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October 24, 2014
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October 24, 2014
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 Resident Evil 6  isn't selling as well as Capcom hoped
Resident Evil 6 isn't selling as well as Capcom hoped
December 19, 2012 | By Mike Rose

Capcom has been forced to lower its financial forecast for the current fiscal year, cutting 3.3 billion yen ($39 million) from its estimated profits for the year.

The company says that while initial sales of Resident Evil 6 were strong, they have "subsequently weakened" and will fall short of the company's previously estimated figures.

It's no wonder, as the game was one of the year's biggest disappointments, receiving a lukewarm reception from the press and gamers alike.

On top of this, Monster Hunter 4 has also been delayed. The game was due for release on Nintendo 3DS in Japan on March 2013, but will now be released sometime later in the year "in order to further raise the quality of this game."

Capcom now estimates that it will take 6.5 billion yen ($77.0 million) in profits during the current fiscal year, down from the original forecast of 9.8 billion yen ($116.1 million), and revenue of 93.5 billion ($1.1 billion), down from 105 billion ($1.2 billion).

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profile image
I got no idea why Resident Evil 6 has not done so well.

Jacob Barlaam
profile image
It should be easy to see why the past few RE games have not been as good as their predecessors. The game has a niche audience already and Capcom decided to go more casual. This led to fans hating the past few games and the casuals still not being interested. The further they stray from the RE4 formula, the worse the sales will get.

Patrick McAllister
profile image
Jacob has it right. I lost interest after Resident Evil 4. In all honesty I liked RE 4 but to me that wasn't survival horror. I can still play Resident Evil 1 on my GameCube and be a little on edge due to how well the camera angles complement the environment. Its the small things like that that help make a game survival horror to me. I never even played the 5th or 6th one, just lost interest.

Isaiah Taylor
profile image
Unfortunate. The actual game was a mess. Selling fans [who are still around] on other game styles that Resident Evil influenced ... as opposed to just being a better version of RE5.

profile image
Resident Evil metaC Scores:

Resident Evil 6

X360 (67), PS3 (74)

Resident Evil Revelations

3DS (82)

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

X360, Ps3 (52), PC (48)

profile image
I played 4 and one of my most favorite games. I played RE 5 completely through with a friend, never played 6 or Revelations, but from what the reviews seem to dictate is that change is not going good for the franchise.

I guess Revelations was closer to what they did in 4 and 5, where as RE6 had changed / overdid much of what 4, 5, and Rev had accomplished.

James Dunne
profile image
Well they ran out of story. RE spent the first few games trying to delve into the origin of the outbreak. So the reason many regard Code Veronica as one of the best is because it finally revealed all the details of the origin of Umbrella and who was behind the virus.
The controls (pre 4 vs after) have always been a big debate point as well. Personally I liked the fixed camera angles. As mentioned above, it added to the "horror". But many people HATED that control scheme, tank controls I believe was the term used.
So you have a game that no longer has anywhere to go, story-wise, because all they can do is have outbreaks in other areas of the world. And since 4 has grow more arcadey with each new game which takes the "survival horror" out of the game completely and instead relies on new, bigger, more unstoppable enemies.
Plus they really mucked it up by releasing too many games. RE3, RE0 were really forgettable. And now there are plenty of me too games like Silent Hill and AitD...not that they were better, only that RE was not the only game in town.
I imagine this was bound to happen but it makes me sad. My first experience with RE1 is still something I talk about. There was nothing like it at the time and still remains the only game to ever make me literally jump while playing it.

Fawzi Mesmar
profile image
Until Capcom get a visionary like Shinji Mikami on the RE team, the series is doomed.
Once that happens, Resident Evil needs to be rebooted fresh start and fresh ideas.

Jonathan Murphy
profile image
Here's the problem. Tear out the character names, and the plot of Resident Evil 6. Now does the game stand on it's own? Mario can easily stand on gameplay. I disagree that RE6 could do that. Stop listening to focus groups, stop fishing for nostalgia, stop fishing for franchises and just make an original, fun game that your team is capable of making. You did this many times in the past Capcom.

Fernando Fernandes
profile image
But it's all about the $ nowadays.

Lewis Wakeford
profile image
When it's a big franchise like RE poor sales are usually the mistakes made 1 or 2 games previously catching up. It takes a while for the fan loyalty to die out. Not to say that RE6 is a good game, it isn't.