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July 24, 2014
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July 24, 2014
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iOS devices still selling by the millions, though iPad sales are slowing
iOS devices still selling by the millions, though iPad sales are slowing
October 25, 2012 | By Tom Curtis

October 25, 2012 | By Tom Curtis

Apple's ever-popular iOS devices are still flying off store shelves, though in its recent fourth quarter earnings report, Apple revealed that iPad sales aren't growing quite as fast as they used to.

During this most recent quarter, the company sold 14 million iPads, up from 11.12 million units during this time last year. That 25.9 percent sales increase, however, pales in comparison to the 166 percent increase the iPad saw in 2011, meaning the platform's growth has leveled off sharply over the past 12 months.

Of course, since the iPad is a relatively new product, it's only natural for the device's sales to stabilize as it gets further into its lifespan. But even with this in mind, Apple's recent sales numbers fell a bit short of expectations, as analysts expected the company to sell at least 15.55 million units.

iPad sales will certainly pick up in the next few months, however, since Apple just announced a fourth generation model alongside the brand new iPad mini.

Things looked a bit better for the iPhone this quarter, as that device sold some 26.9 million units, up from 17.07 million units year over year. iPhone sales saw a particularly big increase thanks to the comparatively early release of the iPhone 5 in September. In 2011, Apple did not release the iPhone 4S until October, which falls under the following quarter.

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Justin LeGrande
profile image
If this legislation passes within the next week, Ipad sales may be affected further...

Chris Melby
profile image
Since we're sharing:

Android tablets are now at 48% market while iPads slipped to 52%.

1.3 million Android devices are activated each day.

The ration of Android devices sold to iOS devices is over 3 to 1 now.

gstarr W
profile image
Chris- prove it. You don't know what you are talking about.

Chris Melby
profile image
Sure... I i'll back up what I've written.

*I just grabbed the top links from a 'Google' Search*

Android's 48% share of the tablet market -- and before you even comment, a Kindle Fire is an Android tablet. It runs the "same" APKs( Android Applications ) as any other tablet, given of course it meets the requirements...:

1.3 million Android devices activated each day:

And my mistake, there are "4" Android phones sold for every one iPhone, so a 4:1 to one ratio:

This last link has a bonus, it includes SCARE tactics! Oh nooos, the evil malware is on the rise! Android is scary! ... Invested interests and their FUD are awesome!

So... Whenever you read information that doesn't fit into what you would like to believe, do you automatically insult the individual that wrote it? I personally do a bit of research before I accuse someone of not knowing what they're talking about. This way if I'm wrong, I don't come off as a hypocrite.

Bob Johnson
profile image
But the numbers are garbage. Android is on a lot of shtty devices. Think Windows on $300 laptops or Netbooks. Those devices aren't going to be a market for developers. That is always underreported. I see $100 pre-paid phones with Android. I mean if you want to get technical. Symbian is a huge part of the sales market still.

And in the tablet market you have to wonder whether these other devices are really tablets or ereaders. How much of the sales are due to price and how many will be disappointed in those devices in the longer run? Plus when you introduce new models and just get into the market you often get a sales boost that isn't sustainable. That isn't reflected in the numbers. That's why the numbers are all garbage.

Last the article should say the rate of sales is slowing because sales didn't slow. They increased.

Chris Melby
profile image

There's nothing being underreported, when the top selling Android phones and tablets are all high end devices -- think gaming rig leaning towards enthusiast level, if I go by your scale.. It's just that you're focusing on an aspects of Android that's a minority now days; that only had impacting merit a couple of years back.

Here, this is end of 2012 Android, much has changed;

The Nexus 7 is the best selling Android tablet to date. Looks like an easy target to me.

Samsung currently has the largest share of the mobile market. Their Galaxy S3 is still the best selling phone. So if you want an easy target, a healthy larger than Apple's market to target, go Samsung; their best selling devices are hardly shitty outside of one's "subjectiveness."

You can get a $30 pre-paid iPhones 4s btw, so what point are you trying to make about a $100 phone running Android?

And FYI, when you target Android, you get to choose which devices to support. You can block the minority of shitty phones that you don't want to bother with; but I'm thinking that you have no care bother with Android regardless?

Every tablet on the market touts itself as being an eReader -- Apple even claims it's the best; well, that's the impression I get from their commercials. Real eReaders are easy to spot, they have E-Ink screens. Both Amazon and B&N clearly label and market their devices as being either a tablet, or an eReader. There's nothing to ponder here, as that chart I linked to was in regards to tablets and even calls out the Kindle Fire -- a tablet.

And like the price is an issue, when a Nexus 7 is the best selling Android tablet and all the Kindles are speced out nicely. I'm highly disappointed with my iPad btw, who's going to comfort me? It's not even a good iTunes remote, as it completely ignores my favorites. Too much generalization in your questions.

If you want to live in a veil of deniability and remain ignorant to how much the market has changed, then go ahead and keep on thinking that anything that contradicts your ideal outlook is garbage.

And why can't you guys reply directly to my posts? If you hand't mentioned Android, I would have thought you were replying to the article.

Bob Johnson
profile image

You can't get a $30 pre-paid IPhone 4.

The numbers game works both ways. Don't for a second forget that any Android numbers reported are not without their asterisks. I just pointed out a few of the asterisks.

So please step off the soapbox. It doesn't do anyone any good.

Chris Melby
profile image

If I'm on a soap bax, I'd say I was pushed there by your generalized/what-if questions and claims that it's mostly "shitty" Android devices selling and that the numbers I posted are garbage -- and now in asterisks; and then there's gstar W's post.

1.3 million new activations daily is not in asterisks. But I'm with you on the numbers games going both ways, which why I shared in the first place; but unfortunately some people don't want to know what's going on with the other side, especially if it contradicts their beliefs...

So, you speak for everyone? Nice!