors on the market, launched at $200 which was good value at the time (and rapidly discounted to $150 btw), and with less than two years on the market is still regarded by its fans as having the best array of games ever. The Vita's slow momentum is by comparison, deserved.

Or am I misreading and this is some kind of implied slight against Nintendo (or even iOS?).

Obviously I'm unashamedly biased (I make no qualms about that), but that bias is built on a deep seated love for a craftsmanship I find enjoyable, and Nintendo routinely delivers that for me. I buy new Nintendo products when they launch in the knowledge their track record for producing games I enjoy is well established. The same does not often go for Sony themselves (some of their 3rd party partners yes - although that is getting spotty), and without games or a promise of games I like, Playstation as a slab of hardware is meaningless. I suspect something similar for many others.

The market has spoken. $250 is too rich for this level of promise, just as it was for 3DS. I like to use one of the Ferrari arguments: It's like selling new Ferrari's at half price. Clearly excellent value for money, but even that cheap doesn't mean anyone can really afford them, or that it suits everyone's lifestyle.

And as for the industry? Well we're entering very dangerous territory if Uncharted becomes the expectation on handhelds - if the financials barely work on the HD consoles then how could we expect it to function on handhelds? This 'technological development' (and by that I mean quantity of silicon) has delivered less advance in gameplay per unit cost than did say, adding a touchscreen, or a second screen, or a camera. In the last generation it's been a shame to see gamers hungry for new kinds of interactivity shunned by power-blinkered developers.

Keith Thomson
profile image
Comparing the 3DS to Vita launches at this point in the year is apples to oranges. The 3DS released much closer to a holiday period, where the Vita launched in February/March, 9-10 months before Christmas. Wait until after Christmas to compare their first year sales.

Joshua van Gageldonk
profile image
Actually the Nintendo 3DS was released on 02/26/11 in Japan, 03/25/11 in Europe and
03/27/11 in the US.
The Playstation Vita was released on 12/17/11, 02/15/12 and 02/22/12 respectively. This means that for the European and American market at least it is actually quite interesting to compare sales over the first 6 month period.

Joe Zachery
profile image
Come on Keith you can do better than that.
The 3DS launched in Spring in every region.
JP February 26, 2011[1]
EU March 25, 2011[2]
NA March 27, 2011[3]
The Vita launched during December in Japan, and in the February in the west. So their launches are almost exactly the same. Except the Vita came out during Christmas in the most popular handheld region. They had the same price, similar launch lineups, but not even close when it comes to outcomes. The 3DS which had a over exaggerated bad start never came close to the depths the Vita is currently. Nintendo was just smart enough to try and turn it around before it was too late. While the Vita may have already reached that point.

Gern Blanston
profile image
Through July Vita sold around 2M, while through the same period of time from launch 3DS sold 4.4M (more than twice as many).

Apples to grapes.

Leon T
profile image
The Vita situation looks very bad. If it doesn't have a good holiday it is dead. If it does it might just limp along long enough for some killer app to come along and increase hardware sales.

Dave Hoskins
profile image
They've shut down the internal Wipeout team, and there's a rumour that they've dropped third party development as well. They're also making a loss every year... Goodbye Sony...