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October 20, 2014
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October 20, 2014
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Black Isle resurrecting Project V13 with a crowdfunder
Black Isle resurrecting  Project V13  with a crowdfunder
December 20, 2012 | By Mike Rose

December 20, 2012 | By Mike Rose
More: Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Black Isle Studios, the Interplay subsidiary that was recently reformed, has launched a crowdfunding scheme for its first comeback game -- but it's rather different to your average Kickstarter.

The studio is best known for the Baldur's Gate franchise and Fallout 2, and was closed down in 2003. However, parent company Interplay revived Black Isle earlier this year, albeit with a different team.

Now the company has launched a crowdfunder for Project V13 -- the game previously known as Fallout Online and in development by Masthead Studios and Interplay, until earlier this year when Bethesda retained the rights to the Fallout universe as part of a legal dispute.

In a bid to not let the work on Fallout Online go to waste, Black Isle has removed all references to Fallout from the game, and has continued to work on the title as a separate entity. There is no word as to whether Masthead is still involved with the game.

The crowdfunding scheme for the game is not your typical pledging initiative. Backers will not receive a copy of the finished game, or indeed any product at all, but will instead be offered access to a Black Isle forum.

Unlike most crowdfunding initiatives, the pledged money isn't going towards the finished product, but rather, a Project V13 "proof of concept" prototype, which Black Isle will then attempt to use to raise the additional funds necessary to finish up the main game. This means that backers don't even receive the promise that the final game will actually be released.

As of yet, there aren't many details regarding how similar Project V13 is to the original Fallout Online, or even what type of game it is.

"PV13 has been in development for years, but we've had to make some major changes recently," reads a statement from the team. "We believe the changes are for the better and we're excited about working on this new iteration of PV13."

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Jim Perry
profile image
And Kickstarter gets further and further away from what it was meant to be. While I love to support game devs, I have to question this.

Aaron San Filippo
profile image
What does Kickstarter have to do with this?

Christian Nutt
profile image
Note: this isn't Kickstarter. They're running it on their own site.

Lewis Wakeford
profile image
They can't get the money together to create this thing but they STILL want to create an MMO? Why not just convert the game to something less ambitious that could turn out to be just as good?

Either make a singleplayer RPG (possibly with CO-OP) or use the Diablo/GW1 model where it's still a multiplayer game but you don't have a massive world or anything.

F2P makes MMOs less risky these days but they still cost a ridiculous amount to get off the ground.

Mike Rose
profile image
Hey Lewis,

as noted in the article, Black Isle hasn't actually said that Project V13 is an MMO anymore, but instead left the details remarkably vague. If you read the game's description on the pledge page, it certainly doesn't sound like an MMO anymore, but rather it sounds like they're taking FO's world and revamping it for a different genre.

Lewis Wakeford
profile image
Oh I see, that makes much more sense.

Maria Jayne
profile image
I wouldn't trust Interplay with anything these days, I actually registered on their one page flash site for the fallout mmo and the only update they ever sent me in several years was an ad for a crappy unrelated game they were trying to sell.

Black Isle in name only, hopefully anyone who remembers the once great Black Isle knows this.

Simon Ludgate
profile image
I knew there was a problem the instant their video starts with the text "Mayan Countdown" overlaid over an Aztec carving. Geez, these guys totally don't know their mesoamerican cultures!